Monday, 30 July 2012

Mitt Romney's 9th of Av Jerusalem Speech: Music to our ears

Oh, too long it has been that we were denied hearing such sensible statements from a person in a position of power!

Romney’s much discussed 9th of Av speech in Jerusalem sounded all the right notes. He knows he's up against one of the most anti-Israel US Presidents of all time, so showing Obama up shouldn't be that hard. But Romney went much further than that...

You can watch it all here.

First and foremost, Romney's speech contained the magic words ‘Jerusalem: Israel’s capital city’. At which he received a standing ovation.

He also made reference to Israel’s wars, stating that “’ve [Israel] managed against all odds, time and again throughout your history, to persevere, to rise up, and to emerge stronger. [...] it’s a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel.”

He went on with an even more firm statement: “we [US, Israel] speak the same language of freedom, justice, and the right of every person to live in peace. We serve the same cause, and provoke the same hatreds by the enemies of civilisation.”

So going well beyond the Obama administration's fawning over the Muslim world and refusing to make a link between Islamic terrorism and, err well, Islamic terrorists, Romney implied they are un-civilised.

In his acknowledgement of the solemn period of Jewish mourning before the 9th of Av, Romney defiantly flew in the face of the conventional left-wing talking points about achieving peace (which we all know is about making Israel surrender). In contrast to statements such as ‘history is my enemy’ by Shimon Peres, or that us Jews should forget the past in order to move forward, Romney stated that the Hebrew University canteen massacre, which occurred ten years ago this week, was not a part of the past, but "reminders of the current reality of hate and the will with which that hate is executed upon the innocent." And that’s before he even got onto Iran...

True, among one of his friends is current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a man who is about as resistant to changing political winds as a sail on a boat. But with someone like Romney in the White House, the pressure is sure to ease up on Israel, and thus Netanyahu will likely not be under the same pressure to harass Israelis and the orthodox. 

If Romney wins in November we’ll certainly see the ‘price tag’ activism die down, which was born as a result of hostile military leaders being placed in charge of Judea & Samaria by Netanyahu. 

But one note of real concern is the fact that Romney was also a Mormon missionary and as such we're unlikely to see a reduction in missionary activity in Israel (a painful, sensitive issue for many Jews in light of the history of Jewish persecution under Christian rule, even though we here at the JDL UK work to correct the PC propaganda that life under Muslim rule was somehow better!). 

Recently too, there was controversy over the Mormon Church's conversion of dead Shoah victims to Mormonism, however the Mormon Church condemned this. The issue of proselyting is about the biggest deal we can expect from Romney, nothing in comparison to Obama's achievement of installing the Muslim Brotherhood into neighbouring countries and giving Iran enough time to develop nuclear weapons.

Lastly, we would hope it isn't too much to ask that finally, a President Romney would see fit to grant Jonathan Pollard a long overdue clemency. While there may be doubts as to Romney’s right wing credentials, there’s certainly enough here to irritate the left, which is a good enough first step towards putting America, and the free world, back on track. 

 Written By The Jewish Defence League UK 

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