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Muslims in the British Police Force

3 Dec 2008 – The First Minister attends the launch of Scotland's first Muslim police association.
What has the Dome of the Rock in Israel got to do with Scottish muslims?

Last year it was reported that a suspected member of the English Defence League, who attended their meetings and rallies, collected names of serving Muslim Officers.
An investigation also found partial addresses and surveillance videos of Muslim officers on his computer, along with a quantity of fireworks and other explosive devices.
But an FOI request has now found that Muslim police officers were concerned that the investigation was “very poor” and “dismissive” of concerns expressed by officers.
It reveal that Muslim officers were also concerned they were being told the man was a ‘lone wolf and not linked to any organisations, but a few minutes of Googling found his links with the EDL and details of attending EDL rallies and meetings.

But mozlems do not want to even talk to the EDL, and their spokespeople in the mozlem police are adamant!

Muslims criticise Scotland Yard for telling them to engage with EDL

Metropolitan police say English Defence League is 'not extreme', but sends 3,000 officers to planned demonstration. (Guardian)
Communist agitator Dan Hodges, from anti-fascism  anti-freedom of speech 'charity' Searchlight, said the charity had been privately telling police more resources needed to be devoted to countering the threat of far right violence: "It's staggering given the EDL's record of violence, intimidation and the outspoken support of many of its members for far right wing politicians and politics."

He said police should classify the EDL as extremist and linked to violence and spend more time and effort trying to thwart their plans: "It's difficult to see what further evidence one would want, to see them as extremist." 

They have no proof of this, but this is irrelevant to useful-idiot commies and their muslim masters!
Dan Hodges is silent on the anti-semitic, anti-white and anti-gay attacks by his friends the muslims!!

The letter by Britain’s National Association of Muslim Police (Namp) said:

Last year the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) arrested a man who was actively gathering intelligence/information on serving Muslim Officers including myself and other senior NAMP executive members. According to MPS he was in possession of a quantity of fireworks/Devices, neither NAMP nor any of other persons targeted have or were ever made aware of the full extent of this enquiry e.g. explosives and other enquiries to date. The police also found partial addresses and surveillance videos on his computer, this would suggest that he was undertaking reconnaissance activities. At the time were told that the man arrested was a lone wolf and not linked to any organisations.

It took us just a few minutes of basic internet research to establish that this individual has links with the EDL and has attended EDL rallies and meetings, which we brought to the attention of MPS. He was released without any bail conditions and no risk assessment was carried out. This individuals is still of concern to us and we are not aware whether he is still subject to any ongoing intelligence work by SO15 or whether he has been referred to the National Domestic Extremism Unit for intelligence purposes or de radicalisation programme.

The investigation by Specialist Operations (SO) was very poor and dismissive of our concerns… It took the intervention of ACPO officers to inject a degree of seriousness into the investigation. However, sadly the investigation did not lead to charges being brought forward… MPS advised us that a file was sent to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and they have advised no further action be taken. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to meet senior officials from CPS, we were extremely upset and disheartened to learn that they have no recollection of giving MPS advice on this particular case.

The letter was passed to James Brokenshire MP, Parliamentary Undersecretary for Crime and Security.

But nothing more seems to have come out of it.

Quite right as no crime was committed. However this shows the constant pressure the police are under to suppress free speech.
It is not permitted under sharia law for anyone to criticise a mozlem, whether they are right or not!
And this is the message that is being pushed on the British police from inside, from, so-called mozlem "advisors" within the Home Office, within the police force itself and from government organisations like The Young Muslim Advisory Group, (YMAG)  set up by Ed Balls and Hazel Blears during the last Labour regime.
Photo from ACPO report on PREVENT
(ACPO: Association of Chief Police Officers)

Organisations such as The Young Muslim Advisory Group, (YMAG) which was set up by the Government last October to advise on British Muslim youth affairs, has branded Israel’s actions in Gaza as ‘state terrorism’, the Muslim News reports.

