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Arab British Chamber of Commerce uses stealth Jihad to de-legitimize Israel

The Arab British Chamber of Commerce - enabling terrorism, de-legitimizing Israel, and using stealth jihad to misinform British businesses. 

We can reveal that the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), with the full approval of the British Government and under our very noses, continues to de-legitimize the Jewish State of Israel and promote business with a non-existing country called Palestine.

The ABCC (as well as several other Arab chambers of commerce throughout European countries) is also facilitating the monopoly of the Arab-Muslim trade and funding terrorism by forcing British and European companies to pay for documents which are totally unnecessary, but that have been made compulsory due to a mafia-like agreement between Arab countries.

Certain Arab countries demand that British exporting companies provide certain documents in order that their Arab importers may clear imported goods through the customs. Some of these documents are the regular norm, but others are a deliberate attempt to make money and ensure that their offices are kept in business. One of these is the Arab Certificate of origin. Countries like Syria, Jordan and Egypt are now demanding British exporters to provide Arab Certificates of Origin, issued by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce in the UK rather than accepting the very same document issued by the British Chamber of Commerce, or a certificate of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporting country.

Such document costs around £200 - £350 to be issued, as they also demand that invoices -which must also be presented to the ABCC- be legalized at the respective embassy. So if you are exporting goods to Jordan for example, you need to have an Arab-British certificate of origin issued by the ABCC for the goods you are exporting, and your invoice must be legalized by the Jordanian embassy. For some goods a Halal certificate is also required. This is nothing short of stealth Jihad.

While the above issue of documentation is very important, we will deal mainly with the ABCC’s de-legitimization of Israel.

The Arab British Chamber of Commerce’s Trade Directory that is given freely to all its members, contains false information about Arab-Muslim trading businesses in Israel, and refers to the locations of these businesses as being in Palestine. The directory lists all Arab countries including Jordan, which is already the supposed “Palestinian” country, but goes one step further to add “Palestine” as well, while using photos from Israeli landmarks, such as the Temple mount and the old city of Jerusalem. The implications of this are that the ABCC is encouraging British businesses to invest in Terrorism, since these Israeli territories which are currently occupied by Muslims claiming to be “Palestinian refugees” are ruled by the proscribed terrorist organization called Hamas, and all monies that are invested in these “Palestinian” territories go towards funding terrorism against Israel.

Page 132 of the directory - where the lies start. 

Their “FACT” FILE states:

Current Capital: Ramallah and Gaza (Current location of government institutions)
East Jerusalem is the preferred capital of a future independent Palestine.
Largest city: Gaza
Official language: Arabic
Gaza strip population: 1,551,859 (Paltrade, July 2009 est)
Agricultural produce: Olives, fruit, vegetables, flowers, beef, dairy produce.
Main industries: Textiles, food processing
Imports: Food and consumer goods

Note the part we highlighted in red. The “preferred” capital of a “future independent” Palestine.  This means that Palestine is not a sovereign country and has no capital, nor government, save from the terrorist group Hamas. 

 But that is not all. The corrupted and terrorist supporting ABCC goes beyond the reasonable and sets out to deliberately and dramatically misinform the reader of its Trade Directory, by claiming the following:

“Trade and trading relations have been characterising features of Palestine throughout its tumultuous long history. We Palestinians take pride in the fact that Palestine was a regional and international trading hub before the catastrophe of 1948 when our society and economy were subjected to one of the gravest experiences of dispossession and dislocation in the modern history of mankind.”
-         Ambassador Prof Manuel Hassassian – from the “Palestinian” general delegation to the UK –

Note how Prof Manuel Hassassian uses taqqiya (deceit) to first claim that “Palestine” was a thriving country which possessed an international trading hub (Although he fails to give us a timeline for these claims) and then he goes on to claim the “Palestinians” suffered a “catastrophe” –vulgarly known in Arabic as the “Nakba” – which is nothing more than the year that Israel was declared as an independent country in 1948.  As you can see, this man is falsely stating that the creation of Israel in 1948 was a catastrophe to “Palestinians” because it destroyed their so-called society and economy.

