Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Sun is Blazing ~ JDL is the Answer

 "...So the Sun stood still and the Moon stopped..."
 On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel:  “Sun, stand still over Gibeon,  and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon”  [Joshua 10:12]

The Sun is Blazing ~ JDL is the Answer

In the wake of another attack on Jews ~ Am Y'Israel Chai

We stand in front of coffins bow-headed in dark rooms & seem to meditate—
Full of the right, full of the light that is within the Torah,
There is a yearning in our bodies,
There is the power of eternal survival.
The light of the Torah—it is in our eyes
in the music of hearts—exigency—
the sweet Water Hyacinth light—the swollen lids—we are given more time
This Mourning Cloak butterfly lives three times
longer than you Tiny Blues than I would without a
war to cap off. In HaShem there is time
to break your bodies over cliffs & heave them onto warm trees
so we Jews may all survive
Are you wondering how much time you’ve been allotted
to learn a spirit and forget a spirit, to break
your embodied hate over the Dead
Sea for all Jews and our daughters.
I know you were drawn here to destroy
us. I will not tell you that I have
nothing to save, nothing that lures me
nothing that draws me, nothing that screams, you’ll pay
You'll pay if you don't break those mephitic wings,
those rockets and bombs.

In a chain known to us, the Hyacinth light, swollen lids.,
I tell you of Spirit holding us upright--
in flag-draped bodies, in dresses of blue and white,
through the long groundwork and spaces of the night.


The Sun is Blazing ~ JDL is the Answer

Cacophonous metreless sun’s
unruffled blossom-stroke
The entire map is spotted
with red/black salutes, like a camp. And then
some of us are nowhere to be seen.
Everywhere I hear our names being defiled, deep
tracks of hunting feet pound in bloody earth, sore
like déjà-vu impressions—
A dirty puddle steadily
waits for pure hearts to open in lips.
Looking out my window, I can’t see you.
Time’s sun burning without perimeter,
without lull. Are you sleeping? Will you dress
the corpse of the present
in the tumors of tomorrow? Address that—
we’re melting, we’re losing ourselves,
we’re being too comfortable, sleeping—
I will sprout wings out of the trellis, out
of empty eye sockets grow eyelashes,
fever works down to the heart. At the very
least I am fusing a fisted second self, still
you get out of your first.

The sun is blazing—

- Poem by Anastasia Klein - 

Artwork - Ze'ev ben Yosef 


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