What has Israel or foreign affairs got to do with these so-called British mozlems? Nothing! But it illustrates, as the picture of the Dome of the Rock on the Strathclyde mozlem police page, that all these mozlem groups have the same goal; islamic supremacy and the introduction of sharia law.
This group was re-launched in 2011.

Even Baroness Warsi the Conservative minister complained that they were "patronising and divisive" as if a group of barely educated mozlem kids were capable of giving ministers unbiased advice.

Pressure was increasing from mozlems to be policed by their own separate force,  this post from Katherine Fenech on Thursday July 23 2009, Express:

MUSLIM crime victims could gain the right to have their cases overseen by police from their own religion, it emerged last night.
Police in London already give victims the right to ask for a Sikh officer to be involved in an investigation but the scheme could be introduced for other religions elsewhere.
Chief Supt Joanna Young, from the Met’s Criminal Justice Policy Unit, said: “If it’s a success, I would encourage the other (police) associations to do likewise.”
The project is intended to help investigate “honour” killings and forced marriages but Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Peter Smyth said: “We’re stretched thin enough already. Are Sikh officers going to have their rotas changed so there’s always one on duty?
“It’s political correctness gone mad. We talking about the creation of a separate force within a force.”
'What we need to do is just really put this entire issue in perspective. This is about the welfare of an individual and not about a moral issue,' he said.


An urgent investigation has been launched into the decision to excuse a Muslim police officer from guarding London's Israeli Embassy on moral grounds.
Britain's top policeman, Sir Ian Blair, today ordered the review following reports in this morning's newpapers.
Pc Alexander Omar Basha, who is attached to the Metropolitan Police's Diplomatic Protection Group, asked for special dispensation not to work at the embassy in central London because of his moral objection to Israel's bombing of Lebanon, it has been reported.

Since when did politics enter the police??

PC Basha does not have a problem with Hezbollah kidnapping Israelis and killing them or with Hamas bombing Israel and Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map, BUT  he is unhappy with Israel defending herself!!

'I think we are going down a very, very slippery road if we start having postings based on individual officers' conscience.'

Read more:

This is from August 2009 The Opinionator:

"It Gets Worse! British Non-Muslim Police Parade in Full Islamic Dress"

Just a few days ago I wrote a blog regarding the news that Britain's Somerset and Avon police are so infected with political correctness and dhimmitude to muslims - these police services have issued color coordinated veils/Islamic head gear to NON MUSLIM female police officers and community support officers. Officers are supposed to wear the veils when going into a mosque - begging the question just how much time do the Somerset & Avon female police spend in mosques that taxpayers had to cough up money for veils?

Daily Mail

Clearly the Sheffield police didn't want to be "outdone" by those pretentious Somerset and Avon females so they decided to take dhimmitude and muslim boot licking to new and even more subservient levels.

"POLICE in Sheffield swapped places with Muslim women – by dressing head to toe in full religious dress and walking round the city centre. As part of an exercise called 'In Your Shoes Day', two South Yorkshire police officers and a police community support officer took to the streets wearing jilbabs and niqabs – Islamic outfits which leave just the face exposed." From here.

The reason behind this public display of abject dhimmitude":

" learn about the faith and understand their (muslim women) issues.

Hmmm - can't these officers read?  There must be hundreds of newspaper articles bewailing the plight of muslims in England - not to mention government quangos and brainwashing.  Apparently such resources didn't reach the desired level of public humiliation and submission to Islam.

Now one has to assume that all of these officers were women - although muslim men - particularly if they are a thief or a suicide bomber or a terrorist "on the lam" - seem to have a penchant for crossdressing as women. As Sgt. Deb Leonard is quoted - we know at least one of the officers is female.........but that still leaves 2 more in ??question??.

Even muslim women are laughing at the lengths so many British cretins are willing to go to be "understanding":

"Nabila Pathan, 25, from Leytonstone, east London, presents Women's Voice, a woman's chat show, on Press TV, an English language channel funded by the Iranian government.  'The government is always funding these quite contrived attempts to "understand" Muslims, but to be honest I think a lot of Muslims are fed up with that.

