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Anders Breivik's Final Statement - Leaked Transcript

Leaked Transcript Of Anders Breiviks Final Courtroom Statement:

I think we can all agree that what happened on July 22 at the ministries and Utøya was barbaric, and I remember that on July 21 after several years of planning I thought to myself "tomorrow I shall die," and when I was two-hundred meters away from the government quarter I thought the same thing "two minutes from now I'm going to die."

What was I going to die for? That's what I'm going to talk about. I will not be performing a speech, because I gave a statement on April 17th, which includes all the arguments, at least most of the ones I wanted to address. So the explanation I gave on April 17th is conclusive, but there are some things I could not explain then that I will try to address today.

I'm going to start with a couple of things related to my sanity. Basically, back then all people regarded me as sane under the law. Of a total of thirty-seven highly qualified people who examined me, thirty-five failed to find any symptoms at all. Out of thirty-seven only two people have found a multitude of symptoms.

So it's pretty obvious what to emphasize, the opinion of thirty-five or the opinion of two. I'm not going to go into details, but in the assumption that the psychiatric report would be leaked I tried to include as much propaganda as possible, it wasn't my intention for this to result in a diagnosis of insanity. One thing I'd like to clarify is the unfounded claim that I initially wanted to be declared insane. This is untrue. In December or late November, when the first report was published, everyone was shocked and I was considering what to do next. I decided to wait and see what happened with the two new experts before choosing a strategy.

I wondered after having been betrayed by two psychiatrists how I could ever trust a psychiatrist again. Therefore I considered not allowing another examination. I wouldn't have much of a chance with two reports that discredit me. Knowing that the first report had received a lot of criticism I took part in a second examination under the agreement that all conversations were to be recorded.

The conclusion of what I have explained on April 17th is that the European democratic political model is not working. The arguments I have presented, and will continue to present, emphasize the need for a fundamental change of leadership in Norway and Europe.

It started with World War II. In the sixties the Labor party decided that a large group of Pakistanis who were refused entry to Finland and had come to Norway on a tourist visa would be granted residence. And this was how the multicultural experiment in Norway started. Labor decided that Norway should follow Britain's example, with Asian and African mass immigration. I've already talked at length about the ridiculization of cultural conservatives so I won't talk a lot about it today. I will address some key points.

What has been the main issue is that there has been political oppression. Cultural Conservative youth organizations receive no support. They are opposed. The only cultural conservative newspaper we had in Norway, Aftenposten, has become a mainstream social democratic newspaper. The last twenty or thirty years there has been public support in Norway for the growth of extreme left organizations like Blitz, Serve People, and the Anti-Racist Center.

On to my next point which regards the former leader of 'Future In Our Hands', Steinar Lem. Before he died he gave a last message that had burdened him for many years. It was something he felt he did not dare to say before he knew he was going to die. The message was that we fought for Tibetan rights and the Tibetan indigenous people, but it is not allowed to say in Norway today that Norwegians have as much of a right to a homeland as the Tibetans, and that our rights should be equally important. Steinar Lem was told by his doctor that he would die soon, and only then he dared to speak the truth about his true beliefs.

I have written in my compendium about the absence of morality in Norway starting around 1968. The largest problem was the promotion of ideals that are very harmful to Norway today, and will be detrimental to our future.

When it comes to STDs and the sexual revolution this is something that is actually being criticized, as it has created major problems in Europe. The ideal that was promoted was to have sex with as many strangers as possible instead of promoting the nuclear family. Next society focuses on the problems without realizing they were created by destroying the nuclear family. Take for example, "Sex and the City" where Samantha and Carrie throughout the 100 to 200 episodes of the series have sex with hundreds of men. These are the ideals that are promoted today. This is a disease. These sick ideals should be rejected by our society. This is how you end up with people neglecting their duty to their family and nation. People get their education, travel, and are thirty-five when they decide to have children. Women should begin having children in their 20s. Our birth rates are below replacement levels.

I'll briefly discuss the protection of the status quo. One of the most influential people in Norway, Arne Strand, has made many statements in the Times that are representative of the Norwegian media. He advocates that all nationalists should be excluded from the democratic process. He openly proclaims that oppression is necessary to preserve the current political hegemony. That we must protect the hegemony, we must not let people on the right side express themselves. Support from the media ensures that Norway will never be a democracy for those on the far right as they'll never be allowed into the debate.