Page 133 - more lies 

This is simply unacceptable. “Palestine” was never a sovereign country at any time in Human history, nor did it possess any international trading hub under that name. Prof Manuel Hassassian is perpetuating the lies invented by Arab Muslims who set out to de-legitimize Israel in order to occupy it. It is nothing short of Jew hatred, vulgarly known as anti-Semitism.

The pages that refer to “Palestine” as a trading partner for British companies is full of buncombe. Furthermore Prof Manuel Hassassian’s account on international investments deliberately omit Israel’s continuous aids and contributions to these Muslim occupied territories which he calls “Palestine”, and mentions only financial aid from Europe, US, and Saudi Arabia.

“Palestine” subsists mainly in handouts from Israel and other countries. Their infrastructure is mediocre compared to the Israeli’s, and on these Muslim occupied territories only the Jews who live there (wrongly called as settlers) have a decent standard of infrastructure; but that is because they built it themselves.

“Palestine” under Muslim terrorist (Hamas) regime has not expanded beyond a negligible agricultural sector and very small scale industry. Most of the workers work for Israeli businesses in Israel and yet there is heavy unemployment in Gaza and surrounding towns. This is because most Muslim youth rather hang out with their mates throwing stones at Jews and getting paid by Hamas for doing so. Others are able to leave some money for their families (approx $50,000.00) when they finally go up in life and explode themselves as suicide bombers.

Page 134

Palestine is nowhere near a sovereign country which could be self sufficient, and the prospects are that these indigents will forever depend on foreign and Israeli aid for many years to come. Hardly an area where British businesses should consider investing their money on.  “Palestinian” economy is fully reliant on Israeli channels. Whatever meagre product they produce in these occupied territories is exported to Israel, which then re-exports to other countries.
No British investor would be able to deal solely with such fictional country or invest without his money being used by Hamas for terrorism, and we should note that this terrorism is not restricted to Israel, but is now being exported to the Western world too.

The billions of US dollars given to the PLO and later to the “Palestinian Authority” have gone into the pockets of its leaders, Hamas and Fatah officials, their wives and their families. Nothing has been spent on proper infrastructure such as hospitals, schools or for generating jobs, but on purchasing weapons to attack their own people and Israelis, as well as terrorist activities inside and outside the territories.

To further highlight the misinformation contained within the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) Trade Directory, they quote the addresses of companies which are listed in the directory as being in “Palestine”, while they are clearly in Israel.  We must point out once again that “Palestine” is not a sovereign country. It simply consists of lands which Arab Muslim invaders are disputing and trying to take from Israelis in order to claim as Waqf.

Throughout the bloody and violent history of Islam this is precisely what Arab Muslims have been doing. They invade cities, populate it, overwhelm the indigenous people by becoming majority through breeding (interbreeding) and then set out to claim the land as waqf. They do tend to also pervert the course of History by making false claims that they “were there before” the indigenous people arrived.  The case with “Palestine” is no different.

The world should learn the true facts which attest to the sovereignty of Palestine as a Jewish homeland. The British Mandate was created for no other reason than to reconstitute the ancient Jewish state of Judea in fulfilment of the Balfour Declaration and the general provisions of the Article 22 of the League Covenant.  This meant that “Palestine” from the start was legally a Jewish state. There is no Palestine belonging to any Arab-Muslim, nor there will ever be one.
We also want the reader to pay special attention to the fact that the Arab-Christians are never mentioned or considered anywhere when the subject of Arab countries is mentioned. Islamic propaganda is fimicolous in its entirety.

We ask you to write to the Arab-British chamber of commerce and demand a full explanation for their deliberate attempt to de-legitimize Israel.

Arab British Chamber of Commerce
43 Upper Grosvenor Street
London W1K 2NJ
Tel: +44 20 7235 4363

JDL UK Team  

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