Friday, 15 June 2012

Home Secretary Theresa May - Hacking Hypocrisy and Intellectual Rape

Home Secretary Theresa May has decided to push through a proposal to force internet providers to keep user data for 12 months, and of course to share all of it with the government and the "Big Brother (Britain) State".

In a disgraceful tactic reminiscent of Communist and other tyrannical countries, Ms. May wishes to snoop on every single citizen's personal messages in a blatant breach of people's privacy.This we call a pervasive intellectual rape.

This proposal will cost the taxpayer over £200 million a year. This kind of money could go to the RSPCA for example, or to hundreds of needy charities, that actually do productive and essential work for the people and animals of this country. But Ms. May does not really care about that, she never did. She rather steal our money to invest in her own personal agenda. 

Once again, without taxpayers being consulted, our taxes are being used for projects which are illegal, immoral, pervasive and against the citizens of this country. 

The article on the Daily mail states: 

"Plans for a hugely controversial ‘snoopers’ charter’ giving the police, security services and taxman the power to monitor the public’s every internet click are ‘a matter of life and death’, Britain’s most senior policeman warned."

A matter of "Life and Death"? The claim is as absurd as the actual proposal! This is pervasive intellectual rape. Simple as that.
They are not interested in stopping crime, they are interested in snooping people's opinions and intentions regarding the government. Fear generates  desire to control the citizens, and as we are seeing now, it includes invading people's innermost privacy, including their thoughts. 

The fact that Ms. May and her corrupt cohorts have absolute disregard for public opinion on this matter is obvious, but what is worrying is that no one seems to be firmly opposing such lunacy. 

"Metropolitan Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe (Photo below) backed Home Secretary Theresa May who today unveils new powers to force internet service providers to keep the data of every website visit, email, text message and visit to Facebook or Skype for a minimum of 12 months.

Mr Hogan-Howe said having greater ability to access data was essential to waging a 'total war on crime' and warned that police risked losing the fight against crime unless Parliament passes a law enabling them to collect more communications data."

The police knows full well that they will never be able to stop any crime with that. And all they will end up doing is chasing red herrings.

Furthermore, this is a sinister and perverse invasion of our privacy and of our human rights. Our thoughts and words are not to be shared with those we do not wish to, but with those we trust and love.

While Ms. May, together with her corrupt acolytes rant and rave about the "Hacking" done by NOTW (New of the World), she is doing much worse than they ever did. At least they had selected targets and it was done in the name of journalism. Not that we agree with it, but somehow their "crime" seems much less in our eyes than the crime Ms. May wishes to perpetrate against every single citizen of this country. 

They have used Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks as scapegoats, while committing a far worse crime than these two ever did!! 

Where is the "Left" now to fight against this absurd breach of our privacy? I tell you, nowhere. The left is spiritually dead now. They are good for nothing. They haven't been able to achieve a single positive thing in years, quite the opposite. They have betrayed the people as well, so they won't be taking up this war now.

We in the JDL request of every citizen to address Ms. May and to let her know your feelings in the matter. Demand this money to be spent on Animal Rescue teams, or any charitable work which will benefit the citizens of this country, and not to be squandered in such intrusive manner. 
Our civil liberties are not for sale or negotiable. 

This kind of attitude is typical of those who wish to control everything and everyone by force, and reminds me of the same Islamic tactic of trying to gain control through the creation of the "ummah" - a Caliphate. 

Read the rest of the article here:

Fight for your liberties! Do not allow such individuals to decide how best to control us. Do not let them use our hard earned tax money into projects which are totally and unequivocally against every citizen in this country! 

The war on crime is an excuse!  
When the government decides to legalize crime in such manner, it is time to replace the government. They must serve the people and not enslave them. 
Our government is using Islamic tactics to enslave its people and this cannot, shall not and will not be tolerated. 

-JDL UK Team- 

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