Here is an example of the National Association of Mozlem Police, as part of their attacks on free speech, trying to suppress the EDL by exaggerating their threat to mozlems: so far there have been no attacks on mozlems by the EDL, but their have been filmed attacks on the EDL by mozlems.
From the Guardian:

In an email obtained by the Guardian, Adrian Tudway, National Co-ordinator for Domestic Extremism, said he formed the view the EDL were not extreme after reading their website.

Last night Tudway's email was sent to the National Association of Muslim Police, which had been pressing him and his unit for tough action.

Zaheer Ahmad, president of the National Association of Muslim Police, said:

"There is a strong perception in the Muslim communities that the police service does not take the threat of right wing extremism seriously. This perception is fast becoming reality when communities witness an inconsistent, somewhat relaxed police approach to EDL demonstrations resulting in very few arrests and prosecutions.
( a violent anti-police organisation )

So even though an official body has come up with no evidence for the EDL being a threat to mozlems, the NAMP "know better" but yet, have no proof!
Here is a comprehensive post from Harry's Place blog that examines NAMP:

The National Association of Muslim Police is in the headlines today.
The Muslim officers believe the Government is wrong to blame Islam as the main driver of terrorist activity. 

Research by “those convicted of terrorism acts shows Islam was not, and is not, a real driver but all our strategy seem to focus on is this un-evidenced view of Islam being the driver,” they said.

What an extraordinary statement: terrorists deny they are terrorists and we must believe them!! 

This is an attempt to brow beat the government down from the small bit of reality it does hold to be true on Islam and terrorism. 

When terrorists are rehabilitated in Saudi Arabia - they are given a moderate version of Islam - besides the art theory classes. It is difficult to deny that the Islamic terrorism of today has nothing to do with Islam. Although the Muslim police do make this argument - that is not their main argument - which is that by naming Islam as the root for Islamic terror - Muslims in Britain will be stigmatised and this could lead to hatred of an entire community and ethnic unrest. It has been some years since a major terrorist attack in the UK and these fears haven't panned out. From here.

The above was written in 2010; now in 2012 after the last few weeks of constant muslim terrorist  arrests, this fallacy can safely be put away for good!

National Association of Muslim Police

The Government should ignore the National Association of Muslim Police By Douglas Murray Politics Last updated: January 21st.

"My colleague Nile Gardiner is absolutely right to criticise the counter-evidence given to the Parliamentary committee investigating extremism by the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP). How can NAMP claim that Islamist extremism is not the main security threat to this country? Gardiner says NAMP is "in denial". I'd put it a lot more strongly than that.
On its website NAMP recommends that British Muslims reporting crimes should also "report any such actions to the Islamic Human Rights Commission". 

Why on earth should a police organisation in the UK suggest that British Muslims report crimes to such a group? Why on earth would anyone go to them as an authority?

And NAMP has been here before. In November 2007, only a few months after the organisation was launched, NAMP gave evidence to a House of Commons committee. There it argued for a loosening of the vetting procedures for people from Pakistan who want to join the UK police. According to NAMP, unless security vetting procedures were made less strict then terrorism would rise": 

(Here we have a typical case of Terrorist sympathisers protecting terrorists and would-be-terrorists, and what is worse, they are in the British Police and being paid by us, the tax payers) 

                           A typical al Qods/Iranian terrorist rally in central London: Hyde Park 2010

The website of the NAMP links to the Khomeinist front organisation, the so-called ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’. Twice.

As the link to IHRC has been removed (...) back to Harry's Place:

As a measure of the closeness of the IHRC to the Islamic Republic of Iran, recall that it took them a full month to say anything at all about the treatment of the (Muslim) Iranian democracy protestors. When it did, it took particular care to claim that 8 Basejis had been killed, and concluded:

IHRC acknowledges that the protests were mostly peaceful but also contained violent fringe elements including organised groups committed to violence and instability in the region.

