Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lauren Booth - putting the shit in bat-shit crazy

Cherie Blair, Tony Blair's wife, is a high court judge in the UK. As a judge and wife of a former Prime Minister, you'd expect her to have a level head, and be a sensible sort of person. She is not.

Mrs. Blair is a reported believer in the transcendent properties of stones, and wears a crystal pendant around her neck to ward off harmful rays from the atmosphere. Apparently, she also consulted an octogenarian in his 'healing centre', run from a barn. He claimed he was able to read her DNA by consulting rocks (the method of reading was swinging them over her body - sort of like bar code reading in the supermarket checkout then?).

Shortly after the 1997 election of Tony Blair to Prime Minister, Mrs. Blair (naturally) sent this 'guru' a small selection of jars containing hair and toe nail clippings from herself and the Prime Minister. The 'guru' 'read' the first couple's vibes and consulted them on which decisions to take and when.

If any of this strikes you as odd, then you don't know Cherie's half-sister, Lauren Booth. Booth is one of the Blair's burka-clad skeletons in the closet they'd rather not talk about. Cherie, by comparison, is a fountain of rationality and logic.

Lush Gaza garden of Booth's hotel - What was that
about water shortages?
As anyone who reads our blog will know, Gaza is far from the 'prison camp' the media claims. But when Booth stayed in Gaza for two years (from 2006-8) she seems to have forgotten what she saw, because ever since she has campaigned against Israel; using every opportunity to blacken the Jewish State and holds fund raising events for Hamas terrorists who not only attempt to kill Jews, but frequently murder and brutalise their 'own' people.

In 2010 then, it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone paying attention to her (and not many were, let's be honest), when she announced she was converting to Islam. Has there ever been a more suitable candidate?

Much like other hysterical 'Palestinian' campaigners, it isn't about facts or finding a solution. And just like other batty burka clad moon-bats, it's not about creating a Palestinian state, it's about campaigning to destroy Israel. On the Western front, however, the motive underlying the Palestinian 'issue' is about nurturing an environment of anti-Semitism in Britain, a hatred so crucial for Islam to flourish.

Shopping in Gaza, presumably in between brutal Israeli bombing raids
So why does Booth hate Jews and the West so much? The answer comes from her background. Yet again, like so many spoilt children in our society today, she received too much, and when she couldn't get what she wanted, and only G-d knows what that could be, she's decided to punish not only her parents, but society as well.

The masochistic Booth today, unfortunately, not completely 
covered. Notice the Iranian flag on the left
The behaviour of Booth seems to be a desperate cry for attention. Much like Madonna's supposed study of Kabala for a few years, and now blaming Israel entirely for a lack of peace, so too does Booth drift from one gimmick and fad to the next. As long as it gets her noticed.

You can imagine what they must think of her. There's absolutely no way they can disown her, as Tony Blair's main job now includes Middle East Envoy, so in public they just pretend not to see her eccentricities, and there are plenty to be had.

But calling Lauren Booth an eccentric conjures up images of some recluse aristocrat with a slightly odd social manner. Booth is anything but.

Regretfully Booth has shamed herself and her family by using her position to attack Israel. 

The below screen prints were taken from her facebook page. Note her blatant racism towards Israel and the Jewish people. 

Just one thing Lauren "darling", you wish! Israel will exist long after all you scum are long gone, you can be sure of that. Zionism was here long before you and will be here long after you are gone.

She does not even hide her Nazi and Jew hating connections.

Here is something interesting. A certain Castro Isaac Samuel challenges her lies, despite declaring his undying love for the unholy one. And he is spot on. Logically Ms Booth did not reply to this, nor will she. She is a liar and once a liar always a liar. 

Deluded Ms Booth praises another brainwashed delinquent (like herself) from Hizb-ut-tahrir, the Islamist radical group that wants to turn Britain into a Muslim Caliphate. Note how the group claims Khilafah is a shining model for women's rights (to be abused, raped, beaten, mutilated, and murdered). 

Last but not least, we catch Ms Booth perpetuating the already proven Palestinian LIE about Mohammed Al-Dura. He was shot by Palestinians who tried to set Israel up. Sick sick animals who kill their own in the name of propaganda. This is how much the lives of their children are worth. 

Click Here for a full account of the incident.

It is a known fact amongst those who have observed this Jew hating phenomena closely, that most people who hate Israel have had issues with their fathers, at one point or another, in their lives. Lauren Booth is no different. However she has immersed herself in a world of lies because the truth of her existence is far more desperate and miserable than any lies. This is the very same state of mind that breeds bullies and psychopaths. 

Her descent into the pits of Islam could have started as a publicity stunt but now she is being dragged down in a spiral typical of drug addicts. Lower and lower she sinks into the abyss of immorality and degeneration.  I won't be surprised if Lauren Booth ends up in a mental hospital one day, or is found dressed in rags under some bridge and drugged up to her eye balls.
Such is the usual fate of cheap low lives like this one. 

Lauren Booth should be reported for Anti-Semitism, Incitement to hatred and spreading outright lies to gullible people who believe them. Zionism defined itself through bravery and sacrifice and has faced far worse and powerful people than you, that will not change any time soon. Carry on your futile war against the democratic Jewish state, I wonder if she is aware that thousands upon thousands of her lovable Arab friends are being slaughtered in Syria, not by Jews, but by other Arabs!

Islam corrupts and destroy the humanity of any person who chooses to adopt its filthy pornographic and necrophiliac doctrine. Save humanity. Ban Islam! 

- Jewish Defence League UK -


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