Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BBC and the Guardian - Lies, Jew hatred and Nazism

Let us not mince words: the BBC and the Guardian are just like Hitler's Nazis, as they assist their muslim/communist masters, by lying about Israel.

Remember Hitler's "The Big Lie"?? Such a big lie everyone will believe it? Well, the BBC and the Guardian continue in their tirade to spread blood libels, disinformation, lies and attacks against Israel and Jews. The basis of the BBC's contract with the public, is that their own terms and conditions governing their broadcast rights say that their news must be unbiased, subjective and balanced. The BBC  however has now breached the terms of their contract with us and we will no longer pay their illegal fees. 
In fact, we urge everyone to stop paying TV licence immediately and stop supporting such bigoted organization. 

The BBC is fully in breach of their contractual agreement and as such we reserve our full rights to suspend all payments to this corrupt organization. The BBC does not provide honest, unbiased, subjective or balanced journalism, and thus it cannot take any of us to court by quoting "breach of their terms and conditions". 
There have been thousands of complaints to the BBC against their anti-Israel bias, something which they have admitted themselves.

Here is a man who has decided to challenge the BBC and not pay the licence. Now there are thousands of us doing it, and we encourage thousands more to do so. We must stop the monopoly of the biased and bigoted BBC. And by the way, the BBC knows what they are doing is ILLEGAL!! So, do not be fooled by the deceitful propaganda "if you do not pay TV licence you are breaking the law". You are NOT breaking any law. It's the BBC that is in breach of their contract and they are simply unable to force you to pay for their bias, Jew hatred, anti-Semitism and bigoted propaganda. 

Now coming up to the London 2012 Olympics, with its terrible reminders of the murder of Israelis by "Palestinian" terrorists (Palestinians being an invented people, with a fake ID) how does the BBC react?
Did they announce they would speak to their families and hold one minute's silence in memory of these pointless deaths?
No. Not even close! 
They react by publishing some idiotic article with the angry face of a Muslim Arab and by perpetuating the Islamic propaganda of de-legitimizing Israel by calling the country "Palestine". 

See screen prints below. We copied them here just in case the BBC realizes how low they have descended now and decide to remove it from their site.

See here on the left the BBC stating Key "facts" - Capital of "Palestine" as "East Jerusalem". WTF? 

Here they announce a state that does not exist, with a size that is totally imagined and that is actually Jewish Israeli land
The sinister thing is, the BBC knows full well that there is no country called Palestine, so why do they deliberately use such filthy Nazi propaganda of de-legitimization?

Complain about it here:

Here is an article from the blog Hurryupharry exposing more of this Nazi attitude to Jews from the Guardian:

"When a country is in trouble, it looks for scapegoats. All too often, that scapegoat has been the Jew. Something similar has been happening at The Guardian.
For a decade now, ever since Seumas Milne, the former Business Manager of the Stalinist Straight Left newspaper was installed as Comment Editor of The Guardian, the newspaper and its associated web venture, Comment is Free, has been a happy home for anti-Israel obsessives, Hamas supporters, and activists in fringe far Left political parties."

Kapo "Jews" like Becky Gardiner abound in the Guardian, each trying to outdo the other in their embrace of Muslim terrorism, kept sabotaging any word of dissent against her article:

"Repeated attempts were made by Jewish Guardian writers to encourage Becky Gardiner to allow a single word of dissent on the subject of Raed Salah, the blood libel cleric, whose Op Ed was published on Holocaust Rememberance Day. Muslim liberals, tried too. All were batted away by Becky Gardiner: because she is a supporter of the man, what he stands for, what he says. Not content with offering the racist hate preacher a column, Gardiner even intervened to defend her hero in the resultant discussion.

The adulation of Raed Salah continued in the newspaper itself, where he was championed by David Hearst. When Salah lost at first instance, The Guardian simply refused to report the fact. Instead, it recycled conspiracy theories about The Community Security Trust’s role in the affair, propagated by Asa Winstanley: a “Christian Youth Minister at the Wembley Church of Christ“. They also published, on  Holocaust Memorial Day, a completely erroneous piece – which they later had to correct – about a supposed conflict of interest between Michael Gove MP and The Community Security Trust.  The source for that article was Professor David Miller, whose website once notoriously reproduced the thesis of a notorious neo Nazi, Kevin MacDonald, who believes that Jews are genetically predisposed to scheme and conspire against non-Jews."

See below for more evidence of BBC Bias and Jew hatred. 

We demand hereby the BBC to publicly apologize to all Israelis and Jews worldwide for deliberately attempting to de-legitimize our country - Israel - and for promoting a non-existing country thereby perpetuating Islamic terrorist propaganda and lies.

Stop paying your TV licence immediately!  No further money should go towards this sickening and bigoted company.

- JDL UK Team - 

UPDATE 23/07/12

The Jewish Chronicle has this:

The BBC has apparently claimed that complaints over its refusal to identify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in its online Olympic guide were “generated by online lobby activity”.
In response to a viewer’s complaint, the corporation’s complaints department responded: “We feel it is worth explaining that a considerable number of complaints have been generated by online lobby activity.”
The letter was seen by the Guido Fawkes blog, which said the terminology regarding “lobby activity” could have been “an innocent error”, but also asked the BBC to identity “which ‘lobby’” it was referring to.

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