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Sudan, Slavery & Islam

Last year, a case of a maid being kept prisoner surfaced which shocked many. Not only because it wasn’t in the Middle East, it was in Britain, and because the offender was a former hospital director.

From JihadWatch:

“Saeeda Khan had brought Mwanahamisi Mruke, 47, to the UK with the promise of a domestic service visa, 120,000 Tanzanian shillings a month (50 pounds), and also 10 pounds a month pocket money.

Mruke was forced by Khan to work around the clock and sleep on the kitchen floor of her home in Harrow, London, for the next three years.

Mruke was fed just two slices of bread a day, ordered around by a bell, which her captor kept in her bedroom, and prohibited from leaving the house.”

Robert Spencer gives a disturbing insight into the callous mentality of Muslims towards non-Muslims: “Slavery is taken for granted in the Qur'an, so Saeeda Khan probably didn't see anything wrong with what she was doing at all.”

While all races of people working in the Middle East may find themselves enslaved (even Muslim Indonesians, but not Arabs), it is Africa that has paid the heaviest burden for the Arab Muslim world’s thirst for enslaving other human beings. Although you wouldn’t know this by reading most accounts in Western media and books...

According to some historians, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was estimated to have captured around 14-17 million people. But with the Muslim slave trade, initially it was thought to have taken at least double this amount. However, certain factors were not taken into account, such as the mortality rate due to the long death marches from the Sudan to the Horn of Africa (in order to be shipped to the Mideast). And neither did they factor in the very high mortality rate for the cruel and barbaric practice of castrating males who were intended to work in the Arab’s harems. 

Thomas Sowell estimated that with every survivor of the slave trade, roughly 3 perished. This astonishing claim puts the number of victims to somewhere around 100 million. But other scholars have come up with yet more evidence which points to an even higher mortality rate.

John Alimbillah Azumah:

One of the reasons for the horrendous death toll is the illogical jihad ideology central to Islam.

1. The more territory conquered, the more Muslims the jihadists created through forced conversions, thus the new Muslims became exempt from paying the jizya (dhimmi tax). Although they were happy at the new converts, the material situation meant they needed to conquer more territory to bring in some booty.*

2. Aside from the financial problem, in areas which did not convert to Islam before the jihadist's arrival, all the boys above the age of 8 were killed. While this means the Muslims did become richer due to stealing property and goods, their continual slaughtering and enslavement meant less labourers (and farmers) to provide goods and services, thus the economy became affected. The less food and goods made settling into newly conquered lands a lot more difficult.

3. That in turn propelled the need for more cheap slave labour, which in turn meant more campaigns of conquest which the Muslims were happy to do. But in real terms, the whole system meant a never-ending shortage of manpower.

(*in fact because of this 'problem' many people who converted to Islam were still enslaved)

Given that the vast majority of victims died, either through death marches, castration, and as a result, not being able to reproduce once living in the Mid East, meant the demand for slaves was very high. And if you wonder how one region in Africa alone could provide slaves for the entire Islamic empire for 1,400 years, it didn't. Jihad, slaughter and slavery occurred not just in Africa, but Europe and Asia as well on a colossal scale.

(points 1.2.3 paraphrased from Andrew G Bostom: The Legacy of Jihad)

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