Monday, 18 June 2012

Official Response to UKIP Creation of Pro-'Palestine' Section

We here at the JDL (UK) like so many other Brits over the years have enjoyed seeing Nigel Farage lambaste the members of the European aristocratic elite. It combined intelligence, wit, and a principled stance against a totalitarian-leaning bureaucracy (not unlike the UN), the kind of utopia-driven project which we should've learned to shun at the end of the last century. Today however, we see that UKIP has decided, in response to a 'Friends of Israel in UKIP' division, to create a 'UKIP Friends of Palestine' section too.

This is the anti-semite in charge of the UKIP Friends of Fakestine, 

Ollie Neville claims this on his twitter page: UKIP's progressive Anarchist, YI Social Media Director, If you think anything I say here represents UKIP you clearly know nothing about politics, me, or UKIP

This from a discussion thread  here:
To Julia Gasper: "But it is not really true that UKIP has no clear stance on Israel. In the UKIP election manifesto they call UKIP and ally of Israel and defend Israel`s right to exist and to defend itself against attack.
Concerning UKIP Friends Of Israel I have to say that this group is very important. In which way does it bully other party members or try to impose its opinion on them? I always experienced UKIP FOI members as tolerant and nice people who are greatly respected among other party members. If there wasn`t such a strong support for Israel in UKIP the UKIP FOI group would have never been founded. 
So the call for disowning UKIP FOI is crazy and balony: The majority of the party supports Israel and UKIP FOI is very popular within the party. The group does excellent work and provides the party with important links to the jewish community. Are you in favour of keeping the UKIP FOI or not? In my view it is a necessary part of the party."
This from a "junior member" of the forum:
"I have not heard one mention of the original inhabitants of this area called Palestinians, who have had land taken by settlers , had a massive wall built through their communities and suffer daily indignation from Israeli soldiers. I base my opinion on having actually lived in Israel for a while. Is not the FOI just an attempt to suck up to jews to get party funding. Where is there the mention of the word justice?"

And from Mitchell Risbrook:
UKIP is NOT a far right party. It is an anti-EU party with a Transatlantic slant to their foreign policy that can't decide between following a mainstream Conservative path or a libertarian path on their other issues. There are of course countless rank and file UKIP members who follow all sorts of political ideologies and beliefs including some who are quite critical of Israel in its present shape and form. 

I think the BNP supports Israel more strongly than UKIP does. Nationalists in the west have supported Palestine for decades and see the Palestinian struggle as having many parallels with their own struggles back in their home country against the establishment elite, but any BNP members who back Palestine today will surely fall foul of the Welshpool Clique if they happen to find out. 

Until now we thought it was logical to assume that since UKIP was the only voice against the leftist EU project in Britain, that it would naturally be against other such lunacies in the world. We therefore are shocked and saddened that UKIP should seek to state it is for an equally dubious con such as the Arab colonial project called 'Palestine'.

The Deira hotel lobby, in the Gaza 'prison camp'
Being pro-Palestinian is not like standing up for the Syrian people or the victims of Turkey's Armenian genocide or the plight of the Kurds. Unlike these issues, there is the overwhelming absence of evidence when it comes to the 'Palestinians'. A lack of evidence for 'atrocities', 'ethnic cleansing', and certainly no 'genocide'. What evidence there is, shows quite the opposite.

If there is Arab suffering in these territories, it is the result of war. A war the Islamic fundamentalists are keen to wage, at whatever expense to their people. A people that voted for Hamas.

In Bat Ye'or's Eurabia, the French born scholar on Islam described how Israel, and Judeophobia, are central to the EU plan for more power. Uniting the Mediterranean countries (North African Islamic countries, as well as the traditionally European states) in a bid to integrate them. The Islamisation of Europe, therefore, being the ultimate consequence of this short-sighted concoction.

With UKIP's stance against the EU, it was naturally assumed that the members of this party were naturally against the main ideas of the EU. Unfortunately, and quite counter-intuitively, that seems not to be the case.