IHRC is concerned with the allegation of external forces in the promotion of violence and feel that such involvement is counter-productive and damaging to civil society in Iran.

The links between the NAMP and the IHRC should be broken, today.
Here the IHRC, the Iranian backed group, complain that Bahrain wants a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. Bahrain is fighting off Iranian attempts at subversion and invasion of their territory:

Here is the annual disgusting and sickening parade of Iranian Islamic terrorists and their supporters:

"IHRC Needs YOUR help on Al-Quds Day this year. Attend our meeting and find out how you can join us."

Youthful Nazi at 2011 Al Qods march, Trafalgar Square, sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Annual Al-Quds Day Demonstration and Rally will take place in London on Friday 17th August 2012. As usual, this will be a major national event with thousands of people coming from all over the country to show their solidarity with the people of Palestine and oppressed people everywhere.

As in previous years, it is really important we are organised and portray a good image. For this, we need people (particularly women) who are willing to help out as stewards on the day.

If you would like to volunteer as a steward for Al-Quds Day 2012, please contact and/or come along to our volunteer meeting this Saturday.

Thursday,19th July 2012

Not only do the NAMP link to the IHRC – they encourage people to report offences to the Islamic Republic of Iran front organisation:

See this: 

"If you are reporting any criminal actions directly experienced or second hand. Please consider reportingall such incidents to your local police so that they may be act upon your complaint. However if you want to exercise your right of protest, please ensure it is peaceful, lawful and proportionate. We also suggest you report any such actions to the Islamic Human Rights Commission."

Habibi adds: to see how just how mad, stupid and wrong the NAMP’s links with the IHRC are, consider these words about the police from the IHRC. The police have turned to Israel for insight on dealing with suicide bombers. They have questioned “brother” Moazzam Begg. One officer even dared to be rude about Hitler fan Yusuf al Qaradawi. Unforgivable!

At the end of four years [of meetings with the Met Police] when we finally cut our ties, I came out thinking of the police as insincere (to put it politely), hypocritical, having double standards.

Douglas Murray also speaks against Muslim Police connections with Iranian terrorism:

The "Blind Sheikh", Omar Abdel Rahman

As I noted earlier, the National Association of Muslim Police thinks British Muslims should report crimes to the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). It sounds a lovely organisation, doesn't it? Human Rights. Who could be against that?
The only problem, as so often with Islamic groups, is that it doesn't do exactly what it says on the tin.
The IHRC is a Khomeinist group. It campaigns for imprisoned extremists such as the "Blind Sheikh", Omar Abdel Rahman, currently serving a life sentence in the US for his part in the first blowing-up of the World Trade Centre in 1993.
The IHRC's chairman, Massoud Shadjareh criticised the prosecution of Abu Hamza in 2006, claiming that the conviction created "an environment that can only further alienate the Muslim community". The IHRC also organises the annual al-Quds day parade in London – an event instituted by that well-known champion of human rights, Ayatollah Khomeini.

In the paper NAMP submitted to parliament

The below is the main thrust of their demands:
1.5: All forms Right Wing, Separatist, so called Islamist, Green issues, Single entity....... need to addressed as opposed to the current PREVENT focus on Islam. (sic)

Problems are emerging as mozlems in the police force start to try to enforce sharia, and get rewarded.

Andrew Gilligan reports: 
8:10AM BST 12 Jun 2011Victims say that officers in the borough of Tower Hamlets have ignored or downplayed outbreaks of hate crime, and suppressed evidence implicating Muslims in them, because they fear being accused of racism.
The claims come as four Tower Hamlets Muslims were jailed for at least 19 years for attacking a local white teacher who gave religious studies lessons to Muslim girls.
The Sunday Telegraph has uncovered more than a dozen other cases in Tower Hamlets where both Muslims and non-Muslims have been threatened or beaten for behaviour deemed to breach fundamentalist “Islamic norms.”
More of their anti-semitism:
'However, the needs of the MPS take precedence and the organisation reserves the right to post an officer anywhere within the MPS.'
Meanwhile, Superintendent Dal Babu, chairman of the Association of Muslim Police, told Radio Five Live he had spoken to the officer concerned.
'This should have remained a private matter, a matter about welfare issues for an officer who has got Christian and Muslim relatives in Lebanon,' he said.
Mr Babu told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Pc Basha had requested the transfer because he felt 'uncomfortable and unsafe' guarding the Israeli Embassy during the conflict.