Some examples I excluded on April 17. Cause and effect of politically motivated violence. Just to name a few committed by those in power in Norway as a whole that are likely to trigger violence and counter-reactions. Take into consideration this was the Labour Party right after World War II. Holden said that not many were sent to the psychiatric ward in Norway, only Hamsund and Justice Risnes. I'll talk about a couple of other cases.

Those who were opposed to the Labour Party were tried to be declared crazy. An example is the editor Toralv Fanebust, when the attempt failed, they gave him a lengthy prison sentence for having written about Labor's leader's actions during and after the war. His grandson has recently released the book "war history - settlement with the myths" about the abuse of power and intimidation surrounding the trial, including the Norwegian government restricting the freedom of the press by preventing minutes from Fanebust's case to be released.

What else has the political elite done to create an environment that provokes violent resistance? The Fatherland party had about 0.5 percent of the vote in 1993, which was the first time they ran for elections. Bjarne Dahl in 1993 tried to legitimize political opposition to immigration. During a meeting on a public square in Oslo he was attacked by Blitzers who smashed in his face with iron pipes, leaving him with a broken jaw and knocked out teeth. Party leader and Professor Harald Trefall was also hit in the face by something that was thrown. The party chairman was bleeding from a face wound. When a horrified spectator tipped Dagbladet about this violent attack he received the following response: "You don't think this is wonderful?".

On 28 June 2002 the parliamentary parties committed democratic suicide. They passed a new law where all parties who did not receive at least 5000 votes in the last election were striked out. In order to be placed back on the list they must collect 5000 signatures under stringent restrictions. It is almost impossible to start a new party in Norway today. In Sweden, the requirement is 1500 signatures.

Than there is PST's unrestrained praise of themselves on how they have managed to crush Vigrid. They summoned all the youths and their parents in the organization and took them in for questioning. PST has been able to crush the organization by harassing the young members. In addition, the PST ran an extensive harassment campaign against the leader of Vigrid, Tore Tvedt. Among other things, extensive monitoring, searches, arrests, and having him thrown out of rented homes repeatedly.

At a school debate August 28 in connection with the parliamentary elections of 2009, Øyvind Heian, the party leader of Norway Patriots was hit in the head by a glass bottle thrown by members of SOS Racism. The bleeding was so severe he had to leave the meeting, which continued as if nothing had happened. The school administration and the police refused to do anything about the attack on the party leader.

Before the municipal elections last year, the Christian Coalition Party was attacked by a person belonging to the SOS-racism, they are communists, on the stand. Such attacks are common for anyone with nationalistic attitudes in this country. That there hasn't been a retaliation for July 22 amazes everyone who has followed the national trend. They are obviously waiting for something. We can see how they have been doing exercises on scenarios like what happened. This is an issue that the political powers do not wish to address. They argue that nothing in their actions warrants a response. (...) It gives a dark outlook for our country.

Labour and the Soviet Union. It is well known and documented that the Labour Party before World War II received support from the Soviet Union. However, it is wrong to claim that Labour is a full-fledged communist party. They do not support the planned economy. Hence the expression Cultural Marxism or semi-Communism. Thorvald Stoltenberg had a code name in the KGB. Even Jens Stoltenberg had the code name, "checks" in the KGB archives. In two cases authors have tried to publish about this, but they've been stopped. One of the books was "The eagle has landed" by Reiulf Steen. I do not think it has been stopped. But I think there's a new book by Christopher Andrew that has been stopped. The problem with Labour is not their communist past, but that they refuse to deal with it.

As Party Secretary Raymond Johansen said, they blame international agreements when they justify their immigration policy instead of standing for the fact that they want to transform Norway ethnically and culturally. Raymond Johansen is intelligent enough to know that Japan and South Korea have experienced the same bustle of the UN on refugees and asylum seekers. Japan and South Korea have learned to say no. They do not want the country to be used as a dumping ground for the excess births from the second and third world.

