Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jihad In Your Supermarket

This week we’re seeing yet another tiring campaign by the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) to boycott Israeli goods in supermarkets across Britain, despite previous attempts having failed spectacularly. The PSC is a stealth jihad group whose members consist of extreme Muslim and far left students. Robert Wistrich, considered to be the world’s leading scholar on the history of anti-Semitism, said the PSC is at the forefront of a deliberate campaign of Israel de-legitimatisation, designed to invoke anti-Semitic sentiments. The JPost reports that two leading supermarkets in Britain are being targeted, Morrisons and Waitrose.

Hysteria & Hate
The group use the language of justice and dignity saying they are for human rights. But they are anything but.

It would be easy to look at this as an anti-Israel campaign and to get into a point by point rebuttal of why Israel isn't this or that. And while that may be important, the real target is Britain, where slowly but surely, the PSC is introducing Islamic cultural norms into the West whereby Jews are especially singled out for persecution and harassment.

The PSC therefore, is the soft face of an ugly project where none of its claims about Israel are accurate, and its sole purpose (in the short term) is to sensitise and outrage uninformed Brits so that their viewpoints more closely match those of Muslims. They thereby rally recruits to their cause, with the ultimate hope of converting them to Islam. Most of the activists aren't even aware that they're being used, simply thinking about the 'injustice' of some invented Israeli crime.

In addition, considering the sheer number of genocides (a couple of which we’ve written about here), loss of life at the hands of ‘holy warriors’ throughout the centuries, and their boasting about it in Islamic chronicles, manufacturing hatred is a key asset in Islam and in potential converts. The example of Lauren Boothe, Tony Blair’s sister in law, being the perfect example. The more incitement she was exposed to by the BBC and others, the more extreme her anger, thus eventually leading to a sympathetic position towards Islamic terrorism, which obviously led to her giving up her original faith.

But in business too, British shops and supermarkets are learning that the ‘brand name’ of Israel is not worth troubling with, even if they don’t believe the lies about Israel. Everything is about image, and with the PSC’s manpower on the ground, if a shop stocks Israeli goods, they’re liable to face intimidation tactics, shop ‘raids’ where everything from stickers saying ‘from illegal Israel’ to the ‘offending’ goods being swiped off the shelves and carried out the store.
Evokes Images of Kristalnacht

The campaign by the PSC to close down Israel’s Ahava beauty store in Covent Garden was achieved only because neighbouring stores complained to their landlords of the noise the activists made. Once this store closed, it was easy to get the chain closed in its entirety by also recruiting a rival cosmetic chain store Lush, who all too willingly engaged in slandering Ahava.

War isn’t about two armies facing each other on the battlefield any more. Today with the Alinsky tactics of community organising (class warfare), people don’t even know they’re being used as pawns, let alone being distracted and having their eyes taken off the ball. 

The Islamisation isn’t happening (for the moment) with running street battles, with Charing Cross being turned into downtown Beirut, and patrols of ‘morality’ police attempting to ensure Shari’ah is forced on everyone, it is here in the form of lies and deceit. In the form of a false call to take a stand against something supposedly immoral.

Israel is an $80 billion a year economy. It is a tech power house and scientific and medical innovator, and it has avoided the economic stagnation of the recent economic crisis. Its economy will hardly be weakened if you don’t buy its plums or peppers. Its award-winning produce and alcohol will simply be sold in another country (and most likely replaced in Britain with an Islamic-friendly alternative).

The real battle here is the Islamisation of Britain (and Europe, USA), and coupled with the Halal hijacking of our food industry, represents yet another form of attack from these stealth jihadists on our culture and communities.

Fight Back!

You don’t need to be a soldier or built like a bouncer to fight this. All you need to do is go out, when you’re on your shopping round, buy Israeli produce and make sure it sells out (tell your friends and recommend it to other shoppers as you chat with them), and take away the stores economic incentive to cease trading with Israel.

Anti-jihad crusading has never been tastier!

 Caped Crusader

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