Saturday, 4 August 2012

Germany: Muslim sprays tear gas into face of two women wearing the Star of David

Islamic antisemitism on the rise in Eurabia: "Muslim attacks on women because of Star of David," translated from "Moslem greift Frauen wegen Davidstern an," from Politically Incorrect, August 1.
Because of a Jewish Star of David, a Muslim in the small Bavarian town of Stein has attacked two women. As the 23-year-old in a swimming pool noticed that one of the two older ladies chain had a chain around her neck featuring the religious symbol, he first showered them with insults from the desert and then showed the Hitler salute. Then he lay in wait for the duo before coming up and spraying tear gas into her face. reports:
On Monday evening two women who came to a waterpark in Stein were assaulted. A 23-year-old insulted them, sprayed them with tear gas and gave them the "Hitler salute" - because of a Star of David on a necklace of one woman....
  Jewish Defence League UK  

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