Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Shame on the British Jewry yet again!

A counter-demonstration, was arranged as an "emergency" yesterday at the Pillar Hotel, in Brent Street - Hendon.

The Israeli Foreign Minister, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman MK (Member of Knesset) was going to give a speech at the location and obviously the pro-fakestinian-Islamofascist crowd was going to "dis"-grace us with their usual appearance. 

Wherever the Jews go, the filthy Jew haters follow like lost puppies, just to get a little piece of attention from the communist ridden British Media, oh and of course, from their own camera-toting-Nazi supporters. 

Unfortunately the disgraceful and appalling behaviour of some of the Jews in attendance, has destroyed today's protest. One of our JDL guys decided to get there before the rest of us to do a "recci" on the situation, but upon his arrival he was verbally abused by the very people whom he was supporting.  So he quickly informed us and we cancelled the whole thing from our side.  

Instead of showing unity, they have shown separatism. How nice! 

Such dhimmified behaviour never ceases to disgust me. 

Our member was wearing a Kahane t-shirt and holding a JDL Kahanist flag  but some uneducated Jews, who seemingly did not know who Kahane was or what the JDL is, verbally attacked him. 

So how do these lot expect to have any support from Jews, who have experience in dealing with these pro-fakestinian types, when they abuse the ones who come to support them? What a DISGRACEFUL behaviour!!

And what is worse, no one else said a word against this, quite the opposite. Some 10 idiots who were in the Israeli side also joined in with the abuse. 

The event stated:

"A large protest is planned by BDS, anti-Jewish activists with the support of the far-left, far-right, and religious fundamentalist groups. Please come along! Bring your flags, and show your support for Israel!
Advertise this event to as many of our friends as you can. Thank you! "

So, what exactly happened here, dear organizers? 

Regretfully in the Israeli side there were some far-left Jews too. I thought these were the people you were supposed to be protesting against? You know, the fascist, commie, socialist types who demonize Israel and attack true Jewish heroes?  Why did you not send them to stand with their Islamofascist masters? After all, Islam is the only far-right. 

Learn this: The great Rabbi Meir Kahane (Z"L) was cowardly murdered by the far-right Muslims of al-Qaeda for being a powerful leader and a true hero to the Jewish people. They were afraid of Kahane because he knew how to fight these murderous Arab Muslims, who are stealing our land and murdering our people.  

Have you forgotten how the JDL raised so much awareness about the plight of Russian Jews, and forced the world community to ensure these Jews left Russia for a welcoming home in Israel? 

Have you FORGOTTEN how many have sacrificed their lives so that you could live yours?? Such ungratefulness from our own community sickens me to the core. 

Avidgor Lieberman himself is a Russian Jew - born as Evet Lvovich Liberman. And consequently, one of the people saved by the JDL of Rabbi Kahane.  

Kahane created the JDL to protect Jews against the Arab murderers, Islamofascist appeasers and Jewish apathy.
Today you have dishonoured his name and his memory, and brought shame on the Jewish people and all the Holocaust survivors. 

We renounce all of you who claim to "defend" Israel but attack those who actually DO defend Israel, those who go out there, put themselves in the middle of the enemy ground and speak the truth, the same truth that perhaps you too do not wish to hear. 

Next time learn your history and the facts before you attack one of your own. IDIOTS!

What we saw last night was not a confrontation of evil. It was lip service. It was part of a watered down campaign strategy which focused on defending the victim rather than shaming the aggressor. It was done ultimately because these Jews feel there is a limit to what they can say, because they themselves doubt their own legitimacy in the court of public opinion. 

There is no bravery behind this approach; no need for the aggressor to think and question themselves.
Apart from waving your Israeli flags around like a bunch of hippies, what have you actually achieved for World Jewry, or even British Jewry?  

You shame us all when you use the words "Terrorists" or "Extremists" to refer to great men like Kahane or Jabotinsky.

Here is a short video of the event. Our member could not film much because as soon as that screeching thing started "singing", he decided to call it a day. 


Meanwhile on twitter, we came across this:

Let me explain: On their twitter account, they are stating that "Whether Kahane or EDL, we do not tolerate such persons at all."
I personally find this extremely insulting, not only because it comes from an alleged "Jewish-Zionist" group but principally because most people who support Kahane are righteous Jews, those who would fight and give their own lives to protect the lives of their Jewish brothers. 

