Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thank G-d Peace Now - The Kapo entity - is dead!

Gavri Bargil, Secretary-general of Kibbutz Artzi who calls Jewish settlements "obstacles to peace."  
For Mr. Bargil's information, Kibbutz Artzi is also a "settlement" according to those Arab "Palestinian" monsters he defends!

Back in May 2010 an article on Light Bearer's realm exposed Mr. Gavri Bargil  and his agenda when he came to give a lecture in the LSE, claiming to be representing the Israeli Embassy and his organization, "Peace Now". 
It said The Israeli Embassy in London had invited Mr. Gavri Bargil to give a speech/conference/lecture/ at the LSE (London School of Economics) on 13th May 2010.
it is worth reading the article mentioned above, as it gives details on how fickle minded Mr. Bargil is. And it is very surprising that anyone would even take this man seriously, let alone Israeli authorities. The depressing thing is that they have. 

At the time, Mr. Bargil was humiliated in front of his dhimmi listeners by 2 brave Jewish ladies from the JDL who were then representing the EDL Jewish Division. Both ladies publicly exposed Mr. Gavri Bargil's anti-Jewish agenda and ensured he left with his tail between his legs. At one point Mr. Bargil was feeling so humiliated that he could not even bring himself to answer their questions on the housing issue regarding Jewish communities in Migron and others.  Little did they know that Mr. Bargil and his acolytes were planning to carry out Jewish ethnic cleansing from Jewish owned land in Israel.  

Giulio Meotti writes an article for Arutz Sheva exposing Peace Now once more. 

He says: "Peace Now died last month, when Israel’s leftist anti-"settlement" group won the battle to expel children and families from their homes in Migron." And we fully agree with him except that we decided that "Peace Now" had died from the moment they sent a Dhimmified Kapo to lecture Jews and Zionists in the LSE back in May 2010.  
How they managed to "win a battle" to expel Jews from their homes is still a mystery to me, but we have learned that money from anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist groups do wonders for corruption, and that fickle minded people are the cheapest ones to buy.

Giulio also correctly writes: "Israel - and real peace - have paid a high price for Peace Now’s utopia. One can only hope that Israeli leaders have learned the lesson. Pacifism in the face of terror has nothing to do with peace.
It will be a disgrace if thousands of brave Jewish families pay for Peace Now’s peace of shame. "

We have been warning people on the dangers of allowing Left wing radicals to meddle in Israeli politics. Now we can only hope that the crocodile decides that a meal is upcoming and that these cretins who show such appalling disregard for Jewish life will be enough to satisfy the little beast's appetite for now. Meanwhile we sharpen our weapons in anticipation of its "second course". 

 -JDL UK Team-