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A snapshot of some of our "followers"..., the Nazi anti-semite, Holocaust denier group:

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 Re: Jewish terror gang sets up UK Chapter
The fact is that Jews are never properly listed as "terrorists", you would think they would be, the way they respond to a single suicide bomber. How can a "nation" get away with sending helicopter gunships to fire upon and bomb refugee camps and get away with it? It's because they are Jews and all had relatives that were "murdered by nazis" during ww2.

I received an email from the so called UKJDL when I was organising down here and moderating another forum. I just deleted it like I did any other junk. Honestly whoever it was came accross like a juvenile head banger. If and when they actually do something, then I'll take em seriously, but not until.

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 Re: Jewish terror gang sets up UK Chapter
The American FBI telling us how scary they are could be a means of trying to draw attention away. This group could set up by/with the collusion of UK anti-Nationalist groups (or even the Gvt itself). It could be done with the express intent of trying to goad Nationalists into violence. It seems strange how, all of a sudden, with the UK economy disappearing down the toilet in unpayable debt, some shady group 'just happens' to decide it wants to 'defend' Jews.
When was the last time you read about Jews being beaten up/petrol bombed etc by a group of neo-'Nazis'?
Exactly, never.
And aren't there already six million laws in place to 'protect' (ie promote at our expense) all the establishment's pet ethnics?

Something smells Zoggy to me.

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 Re: Jewish terror gang sets up UK Chapter
I don't doubt that these people have strong links to the Community Security Trust (or whatever it's called), Searchlight, Hope Not Hate and the British and israeli security services generally.

Oh dear!! Nothing more recent? Bwahahaha!!!

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  1. Hahahaha. Nazis doing what Nazis do... pinning all the frustrations of their miserable lives on the jooooos. Amusing.