But we have discovered that none of the BIC individuals are true Zionist. The main characters are: Ari Soffer - Director, "ex"-Islamist "turned Zionist" token Muslim Kasim Hafeez - co-director, and Sam Westrop - pseudo-Zionist.
All these three preach the two state solution, and the rest of the hippy-flag-waving-dhimmi Jews are led like the cattle that they are, into an abyss of ignorance and suicidal stupidity.

Kasim Hafeez - who claims to be an "ex" Islamist who is now a "Zionist" but who in reality wants to split Israel in half and give his Muslim countrymen half of our land. 

Sam Westrop - Leftist dhimmi who also preaches the suicidal "two state solution", putting yet more Jewish lives in danger. This mummy's boy does not have any idea of what the brave Hilltop Youth of Judea and Samaria have to face on a daily basis just to send their children to school and protect their homes. 

Ari Soffer - Dhimmi pseudo Zionist who preaches the two state solution and wants Israel to give up (yet) more land for peace. 

Here are their words: 

"Our coalition supports Israel in its pursuit of a peaceful, negotiated settlement with the "Palestinians", with two secure and independent states as an eventual goal. We stand against terrorism and violence".

This pathetic leftist and ignorant diatribe can be found here

What kind of true Zionist would wish to split their land in half? These morons forget that the word ZION means Jerusalem. "The return to Zion" means the return to the Holy Land of Israel, ALL of Israel. To be a Zionist means that you believe the land of Israel is Jewish land and that it cannot be split or given away.
The Torah itself FORBIDS giving land away.

So these kippot wearing pseudo religious hypocrites can only fool those who are just as pathetic and ignorant as themselves, and only those who haven't got the foggiest idea of their own History or scriptures will fall for their rhetorical diatribe. 

In a time when Jewish women are forced to wear burkas in Yemen just to survive, and Jews are being subjected to all sorts of humiliating attacks from Muslims and their Marxist and Bolshevik supporters, I believe that showing such ignorant disunity is very dangerous for our whole community.

In case they are missing something, perhaps they should look at this poll from the World Jewish Congress, where 66% of Jews believe that Islamist terrorism and the attacks on Israel will continue because the Arabs will never accept a Jewish State in the Middle East.  Now that is a pretty high figure! So why are some Jews still burying their heads in the sand? 

So my advice is: Get your act together!! 
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

 See here for more examples of Jewish dhimmified behaviour:

Jewish Community betraying Jews - a new low

Self Hating Leftist Jews Protest Against Iron Dome System

Chaim ben Pesach Vs Avigdor Lieberman

Give Arabs 100% of Mofaz

Unfortunately there are too many Jews (Some of whom I personally know) who are simply terrified to be associated with anyone who names the enemy and tells the truth. 

Why don't they just stop bitching and get on with the work that needs to be done?

Here is one example: We are stopping mosques being built in several areas. This is what we get with co-operation and hard work. 

Let's leave the final word to the ideological founder of the Likud, Bibi's political party! The same man Ari Soffer and his bunch of pseudo-Zionists seemed so ashamed of yesterday...

Here is Kahane praising Jabotinsky- This is loyalty. This is allegiance.

Only a KAPO like Sam Westrop and his FAR-LEFT National Socialist/Communist PSEUDO-ZIONIST thugs, who want to give half of our Israel away to the Fakestinian murderers, would call Kahanists as "Nazis".

The more he disrespects Kahane's memory, by calling this Hero and those who admire him as Nazis, the more he exposes his treacherous behaviour towards Israel. 

Couldn't help noticing he claimed that there were "Muslims" among the Israel group. But he is lying again. There was only ONE. The ex-Islamist Kasim Hafeez who wants to split Israel in half and give Judea, Samaria and Gaza to his Fakestinian counterparts. Great "Zionists" this lot! 

This little fool is now disrespecting every resident of Judea and Samaria, as well as every single Zionist Jew alive, including Holocaust victims. I am not surprised only a few rag rats turned up for his pathetic demo, while this self-centered idiot keeps patting himself on the back and bleating about what a "great job" he has done! What a clown! 

For more articles on this Jewish conspiracy, see here

Note: This article was amended to remove all references to Ms. Sharon Klaff who was wrongly portrayed as the head of the BIC organization. We apologise to Ms. Klaff for the error.

- JDL UK Team - 


  1. That repellent mental case, Deborah fink was singing; DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES. So finally she has admitted she is a NAZI!

    1. Now we just need to see if these pseudo-Jews will admit their own Nazi agenda.

  2. Never read more bullshit in my life.You claim to represent the Jews but the Jews do not want more conflict which is what you preach and celebrate. You are the disgrace.

