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Jewish Nationalist Hero Rabbi Meir Kahane debuts as a comic book figure

From the JPost:

Comments in red are from JDL UK Team.  

"Israeli children who don’t find enough inspiration from the exploits of Spiderman can now turn to Rabbi Meir Kahane to read and learn about his ideas, Rabbi Meir Kahane founded and led the Jewish Defense League and Kach movements before his assassination in 1990 and now stars as the hero of his own comic book.

Twenty years after the heartless assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane by a Muslim Arab (Terrorist scum) in New York, His supporters are using a child friendly way to enlighten the youth of Israel about the Kach leader's ideas. (This should be done in all schools and universities as well) 

Kahane was, the very first American victim of Al-Qaeda.  On November 5, 1990, Rabbi Kahane was shot in cold blood by Islamic terrorist El-Sayyid Nosair (May this terrorist's soul be cursed and his memory obliterated.) Nosair, was also involved with the first 1993 attack on the Twin Towers. Read further details here

The comic is called “Miracle Man,” a 50-page book printed on glossy paper and hardbound, making it more like a graphic novel than a traditional comic, tells the life story of the Rabbi in a format designed for older children. The story is told through a school project that young Meir David is assigned to write about. He meets with various people, fictional friends and relatives as well as real-life figures like Baruch Marzel, (Another great hero of the Jewish people)  all who knew Kahane personally or were helped by him.

Levi Chaden, Said: "The idea is to teach the younger generation about Rabbi Kahane. It’s for those who unfortunately never had the chance to meet him, Everyone loves comics. It’s an easy and fun way to understand his ideas, for kids and adults.

Kahane’s Kach Party captured one Knesset seat in the 1984 elections, the party was gaining much support from the Israeli public and, fearful of the parties new found popularity, The Knesset decided that Kach was to be banned as "racist", (This is the true reason why Kach has been banned in Israel. The Israeli government was scared of Kahane's poularity so they eliminated the opposition. Typical Bolshevik behaviour) and its successor movement Kahane Chai (Kahane Lives) plays a marginal role in Israeli politics today. Nevertheless, his supporters remained determined to spread his Torah's philosophy of violence and hostility retaliation (an eye for an eye as commanded by the Torah) to Arabs (which scares the hell out of them!). Some elements of his philosophy have entered mainstream political discourse.

At least one member of Israel’s Knesset, Michael Ben-Ari of the National Union Party, openly identifies as a Kahane supporter and recent initiatives by the government to require a loyalty oath of new citizens reflect a new assertiveness about Israel’s Jewish identity. An event commemorating the 20th anniversary of Kahane’s assassination at Jerusalem’s Ramada Renaissance Hotel drew over 500 people. 

“There has been a process of legitimating finally recognizing the extreme right attitude and ideas of self preservation in Israel,” Gideon Rahat, senior lecturer in the department of political science at The Hebrew University, told The Media Line. “Once you have a member of the Knesset who says that the he identifies with Kahane, these ideas become more identified with everyday politics." And this is a great thing for the people of Israel, to be finally recognizing their pride to ensure their self-preservation as a nation.

More from Kahane's comics:

The panel above shows a "brown exotic" terrorist committing basic desecrations of Jews and their symbols.  It shows the Kahane-JDL logo (“Never again”) and a laughing (Muzzrat) terrorist saying: “never again insulting Jews”

It then shows the same (Muzzrat) knife-wielding terrorist mockingly saying: "Never again slaughtering Jews”,  then a flag-burning (same Muzzrat) terrorist saying “never against desecrating G-d’s name” while burning an Israeli flag.

Then opposite the scum Muzzrat terrorist we see a proud standing Rabbi Kahane with the words: “instead, a Jew standing tall”, and pugilist Kahane punching the lights out of the Muzzrat scum and saying: “Never fearing the goyim” (Goyim means "nations" but in this case it speaks of the nations of Terrorists (Muslims), National Socialists & Communists -Hitlerites, Stalinites, Trotskytes, etc.. and all types of such diseases and spreadable cancers) 

Note this interesting point here: The burning of the Israeli flag by the Muzzrat is not a violation of a national symbol but actually a desecration of the name of G-d, a telling conflation of religion and nation that would deeply disturb most Jews.

No one is born hating. Even the "Palestinian" children are not born hating Jews. Racism is taught. We Israelis know that only when we are alone and attacked by all sides, and by all sorts of people, that is when we are strongest. 

Click here to see Rabbi Kahane's letter to the world

Never forget! 

Never again!

Kahane chai!! 

- Jewish Defence League UK -

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