The political model in Japan and South Korea is the evidence that countries that say no to mass immigration in the long run will be stronger than those open to mass immigration. (...) We will experience great ethnic, cultural and religious conflicts. It is these conflicts that led to July 22. The blame lies with the Labour Party and Foreign Minister. Had they had any integrity they would admit why they want mass immigration. In other words, they have exactly the same agenda as the social democrats in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Individuals who have signified support for cultural conservative organizations, have been systematically ridiculed, harassed and persecuted in Norway and Western Europe after World War II. In Norway, many have lost their jobs and been branded as racists for opposing immigration. An example is Remi Huseby, who lost his job after he was labeled as an intolerant and vicious right-wing extremist, because he was opposed to the Norwegian state ideology, multiculturalism. As a result, his employer felt pressured to fire him and he lost his job.

This is one case where a journalist and editor document the  ridiculing and persecution of the cultural conservatives from WWII to the present day. Worst of all is that this demonization is preferable to being ignored. Being ignored is worse than everything else. In hundreds of cases in Europe and Norway, cultural conservative, anti-communist and nationalist have been pushed to suicide by public branding, labeling and demonization. It is the same as it was in Sovjet Union.

So, another point that I considered not to include. Cultural self-loathing. Norwegian society is suffering from a cultural psychological disorder that manifests itself through self-contempt for Norwegian ideals. This collective cultural psychosis is caused by decades of Cultural Marxism reign. As a good example is the Euro Vision contributions from the past four years. We picked a White Russian asylum seeker, probably with a tartar background, (...) It is in itself good that we rarely allow an applicant to represent us. But what is going on? A few years later we let Stella Mangwi win with a bongo song. What is Norway doing, sending an applicant as an ambassador? Is it lack of Norwegians in Norway or do they suffer from self disdain? So we allow an asylum seeker from Iran to win. This is an insult to all Norwegians (...) The answer is simple. A great many people suffer from cultural delusions, and need immediate medication, with the immediate introduction of cultural protectionism and the Nordic ideal.

Regarding the definition of the word indigenous, the word means the original or old population. It is not true that ethnic Norwegians are not indigenous. We know of course that the UN does not recognize ethnic Europeans as indigenous. But we must look on the UN agenda and the creation, when the Axis powers were defeated during World War II. For example, Baroso which has been the highest leader of the United Nations for many years. Baroso was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party for years. This demonstrates what kind of people who have power in the UN.

To get back to the definition of the word indigenous. There is no general definition. Europe's cultural nationalists and conservatives are using a different definition of indigenous peoples. The right-wing definition is the old or original people. Why do indigenous activists in other parts of the world (....) Why do they get support while indigenous activists from Europe are labeled as racists. The battle is identical for all indigenous freedom fighters, namely, to fight against the ethnic and cultural annihilation of his people by immigration. The fact that they are supported, while we are fought as if we were a disease is a great injustice. Regarding deconstruction. When it comes to the ongoing ethnic deconstruction I would recommend everyone to read the essay [mention this by name] of David Coppell, and Johan (...).

Regarding Mullah Krekar who was called as a witness before. The reason we wanted to call in Krekar was to illuminate the true believers of Islam's view of Europe. He calls himself a Kurdish religious leader. (...) He is one of the few Muslim leaders who are honest about Islam's takeover of power in Europe. "In Denmark they printed cartoons, but it results in support of Islam to continuously increase. I and every Muslim is proof of that. (...) We are going to change you. Look at the development of the population in Europe where Muslims are breeding like mosquitoes. Every Western woman in Europe has 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries gives birth to 3.5 children. (...) "Krekar said.

I also remind you that Muammar Gadaffi, who was recently killed by NATO said in March 2007: "There are signs that Allah will bestows us with a victory in Europe, without even using swords. We do not need terrorists, we need no suicide bombers. The millions of Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades." Kosovo is a very good example that I have not talked about. In 1900, 60% Christians in Kosovo, 40% Muslims. In 1913 the figure was 50%. 1948, 72%, in 1971 there was 79 percent Muslim. In 2008, after NATO had bombed our Serbian Christian brothers, Muslims made up 93% in Kosovo.

Kosovo had turned from a Christian into an Islamic country in the span of a hundred years. Lebanon has some commentary by the press which indicated that they were an occupied state. In 1911 it was 21 percent Muslim, today this is approximately 80 percent. This is demographic warfare, and it's a war that's being recognized in Europe and Norway.