Palestine is not the problem, it's the excuse. Not just the excuse for Muslims to act violently, but the excuse to Islamise the UK (and need we say Europe). The problems, in spite of what many claim, does not exist. To reiterate, there is no 'Palestinian' persecution, genocide, ethnic cleansing, or whatever else they'll think up. 
The friends of totalitarianism in this country usually tend to argue that since absolute truth is not attainable, a big lie is no worse than a little lie.

A totalitarian society which succeeded in perpetuating itself would probably set up a schizophrenic system of thought, in which the laws of common sense held good in everyday life and in certain exact sciences, but could be disregarded by the politician, the historian, and the sociologist.

Already there are countless people who would think it scandalous to falsify a scientific textbook, but would see nothing wrong in falsifying a historical fact. It is at the point where literature and politics cross that totalitarianism exerts its greatest pressure on the intellectual.
George Orwell
Source Here
It doesn't take much to get to the bottom of the 'Palestinian' 'problem' when one simply asks for evidence. To ask for evidence from the pro-Palestine mob yields two things; first, absolutely hysteria. As if the mere suggestion of wanting proof of the pro-Palestinian camp's claims is tantamount to Holocaust denial. And second, you'll find no evidence being put forward.

What you might find, among the more well-trained propagandists, are endless hours of selectively edited footage of clashes of protesters with Israeli solders or police, or incidents arising from provocations the leftist activists have instigated, such as throwing stones at Jews on their Sabbath, or attempting to steal water from Jewish owned property, under the all-inclusive justification that every criminal action of theirs is done because 'this is stolen land' (for which, of course they can provide no proof, as many Israeli court cases will show). Or you may be presented with report after report from so-called human rights organisations who, oddly enough, are funded by OPEC (among others) and some of the same countries that have funded al Qaeda. The list also includes various EU member states as well as Britain.

Infants with weapons, common in Islamic culture
Along side this, we see that with an increase of Muslims on European soil, we get a corresponding increase in Anti-Semitism. Normally, we're under no obligation to even consider what a racist says, because racism isn't based on logic or reason, and shouldn't be justified. But with immigrants from oil-rich lands the exact opposite is the case. Not only is the Islamic anti-Semitism listened to, it is championed by much of the leftists and political classes. Not for moral motives, but because of the Muslim vote (even though the Muslim vote tends to go for enemies of democracy, such as George Galloway).

Therefore, the creation of the UKIP friends of Palestine is not only politically motivated, but intellectually and morally dishonest.

Much like the EU project, if the Islamisation of Europe continues down it's current path it is headed towards oblivion along with Britain. What is needed, and what we thought UKIP understood, was that in order to tackle our problems we need to solve them, not yield to them.

There are always two sides to every story and in a democracy, all sides should be able to express themselves freely. We understand that UKIP under Nigel Farage represents some the finest values of democracy Britain has to offer. But as we have shown throughout this article, campaigning for "the plight of the Palestinians" is not part of a legitimate democratic debate, much like Holocaust denial or 9/11 conspiracy theories. This is the morally defining issue of our time.

Until and when UKIP rejects these enemies from within, with heavy hearts we categorically reject UKIP as being part of the solution to Europe's problems, and renounce any support for them. We urge our members to do the same.

UPDATE - 29/08/12 

We have been informed by Ms. Kim Gandy (on our page)  that Mr. Leon Georgiou (Member of UKIP and of Friends of "Palestine" of UKIP) has been posting some nasty Nazi stuff on the profile of a certain Ms. Claire Khaw (Another UKIP member), without any rebuke, which means that both are on the "same field level" of ignorance.

We have checked Mr. Georgiou's profile and came across this: 
Here is Mr. Leon Georgiou praising General Gaddafi. 

I guess we don't need any excuses to despise the UKIP leadership for allowing corruption and pro-terrorists to be part of their ranks.

See here our article on another fake supporter of Israel - Jacob Campbell, and his pseudo-Zionist friends. 

 JDL UK team


  1. UKIP did not create a Friends of Palestine group. A couple of members. out of 18,000 did made a Facebook. If I created a "JDL friends of Hizbollah" would that make you a terrorist? No, it would make me an idiot.

