Friday, 6 July 2012

Muslims fined for pelting Jewish girls with eggs in London

An example of Muslim anti-Semetism in the UK
Hateful Muslims in racist attack on Jews in North London whilst the media and government stays quiet, I wonder what the reaction would be if the shoe was on the other foot, I.e Muslims being egged?
Note how purposeful and planned this vicious little attack was. But they did only use eggs -- they must be "moderates." "Racist egg throwers in Golders Green ordered to pay victims compensation," by Chris Hewett for the Harrow Times, July 4

Four men who pelted eggs at young Jewish people during racially motivated attacks in Golders Green have been ordered to pay compensation to their victims.

Mohammed Khalifa, 19, Aimen Mohamed, 19, Mohammed Jawad, 21, and Haider Al-Fardan, 21, carried out the attacks as they drove in Golders Green Road on December 9.

Willesden Magistrates Court heard how on that morning, Khalifa borrowed his father’s BMW before driving the other three to Kingsbury where they bought 30 eggs.

The men then headed to Golders Green where they singled out a group of four young girls at 11.30am.

As Khalifa slowed the car down, the men shouted “oi, Jews” and “Jews” while they drove past before throwing an egg, one of which hit a girl in the face.

As the girls continued down the road, the car drove back down the road and they were subjected to more shouting, though one of them was able to memorise the number plate. They also noticed more broken eggs on the road.

Fifteen minutes later, two 14-year-old boys were walking along the same road when the group drove slowly past them.

All the car windows on the passenger side were open and as the car pulled alongside the boys, the occupants yelled abuse at them with at least one voice shouting, “you f***ing Jews”.

At least three or four eggs were thrown, spattering the boys on their shoes and trousers.

The court decided after a two day trial that the behaviour had been motivated by the religion of the victims.

No kidding, really? We have some real "geniuses" in the British Justice system ....
Khalifa, of St. Augustines Avenue, Wembley, Mohamed, of Broadhead Strand, Colindale, Jawad, of Blenheim Gardens, Wembley, and Al-Fardan, of Bush Grove, Colindale, were all found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress by words and behaviour.

All four were ordered to pay £415 in fines, court costs and compensation to their victims.

Detective constable Damon Cotter, in charge of the investigation, said - "This criminal activity is totally unacceptable and shows a lack of respect and tolerance of other citizen’s religion....

Again, No kidding? It is bound to repeat with such a weak sentence that was handed out.

I wonder what the stance of the British Justice System would be if this case was reversed, I.e Jews pelting Muslims with eggs, I imagine it would swiftly end with a prison sentence for all involved, Muslim and Left Wing protests screaming "Islamophobia" and violence against Jews.

- Jewish Defence League UK -

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