In the case of Pakistan it is not only war against Christians. Pakistan was 25 percent Hindus in 1941. In 1948 it was 17 percent. Today, fewer than 1 percent Hindus. The Pakistani have no tolerance for dissidents. Bangladesh in 1941 was 30 per cent Hindu. Today, fewer than 8 percent.

There's also an explosive demographic development within Muslim countries. In 1951 there were 33 million people in Pakistan. Today they are approaching 200 million. From 33 million to nearly 200 million in 60 years. Officially, they operate with a birth rate of 3.58, this is of course a falsehood. Media likes to portray that the Muslim majority supports democracy, but it is not true. A survey conducted by the University of Maryland, where 4,000 Muslims were requested, shows that 65 percent of Muslims want to unite all Muslim countries into a caliphate, and 65 percent wants to see the implementation of a strict interpretation of Sharia law.

I've come to the last point. Aid lawyers had previously called me a child killer. But we know that the average age of the island was over 18 years, even if one removes the adults. The average age of soldiers in the world wars was 18. Many of our soldiers in Afghanistan are 18. Does that mean that we send children to war? The authorities themselves are guilty of the mass murder of children in hospitals across the country. Thousands of children are killed every year through abortion. Muslims do not have abortions because Sharia does not allow it. Labor is thus guilty of mass murder, while using the low birth rate to justify mass immigration.

The judges who sit here today can judge me as they feel. If you choose to acknowledge my claim of necessity, you will very effectively send shock waves through the illegitimate groups that are present (...)

The court should remember that the biased judges who worked for Hitler's Germany were convicted for their crimes after the war. Likewise, history will judge the judges in this matter. History will show whether I'll be a condemned man who tried to stop the evils of our day. History shows that sometimes you have to commit barbarism to stop an even greater barbarism.

My brothers in the Norwegian and European resistance movements are following this trial, while they are planning new attacks. They may be responsible for as many as 40,000 deaths. The other day explosives were found at a Swedish nuclear power plant, which indicates that my brothers in the Swedish Resistance had something to do with this.

In my compendium I describe how to attack Swedish, German, and British nuclear power plants. It is intended to break the back of (...) PST knows that militant nationalists have access to weapons that can create (...) It is my duty to warn about this because it can be prevented if the will is there. In the compendium, I described a solution that can prevent further conflicts with ultra-nationalists.

The smartest thing that could have been done is to give us autonomy within a certain area of Norway. This for the people who oppose mass immigration and multiculturalism. In other words, the national conservative and orthodox Christians. Such a solution would be good for both parties. Marxists and liberals wouldn't have to deal with our anger and complaints about the current state. And we wouldn't have to live in a multi-ethnic hellhole. A solution like this can be used in all European countries and can thus prevent further escalation of the conflict between cultural conservatives and multiculturalists.

The starting point could be that they get control over an area equivalent to about 1-2 per cent of the country and increase the area proportionally as the population grows. If we succeed and flourish an autonomous state could be developed. This political model is similar to the political solution used for indigenous peoples in other parts of the world.

The alternative is that we focus on the takeover of the entire country of Norway which Marxists and liberals wouldn't find very pleasant. But the current regime is not interested in engaging in dialogue with us so we have nothing to lose and the conflict will escalate over the next couple of years. It might not be tactical to do this in as the prosecution wants me declared insane, but I must offer a peaceful solution that could save many lives in the future.

This trial should be about finding the truth. And the documentation of my assertions, they are truthful? If they are true, how could what I have done be illegal? Norwegian academics and reporters working together and make use of (...) methods to deconstruct Norwegian identity, Christianity, and the Norwegian nation. How can it be illegal to engage in armed resistance against this? Prosecutors wondered who had given me a mandate to do what I did. Was it the KT Network? I have answered this before, but do it again. It is a universal human right, international law and the right of self-defense, that gave me the mandate to carry out this act of self-defense.

July 22 was the direct consequence of the actions of those who consciously and unconsciously are destroying our country. Responsible Norwegians who feel a sense of honor and duty are not going to sit and watch while they are turned into minorities in their own country. We are going to fight. The attacks on July 22 were preventive in nature, in defense of my ethnic group and I cannot acknowledge guilt. I acted on behalf of my people, my religion and my country. I therefore demand that I be acquitted.

- Jewish Defence League UK -

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