    You only have google "Farage Israel" to see the party's view - pretty pro Israeli I suggest

    1. The StartlsNigh - UKIP has NOT denied it. So unless they do they are guilty as hell.

  2. UKIP sympathizer5 August 2012 at 18:12

    I agree with TheStartIsNigh. UKIP is a very importan British Party for democrats, patriots and people who defend the principles of democratic self-determination, national sovereignity and the rule of law. Because of this UKIP finds itself automatically on the side of Israel.
    The party line is pro-Israel, comments of important UKIP politicians like Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten are pro-Israel and there is a Friends of Israel group within the party which has the support of the UKIP leadership.
    BUT: In every party in the world are a few idiots, even in UKIP. And the fact that a 20 year old guy who is a UKIP member is pro Palestine whilst the vast majority of UKIP members including the party leadership are pro Israel is no reason to turn our backs to the party.
    We must continue to support it. And even if it is true that this guy has established a pro Palesine group: Let`s fight him from wihtin UKIP by supporting the UKIP Friends of Israel Group! We need a eurosceptic and pro Israel party in Britian and we have to support this party!

  3. UKIP Sympathizer

    The UKIP "friends" of Israel group is a farce! We know who created it, and he is an atheist "Jew". We cannot support a party that has a fake "friends" of Israel group that supports a two solution State, and whose infantile "spokesman" is so utterly unprofessional as to call us, the JDL, racists. They are not pro-Israel at all, so we fear that unless this group is excluded we cannot and will not support the UKIP. It's a shame but there you go. Parties should be responsible for who they let inside to speak for them.

  4. UKIP sympathizer6 August 2012 at 23:57

    At least the UKIP Friends of Israel Group was founded by UKIP members, jewish and gentile, and has a lot of support within the Party. Why do you call it fake?
    It supports Israel and contributes good articles about arab terrorism and the EU`s support for Hamas and Hezbollah. People like Jacob Campbell and Michael Zuckerman are good supporters of Israel.
    But I agree with you that the founding of a Friends of Palestine Group is crazy and shouldn`t be allowed. I think this is because UKIP is in some points too libertarian and wants to have ALL opinions within its ranks, whilst the party line is pro Israel.
    But what would you say to a very pro Israel UKIP member who wants to battle people like Olly Neville within UKIP rather than giving up the party because of some stupid people like Neville ?

    Would you agree with me that we need a pro Israel anti EU party in Britain that gets us out of the EU and makes us to rejoin the wider Anglosphere and cooperates with great democracies like Israel, Canada, USA, Australia ans so on?

    I just post one Gerard Batten (UKIP) speech from 2006. It shows the great support of many high ranked UKIP politicians for Israel
    Batten is more important in UKIP than an idiot like Neville

    "Mr President, we have heard several times during this debate of the need for a negotiated settlement and a peace process. But with whom do we negotiate and on what basis? The war in Lebanon was caused by Hizbollah kidnapping Israeli soldiers which, unsurprisingly,
    triggered retaliation by the Israelis and the escalating conflict we have witnessed.
    The leader of Hizbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that he would not have ordered the troops’ capture and kidnapping if he had known that it would lead to full-scale war. What did he expect? Those are not the words of a political leader but of a political gangster and terrorist. He ordered the kidnappings because he thought he might get away with it. He did not, but he got a war that he could blame on the Israelis anyway.
    The Palestinians have elected a terrorist government under Hamas and the Lebanese have two Hizbollah terrorist representatives in their government. These decisions have consequences for the Palestinians and the Lebanese, as we have seen. How does the European Union react to this? By sending the protagonists more money: R435 million so far this year to Palestine and R42 million to Lebanon.
    We should let the Hamas and Hizbollah ministers in question
    renounce their intentions to drive the Israelis into the sea before we consider sending their governments aid. Otherwise such payments amount to nothing more than financing terrorism. "

