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Is There An Israel Advocacy Conspiracy?

We all know that defending Israel is hard. The difference between the media's portrayal and reality is the difference between night and day. Up until now our only hope for a voice of sanity in all this has been the large Jewish organisations in Britain, which, because of their large memberships, have provided a valuable voice of truth against the incitement of dominant media outlets, such as the BBC. Now however, a disturbing new trend among these pro-Israel groups has surfaced, which has seen these lone voices become subdued, overnight, and what's more, voluntarily.

We first came across a few newly formed groups such as the BIC, who on the surface while claiming to profess their undying love for Israel, on closer inspection actually contain subtle messages against the State of Israel, and Zionism. What has been startling is not that these groups have quickly been placed along side groups like Yachad, which have long since been exposed, but the BIC's obviously flawed ideology has spread like wildfire to seemingly much large Israel-advocacy groups like StandWithUs (UK), and even the Zionist Federation. 

In short, their method is now appeasement which enables the Islamization process to continue right under our noses.

Their message is purposely contradictory (just like the Qu'ran). 

The main culprit which has achieved this hollowing out of Israel-advocacy groups in Britain is "British Muslims for Israel", which is the latest and greatest fad promoted by these organisations. From even a cursory analysis of some of their statements we see their ultimate aim is, unfortunately, no different to the terrorists who have worked to destroy Israel for so long.

Here is a screen grab of BMFI's website

According to the words in their website, they do not believe the Arab-Israeli conflict is a war over land or religion, but a mere clash of ideas. 

That is tautological. Cannot religion be classed as an idea? The idea in Islam being: to dominate everyone, while Jews do not wish for the same thing. Surely this is also a clash of ideas. But claiming it to be just a "clash of ideas" is over simplifying the issue, or better, misinterpreting it.

Most anti-jihadists know full well about the permissibility in Islam to deceive the enemy (taqiyya), and this is no different. This is stealth Jihad. Those who are familiar with the ideology of the cult of Islam know that Islam is a supremacist cult that strives to dominate the world and to Islamize all lands. Its followers care nothing for other people's cultures or religion, Muhammad himself said: "There can be only one religion in Arabia". When Muslims go on their war raging rampage and conquer (by the sword, through terrorism and rape) lands that don't belong to them, they claim it as "waqf" land, i.e. Muslim land which cannot be given away or sold to any non-Muslim ever again. In fact Muslims (All Muslims, including these so-called moderates or "Zionist" Muslims) believe that all of "Palestine" is Muslim holy waqf land.

"British Muslims for Israel" is manipulating the hopes and wishes for peace in order to hijack the defence of Israel. It is a false Zionist group.

Here is another stealth Jihad comment: 

Apart from condemning the killing (by Muslims) of an Italian leftist activist who was living in Gaza and defending the same "Palestinians" who killed him, while demonizing Israel 24/7, they state that those who killed him are "hell-bent in preventing peace and are not interested in a Palestinian statehood". 

Well BMFI, we got news for you. We are NOT interested in a "Palestinian" statehood either, because Jordan is already "Palestine"; they have their country. And even Alan Dershowitz, professor of law at Harvard, who is way further left than the JDL has said, the campaign to create a "Palestinian" state is not about creating a Palestinian state, but destroying the Jewish one. 
You know that. I know that. Everyone knows that. It is inconceivable for us to accept a so-called self styled "Zionist group" to be fighting for a statehood in Jewish land, for those who stole Jewish land from us. 

Their "About us" is also questionable. 

It states: "Defending and promoting liberal democracy in the Middle East".  Now that is interesting. Where are they "promoting" this liberal democracy exactly? In which part of the "Middle East"? Syria? Lebanon? Gaza? Jordan? NO. They are promoting "liberal democracy" on a country that already has "liberal democracy" or whatever you mean by that. In fact they seem to be preaching to the only country in the Middle East with true democracy; Israel. Talk about preaching to the converted. And they think they are clever...

Gutless individuals these are! 
Why not preach this "Liberal Democracy" to the countries that actually do not have them and perhaps need them, such as the ones above? I would be delighted to see them promoting this Liberal Democracy in Gaza, or Lebanon, but as they are cowards and know they would be killed by the Muslims, if they dare preach to them, they instead choose to bully Israel. After all they feel "safe" when attacking Israel, as Jews are not the barbarian type. 

They cannot fool us. We have been around long enough to know the evils of the cult (Islam) and the treacherous ways they employ (Taqqiya) when Mohammad followers join with "Jewish" groups to "defend" Israel. 

And one more:

Hasan Afzal, the so-called "Muslim Zionist" herewith stating that such murders (from "Palestinian" Muslims against the Italian leftist liberal and terrorist supporting Mr. Arrigoni) somehow hurt "The cause of Palestinians and ruin the lives of Palestinians". But Mr. Arrigoni was working towards the same goals as Hamas, this is why he was living in Gaza. He was only executed due to inner warring clans. Palestinian Muslims killed the activist, so this is purely a Muslim problem. This has nothing to do with "peace". Israel has tried several times to live in peace with her neighbours but unfortunately we have the neighbours from hell, quite literally. 

