Tuesday, 29 May 2012

UAF (United and Fascists) attacks JDL member

Back in December 2010 some of us went to a Fascist conference organized by a group called "One Society Many Cultures", which in reality is just another racist branch of the UAF (United and Fascists), although ironically they call themselves United Against Fascism. Big joke!

Here is the advert they put out. The Fascists also charged £10 per ticket, a very high price to pay to have your eardrums repeatedly raped by their sickening rhetorical diatribe. 

The whole conference was divided in 3 parts and we watched just 2 of those, as the other would conflict with one of the parts we were interested in attending.  

Our group consisted of a Jew (me), a gay man, a Pakistani Christian, a Goth and our cameraman. Our Goth friend stayed apart from us and infiltrated the remaining parts of the conferences, while the rest of us stayed together. 

The conference was a disgrace. It was entirely tailored to suit their Fascist agenda and if anyone was to disagree with them, they were forcefully removed from the room, as you will see below. 


Shabana Mahmood is the pathetic baghead wearing Muslim woman who cowardly snatched the pictures from my hands and made a point to dramatize ripping them up in a gleefully performance. She wouldn't have dared steal even a piece of paper in one of her favourite Islamofascist countries or she would have her "paws" chopped off, that's for sure. But this little thief not only stole but also destroyed my property. Although of course, I have many copies of it. 

Talha Jamil Ahmad, the Muslim who kept telling me to leave, insulted me calling me a "sharmuta" in Arabic but looked "offended" when I retaliated and paid him a "compliment" also in Arabic. 

The video above shows precisely why they decided to kick me out of the room. At one point, a Sikh who did not have his turban on (wearing a denim shirt), decided to steal my mobile phone from my hands when I started calling the police during their assault on me. But I grabbed his arm and forced him to return the phone to me.

While all this was happening, one of my other friends also called the police, while our cameraman can be heard admonishing them for not giving me a platform to speak, i.e. behaving like the true fascists that they truly are. later on in the video you can also hear him telling the UAF vermin not to get near him and not to touch him. 

This is the face of the left! Make no mistake. These pseudo-revolutionaries are hell bent in destroying democracy and freedom of speech. 
This "One Society Many Cultures" is in fact against Jews, gays, Christians and anyone else who does not agree with their sick and farcical ideology. These retrograde individuals had the chutzpah to call me racist even though the friends who were with me were all of different races. 

When they pushed me out of the room the woman seen in the video, who pulled my arms and dug her nails into it, also went in front of me and tried to pull me out by my legs. I had to remind her that her face was far too close to my knees and that I would not be responsible for my "reaction" if she dared touched me again. I guess she got the message and let go of my legs. 

Once we were all out of the room, and moved downstairs to the lobby, they demanded us all to leave. Of course I wasn't going to go anywhere until they refunded my money and the money of all my friends, who also paid to listen to their rubbish. 
It was amusing to see them all opening their wallets to refund our cash. Such desperate faces, nearly imploring for us to go. Indeed we got all our monies back in the end. But we only left after the police arrived and took down our statements.

One of our friends however still remained inside and later told us that they cancelled the rest of the conference, since by then they had become paranoid, not knowing who was with or against them. 

Job done.

Please share this article and let people see the true face of the UAF, which is the face of real racism and fascism in the UK.  
These UAF people are being funded by the Labour party and have links with several Islamist groups, including the IFE who funds the election fraudster Tower Hamlets Mayor Luftur Rahman and with the vile "Respect" party, which is full to the brim with Islamists, Communists, Fascists and Nazis. 

- JDL UK Team - 

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