  5. Dear UKIP sumpathiser, thank you for your response. We wrote this piece, not only after the creation of this egregious group but because of the following: We sent a tweet to Jacob Campbell asking what the 'palestinian' support group thought of him posting pro-Israel posts. He responded very aggressively by calling us racists. We then emailed him privately asking for him to explain why he had done so and to condemn such a public attack from a representative of a mainstream party; he declined, merely tweeting a complaint that we called him a Marxist. As he is a student of politics, it was surprising to receive this infantile response. We also sent the email to the head of the Jewish Friends of Israel; no response either. If we had received a cogent reply such as you have given, we would have alterd the piece. We wil now publish the email we sent and the various responses. JDL-UK Team on Official Response to UKIP Creation of Pro-'Palestine' Section

  6. I despair with you all. Freedom to express. Freedom to set up counter groups for fair debate.
    You're calling Olly Neville an anti-semite.
    How childish...

  7. JDL, Can I just say, as a good Christian friend of Israel, and as a member of UKIP FOI, please do not disown us. You will find many good friends amongst UKIP FOI who would back Israel every day of the week. Olly Neville, the founder of FoP is an anarcho-capitalist that appears to disagree with everything UKIP stand for, and he is not representative of UKIP.

    1. Hi Ross,

      Unfortunately there are many more like him in the UKIP.
      Thanks for your kind message though. We are not abandoning our friendship towards those who truly are our friends.

  8. This page is ridiculous!! so. much. LOL.

  9. UKIP defends Israel's right to exist and one Pro-Palestine group with one member will not change UKIP's stance. There was a massive fuss about this on the UKIP forum when Olly set this up. Nobody agreed with his decision to set up the group because nobody wanted to push the Palestinian agenda and also because we knew it would attract negative attention like this.

    I don't think UKIP needs a FOI group a political party we should not be aligned to any religion

    But anyway, calling Mr Neville an anti-semite is a bit silly

  10. UKIP is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestine. Let's focus standing up against the Islamification of Britain and Europe-on this point we are in agreement.

  11. Dear Anonymous and UKIP member, I am afraid that anyone who supports 'palestine' is an anti-semite for the simple reason: arab mozlems do not hide the fact that they see the whole of Israel as arab mozlem territory, they have said this in public and it has been translated into Englsih for anyone to google.That palestine is just a temporary word for land that will just become part of the mozlem 'ummah', their one world vision of the whole planet eventually submitting to islam. Make no mistake that Israel is on the front line of this: if Israel falls,God forbid, the UK/Europe will be next, make no mistake.
    The name 'palestine' was revived in 1967 on the advice of vile nazi Arafat's handlers, the Soviets: it does not exist. arabs live with equal rights and often more rights than Jews in Israel. None of them truly wish to live in an arab country where they are treated like 2nd or 3rd class citizens. Israel is also part of Euro-med, a true partner as opposed to the blood-suckers and permanent welfare recipients of the mozlem countries and the arab slave state of Mauretania.
    So basically anyone who supports palestine supports the destruction of Israel.

  12. I agree with what you say about Muslim's wanting to wipe Israel off the map and if that happens, we are indeed next. Islam is a terrifying religion and Israel, as you say, is on the front line.

    But anti-semite is a strong word. Mr Neville does not want the destruction of Israel nor does he want Israelis, or Jews anywhere, to suffer.

    Whilst Mr Neville, in my mind, is not an anti-semite, he may well be a very silly boy.

    The fact remains that Nigel Farrage -and I believe the majproty of UKIP- believes in the Judeo-Christian tradition which Britain has cultivated over centuries. I think a lot of UKIP member are bloody terrfied of Islam, even if we have yet to find the courage to say so.

  13. I agree with Ross.
    There are not many people like Oliver Neville in UKIP and they DON`T represent the party line or the majority of the party. Like I have shown people like Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage oppose the islamification of Britain, the anti-israel policy of the EU and stand with Israel against its enemies.

    Would you still cooperate with pro Israel people in UKIP like Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage who oppose islamism and EU funding of Palestinian terrorism?
    And what do you think of Pat Condell who is also a UKIP supporter, anti-EU and pro Israel.

    1. We cooperate with anyone who is genuinely pro-Israel.
      And you have a point too. However, we still think that the leader of UKIP should ensure his party does not come into disrepute, and if they truly support Israel then they must do away with the so-called friends of fakestine.