There will only be peace when Israel deports all these so-called "Palestinians" to wherever they came from: Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, or Syria, and take control of her own lands and borders. 

But one should be asking: What is "The cause of Palestinians" this fake Zionist is referring to? The cause has been enumerated many times before: they establish their state only as a stepping stone to destroying the Jewish state. In 1974 the PLO even announced their plans, called the Phased plan. 

See? Taqqiya at its best! 

Having a "Palestinian" state inside Israel would mean establishing borders along the '67 lines. And as Golda Meir said 'the '67 lines didn't prevent the '67 war'.

The cause of "Palestinians" is the very cause of Yasser Arafat, Hamas and Fatah, as well as the cause of the Muslim brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and all the terrorist organizations and countries under Islam. Make no mistake.

Since when did these Muslims from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria come to be "Palestinians"? Easy... since Yasser Arafat, with the backing of the UN and OPEC invented this new ID for these Arab invaders, thus giving them a legitimacy to claim Israeli land, by forging a wholly new invented culture and ancestry which never existed. 

Under Yasser Arafat of the PLO, living in these Arab occupied territories in Israel for only 2 years prior to Israeli statehood would automatically qualify ANYONE to become a "Palestinian", and then all he had to do was cry over his imaginary grandfather's olive groves. It doesn't matter if the grandfather was really a Frenchman living in Egypt, all he had to do was "lament" regardless.

The fact that our enemy is trying to deceive us doesn't surprise us. Especially since Mohammad said 'war is deceit'. Therefore we consider the greatest, most outrageous offence, to come from the so-called "British Israel Coalition", run by Ari Soffer, Samuel William Westrop, and an "ex-Islamist" but still Muslim, Kasim Hafeez. 
We already covered part of their disgraceful behaviour against Jews from potential 'rival' groups here. But the following comments are the most shocking of all.

In the above screen print of their website statement, they say states can be criticised (surely) but they emphasise especially Israel. Further down they allude to being "Pro-Palestinian". That means they are by default against the Jewish State of Israel, as "Palestinians" in the modern context means Arab-Muslims who invaded Israel to claim Judea, Samaria and whatever they can get their hands on, for themselves, as Waqf land

Notwithstanding the garbage above, they also invoke the usual line about the Arab-Israeli conflict being "complex", because they don't want to state the obvious: There is absolutely nothing complex about this conflict. The Hindus of India and Kashmir will tell you the same, so will the Armenians of Turkey, the Christians from Pakistan and Egypt, the Zoroastrians from Persia, the Buddhists from Indonesia, the pagan tribes from Africa, and everyone else who had the misfortune to be conquered / invaded by the Barbarian Muslim hordes. Islam is the reason for so much conflict, including Israel. 

But the most revealing statement is this: "We do not support Israel because it is a Jewish country, we support it because it is a free country."  Could they be any clearer? They do not support the Jewish state!
Israel is under attack from Islam and Muslim barbarians who want to steal our land. It's as simple as that. 

And the disgusting thing is that groups like the BIC and BMFI, are enabling them to do so by putting even more pressure on Israelis to commit national suicide by promoting the two-state 'solution'. Furthermore these so-called "Jewish Zionist" groups are misinforming people by pasting propaganda on their website from Islam-compliant sites.

Another example: Here is a screen print of the Bicom site (same as BIC), stating that the size of Israel is based on the 1967 'borders'. This means these so-called Israel-advocacy groups consider it fact the existence of "Palestinian" land already, inside Israel.

These bleeding hearts are putting the latest pop-PR propaganda above the responsibility to fight for Israel, as my good friend David says. 

Groups like these are disgraceful for Jews and Israelis. They serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever save from enabling more Islamic stealth Jihad, and to "brainwash" ignorant Jews and others into accepting the "inevitable" existence of a "Palestinian" territory inside the borders of Israel. 

It's time Jews stopped donating and funding such morally corrupt groups, that use these funds to further their agenda which ranges from propagating lies, causing divisions among Jews, and most importantly, pushing forwards the so-called "Palestinian cause", by quoting ILLEGAL UN resolutions, which like communism and fascism, means the destruction of the Jewish State. 

Just on case you are curious, please click here for the list of many S.H.I.T. "Jews", some of whom you may even know personally.

Organizations like the BIC, StandWithUs, BMFI, etc want Israel to be from this:
Biblical Israel including the kingdoms of David and Solomon, our Patriarchs

To this:

A divided Israel which has no capacity to protect herself from Muslim invaders

Muslims have stolen Jewish land, just like they have stolen most of the lands they now reside in. They have raped, mutilated and murdered many people to ensure capture of their lands, which became waqf.

The more we adopt a policy of appeasement, the more they will take from us. It's time to stop this madness now, and stand up for Israel. Stand for Justice and Righteousness. 

You don't need to apologise for being Jewish.
You don't need to apologise for defending Israel.
Join the JDL. United we can do so much more for Israel. 

-JDL UK Team - 

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