Saturday, 5 May 2012

What Europe Means to me

To me, Europe is an idea. I feel it is a cultural landscape shaped by turbulent history, conflict and various different ideas throughout history. Europe is the cradle of the modern constitutional democracy, the stronghold of human rights and freedom of expression. That is what Europe used to be, until recent years.

The vision I see of Europe, has been placed in increasing danger more and more by the Left Wing elite of the EU as they bow down to make way for the Religious Doctrine that is completely incompatible with the Western Law, Culture, History and Way of life, this Religious Doctrine is Islam.

Europe is a fortress, but it is built on strong rock that will keep Europe erect and weak sand that will cause Europe to collapse from within. The Patriots of Europe are the rock, the Leftists and Liberals are the sand. The Islamic doctrine of Europe is creeping into our way of European life and ideals and the Liberal Left are gladly helping them, fortress Europe is certainly collapsing, from within. Just look at the how the Serb’s lost Kosovo: Through Demographic development and the assistance of the North American Terrorist Organization (NATO). This established the first official Islamic state on European soil.

Hundreds of years ago Europeans would not dream of keeping quiet over times like this, principally people like Vlad the Impaler or Charles Martel for example. Today, Europeans just shrug their shoulders when artists are murdered because they criticized Islam, when young girls are forced into marriage, or when integrated and secular Muslims are pressured and threatened. They look in the opposite direction as women are beaten, politicians must go into hiding, when Jews are attacked for being Jews, and as entire city districts are taken over block by block. Then the Liberal Left governments of Europe in their divine ignorance, believe that they can please, change and soften up the Power Hungry Jihadist Muslims with social benefits and social security, they think we can buy our way to peace of mind and tolerance. Fanatical Muslims cannot simply be bought out! What a suicidal undertaking.

Some Europeans acted as their ancestors did, independently fought against the Muslim enemy when they brought war upon their homes, people such as Ratko Mladic, Milorad Ulmelek and Zeljko Raznotovic, these people will never be forgotten.
When faith and resistance to an invading force collapses, the civilization goes with it.That is the main cause of the death of civilization in Europe, Islamization is simply the consequence. The actual word Islam translates as “submission” and the Leftists, Liberals and Secularists have submitted already. Many Europeans have already become Muslims, even though they do not realize it or do not want to admit it.

I do not want to fight against any people, but we are being forced to fight for people. We are fighting against a hateful cult that despises humanity, freedom of speech and expression, A Cult that wants to rule over us, convert and push us back into the barbaric dark ages, or simply see us, our civilization and culture, dead and buried.

Europe as we know it, will no longer exist 20 years from now.


  1. excellant article..however, I do not share an author's pessimistic views about the future...I think we STILL have a is getting very late...but...something will happen which will turn the the last minute...the economic and political collpse of the EU will dramatically change the direction and the paradigma..though the price to pay will be high....

  2. I do hope the above commenter is right. Personally I see mass riots on the streets, kind of like we saw last year in England. This already happened twice in Paris in 2005/6 with civil disobedience so bad Jacques Chirac had to declare a state of emergency. But this can only happen once there are quite a few more Muslims in Europe (and the UK).

    Nobody has ever known peace for this length of time in history and it seems like our leaders as well as people have the Neville Chamberlain complex. Will we wake up in time? I doubt it. There'll be hell to pay, and all because we kept on putting it off for so long.

    Nuke Brussels!