Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Hundred Police Deployed to Contain Violent Mass Brawl in Munich Mosque

The trigger happy .. I mean peace happy Islamic bunch have been at it again. Last night, shortly after prayers began at the: Islamic Centre for Afghan Exiles in Bavaria, A Masjid in Munich, a mass brawl broke out amongst the Muslims.

It appears the cause of the dispute was the fact that the married imam was following Mohammed's example and helping a female member of his flock acquire a more intimate knowledge of Islam. Around 50 of Mohammed's minions went at it with knives and bits of wood. 

Score card: 5 people stabbed, 1 ear almost completely bitten off.

A hundred-strong contingent of police was deployed to contain the incident. Criminal proceedings have been opened against several people.

In mid-June the Süddeutsche Zeitung published a report about internal ructions at the same mosque, involving threats, insults and beatings. The peace just never stops flowing with these guys.

Article Source: Islam Versus Europe Blog.

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