'British' Muslim police are notoriously corrupt and use their positions to facilitate honor killings and terrorism.

From the Daily Mail:
Muslim police chief 'playing into hands of terrorists'

The increasingly bitter war of words between senior police officers over the targeting of suspected terrorists intensified yesterday. A rank-and-file leader accused Britain's most senior Muslim officer of displaying 'blissful ignorance'by attacking the controversial policy of profiling. Alan Gordon, vice chairman of the Police Federation, which represents more than 120,000 officers,adding that it was 'sensationalist' to claim that there was now a new offence of 'travelling whilst Asian'. He said such comments were only likely to inflame moderate Muslim opinion and play into the hands of terrorists.He was responding to controversial claims made on BBC Newsnight by Scotland Yard Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei and a recent speech by Yard Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur.
Both men have suggested that the war on terror is alienating young Muslims. (...)

According to The Way, mozlem police groups are getting more government funding in relation to their size:

Muslim police groups getting more government funding than Christian counterparts.

New Home Office figures have revealed further evidence of discrimination of Christian groups, with one Muslim police organisation receiving six times the amount of funding as its Christian counterpart.
The statistics show that within the last two years the National Association of Muslim Police was given £90,000 of funding in comparison to just £15,000 received by the Christian Police Association (CPA).
However, the CPA has disputed these figures, stating that the amount of funding it received during that time period was actually lower. Religious groups have spoken out against the claims, expressing shock at the differences between the two groups.

Police rewarding Mozlems, for what??

The second West Midlands Association of Muslim Police (WMAMP) development day, titled ‘Leadership and Change’, took place in March, when key internal and external speakers and enthusiastic attendees made it an uplifting event.
ACC Forsyth presents an award to Det Insp Khalid Kiyani
ACC Garry Forsyth formally opened the day and presented the first ever WMAMP awards, presented to: Detective Inspector Khalid Kiyani (Lifelong Service for Equality & Diversity) ??? What reward for "diversity"?? What does this entail??
 Erica Petgrave, retired police staff (Lifelong Service for Equality & Diversity) and Naila Suleman (Leadership in Equality & Diversity) Same here!! More here.

West Midlands Association of Muslim Police (WMAMP) Force named Muslim community’s ‘Police Force of the Year’.

City of London Police’s commitment to community engagement was rewarded at the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) Annual Excellence Awards, where they were named ‘Police Force of the Year’.
The annual event, staged at the Regent’s Park Mosque, is held to recognise individuals and organisations that work closely with different communities, with a particular focus on the Muslim community.
Police officers from across the UK attended the City of London Police-sponsored event, and also saw City PC Asif Sadiq collect the ‘Multi-Faith Award’ for his work with the City’s Hindu, Sikh and Muslim community. Commenting on the winners NAMP President Zaheet Ahmad MBE said:
“These awards are a representation of how successful we have been in reaching out into our City community. The challenge now is to maintain the very high standards we have set for ourselves.”
PC Asif Sadiq added:
“It was a great honour to receive this award, especially in front of so many people from so many different police forces and organisations across the country.” More here.

Examples of  Rogue Muslim Police Officers

Former PCSO Richard Dart

Most recently was the arrest of a former British convert to islam, Richard Dart (British Muslim convert Richard Dart, 29, who changed his name to Salahuddin al-Britani, is believed to have been one of three people detained in Ealing, west London, and was arrested in the street.
He appeared in a BBC Three documentary, My Brother The Islamist, made by his stepbrother Robb Leech last year. It described how Dart, originally from Weymouth, Dorset, had been converted by controversial cleric Anjem Choudary.
In the documentary he spoke of his support for jihad and Sharia law.
A PCSO is a Police Community Support Officer, who does the job of walking the streets in pairs, giving the community confidence as they go about their day to day business. (They receive £1,600 per month in London, after stoppages.)

Former Commander Ali Dizaei
Then there is the example of Ali Dizaei, an Iranian-born former Metropolitan Police commander, a top ranking police officer, Dizaei came to prominence as a result of his outspoken views on racial discrimination in the London Metropolitan Police and various allegations of malpractice on his part. He was jailed for perverting the course of justice in February 2010. Although he was later released on appeal he was eventually re-convicted and re-sentenced on 13 February 2012.

On 8 February 2010, he was convicted in the Crown Court before Mr Justice Simon on charges of perverting the course of justice and of misconduct in a public office, and was jailed for four years. He had been suspended on full pay since September 2008 and on 31 March 2010 was formally dismissed from the Metropolitan Police.

From 2000, Dizaei was investigated by the force after allegations of taking bribes, using drugs and prostitutes, and spying for Iran. There were counter-allegations by his supporters that the investigation was prompted by the belief of some senior officers that he was too ambitious, too critical of the police (particularly relating to racism), too close to the Iranian community, too flamboyant, visited expensive nightclubs and had an open marriage, none of which endeared him to other officers The investigations, codenamed Operation Helios, cost £7 million and involved over 50 officers. It was the most expensive operation against a single officer in the history of Scotland Yard.
Dizaei was suspended on 18 January 2001. He was charged with perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, and submitting false mileage expense claims.

Constable Abdul Rahman

The policemen lost their jobs when their security clearance was revoked by senior officers after checks were carried out because of fears of “sleepers” in the ranks.

The Sunday Telegraph can also disclose today the identity of one of the policemen suspected of being at a terror camp in 2001.
Abdul Rahman had been a constable for almost three years when MI5 warned that he might have visited a training camp in Pakistan when he travelled there.
He resigned rather than be dismissed from the force and is now suing Scotland Yard for compensation. He says he is entirely innocent and has never been to a terrorist training camp.
His lawyers say he has never been questioned, arrested or charged under terrorism legislation.

Asim Hafeez: Home Office Muslim Advisor 'to Resign' Following "Witch hunt"

Asim Hafeez was born in Birmingham and  studied at Swansea University in South Wales. He worked as a nightclub doorman/bouncer in both places. During his time at Swansea University he discovered Islamic activism . He regularly spoke at the Swansea Mosque, a Salafi/Wahabi institution.

Note large head-banging mark, same as Mozlem Brotherhood

In April 2002 Asim joined the Welsh Assembly Government as a race and religion advisor.

In 2010, Asim was given the position of Community Advisor at the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) in the Home Office.

In 2009 Asim spoke at a controversial International Conference in India. Other speakers at the conference included: Zakir Naik, Bilal Philips and Hussain Yee, all three are now banned from entering the UK for having extremist views and sympathising with terrorists.

Last year  the Jewish Chronicle raised concerns on Asim Hafeez’s appointment at the Home Office:

A “hardcore” Islamist has been given a key Home Office job to tackle terrorism and divert fellow Muslims from the path of violence.

According to a report in the Guardian today, Asim Hafeez’s position as head of intervention in the office of security and counter terrorism, is “in jeopardy” following Cameron’s speech at the weekend and the government’s “change of strategy towards Muslims.”
The paper reports:
“… government sources said he [Asim Hafeez] is about to leave his post.”
“The continuing employment of Hafeez has been in the sights of the home secretary, Theresa May, since the government signalled a change of strategy towards Muslims at party conference last year which culminated in a speech by the prime minister in Munich last Saturday.

”“Government sources said his speech raised obvious questions for advisers working in the civil service who are themselves said to have these views.
“In particular, Hafeez was said by government sources to have been key in promoting such groups, with the prime minister's new position placing the pair at odds.

“From his appointment, Hafeez unnerved advisers across Whitehall who feel government strategy should be to only engage with moderate Muslims and not those who, like Hafeez, are said to advocate engaging with more radical Muslims.”

Hafeez’s appointment in 2009 came under attack from Martin Bright, political editor of the Jewish Chronicle for reasons which appear to be regurgitated at the present time. Bright wrote then:

“The appointment of Asim Hafeez as head of intervention at the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism has caused serious concern among more moderate Muslim advisers across Whitehall. It is seen as a sign of a shift in the government’s policy on radical Islam away from engagement with more moderate groups.”

Hafeez’s appointment also came under fire from Harry’s Place in a McCarthyite witch-hunt...(...) characteristic of their style. Last summer, a secret Quilliam Foundation memo to the Home Office also advised Charles Farr, the director general of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), to avoid working with those they regard as ‘Islamist.’

The Daily Telegraph reports that Charles Farr, Director-General of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, pledged support for an attempt by an extremist to enter Britain: hate-spreader and anti-semite,  Zakir Naik, whose website is commended by the group that carried out the Mumbai massacre.

The QF (Quilliam Foundation) memo cited ‘Islamism’ as the root cause of ‘violent extremism’ and stated that the government had partially failed to realise for a number of reasons, including “recruitment of Islamists to position within central and local government.”
The memo also stated, “The good work of the Home Office and its subsidiary departments has occasionally been marred by its choice of partners, employees and advisors. Even within the OSCT, there is sometimes an over-reliance on Wahhabist-influenced Salafists and their non-Muslim sympathisers.”

However this McCarthy-style witch-hunting, far from combating the terror threat, only serves to promote sectarianism.
 It is worthy to note that Hafeez’s appointment coincided with the departure of Hazel Blears from the Department of Communities and Local Government and her replacement with the more sensible,(??) John Denham and Shahid Malik.

Denham adopted a different tack to engaging with British Muslims and Muslim organisations in the UK than that of his predecessor and her special adviser, Paul Richards.


As more Muslims become members of the police force and keep to their own separate group, the more leeway there is for rogue Muslim elements to flourish within the force.

Their denial of facts such as, Muslims are responsible for 99% of terrorist attacks, racist attacks and attacks against their own women as well as what used to be known as "white slavery" - the grooming, rape and prostitution of white English and non-Muslim girls, is totally consistent with Islamic laws- sharia.

The more the government pretend this is not happening and continue to allow Muslims to pour into the country, unaccounted for and untraceable, the more the stresses will tell upon the native population of all races.

I can relate incidents from when I lived in the Olympic borough of Newham. I read about it in the local paper; an illegal Pakistani Muslim who had come to join his family, had been elected a local councillor on the local ward at East Ham. He spoke no English. 

Who elected him?

So control of councils is being stealthily passed to people who should not even be in the country, let alone in positions of power and influence!

Mosques are being built everywhere without planning permission and the police say it is a civil matter.

Of course they do because they are being advised by other muslims, not to intervene in "muslim matters".

At every turn, muslim police officers challenge British laws and customs in order to insert sharia law.

Tower Hamlets council is being run by a muslim with clear links to terrorist groups, and they have a budget of £1billion per year, that includes control of the local police.

More and more, quicker and quicker, the police force we pay for is turning away from protecting the taxpayers and upholding British law, to protecting muslim moves toward sharia law. 

In fact, the British police are actually upholding sharia law for the muslims, and non-muslims are fast becoming second class citizens in their own country.

We will not let this happen. We encourage all (real) British citizens to hold the UK police accountable for all their actions, harassment and intimidation perpetrated against non-Muslims.
We do NOT recognize Sharia law and never will. Police officers acting against British interests, against British people, and in support of Muslims and Sharia law, should be removed from the force and disciplined, and we must ensure this is done swiftly as, such behaviour is nothing short of TREASON.


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