    1. Well Nathan, we read bullshit from you lot every single day. And for sure none of you represent the Jews, not here, nor anywhere, least of all in Israel. The conflicts you see are caused by the suicidal stupidity of self-hating dhimmi Leftist Jews, and not by us exposing them or fighting against Islamofascism. Deal with it.
      We do not preach or celebrate division, quite the opposite. We will stand side by side with any group that truly and wholeheartedly supports Israel as a whole and not those who support the division of our lands.
      We will not EVER recognise as Jews or Zionists the leftist appeasers who masquerade as Zionists while sipping champagne with leaders or Ambassadors of Islamic countries that condemn Israel behind our backs, like the people from the so-called "Zionist Federation" do.

      Yes, we have proof. Plenty of it at that.

      This is a time when ALL JEWS should be united to defeat the major threat of ISLAM. But instead, we see time and time again, these self-hating leftist dhimmis sucking up to their Islamic masters in an attempt to appease them, least they become more violent than they already are.

      Now that is the true disgrace! That is the true shameful face of British Jewry these days. People who walk blindly and suicidally towards an abyss of stupidity, all led by those who call themselves "Leaders of the Jewish people".

      And you seem to be one of them.

  3. I'm an Israeli citizen, a Jew and ex-Israeli soldier. My experience of Kach is extremely negative, I've always found them deeply racist and an embarrassment to decent Jews of all denominations and politics.
    Twenty odd years ago I joined two members of the JDL on a fund raising mission to Birmingham. I said nothing, just sat in the car and listened to over three hours of the most vile racism I've ever heard.
    So when one of your supporters turned up at the demo, I was the first to ask him to leave.
    Shame on you Jewish fascists, who are more of a danger to the Jewish people than the nazis, the communists and Naturi Karta combined. You disgrace the state of Israel and bring dishonour on the name of God. I repeat my call for you to stand with the haters, with whom you have far more in common. We don't need or want your help, any more than that of the BNP, EDL, et al.

    1. Unknown (I know who you are but I won't say your name here):

      I am also an Israeli citizen, a Jew and an ex-soldier both in Israel and here in the UK.
      I am sorry to hear about your experience with "Kach". I am not personally a member of Kach and never have been. Neither are any of us. We are not affiliated to any political party, not here nor in Israel.
      JDL UK is not the JDL that you seem to refer to, and which I do not know. We share the name, and we also share much of Kahane's ideology and righteousness towards Jews. What we do NOT share is RACISM (If any in the JDL).
      Furthermore I really don't understand what you mean by "Racism" when you mentioned the JDL people that you know. Would you like to elaborate on that? Your comment is extremely vague and does not mean much. And for sure they are not in the JDL UK, as I would have known if they were.

      Our supporters are righteous Jews, people who love Jews, love Israel and many are Israelis themselves. We of course have also other supporters who are Christians (including Pakistani Christians), ex Muslims, Hindus, and people of many other faiths who ALL have the same thing in common: Love for Israel and for Justice.

      So why are you calling us "Jewish Fascists"? What can you possibly give as an example of OUR fascism? I am interested to hear, since you do not know us personally and never spoke to us.
      This is why we encourage people to stay away from propaganda least they get misinformed about who we truly are.

      You also claim we are a "danger to Jews more than the Nazis are". Now you need to give me an explanation for that, because we will not tolerate false accusations from you or anyone, unless you can categorically prove your words.

      For your information (as you seem to be extremely ignorant, despite claiming to be a "Jew" and an "EX soldier"): Nazis wanted to kill ALL Jews.
      We want to SAVE all Jews.
      Neturei Karta want to destroy Israel and Zionism.
      We want to keep Israel and Zionism.
      Communists want to destroy individual and family identity.
      We want to maintain individual and family identity.

      I cannot speak for the BNP as we have no links to them whatsoever.
      And as for the EDL, I believe that all you have is again propaganda and misinformation. While there are a few supporters who are not exactly Jew lovers, there are many (And I mean MANY) EDL supporters who love Jews and Israel, and would stand side by side with us and support us in this fight, because our fight is their fight too.

      I did not want to insult you before giving you these facts first.
      You are welcome to try and prove me wrong but I believe you can only do that when you have evidence, and you lack this.
      All you have is pure and evil demonization from our own Jewish community. And make no mistake: We go to the SAME shuls you do. We eat in the SAME restaurants and cafes you do. We live in the same streets you do. And we are of the same BLOOD and ILK as you are. WE ARE ALL JEWS in the JDL UK. All our admin is Jewish. Some Sephardic, some Ashkenazi.

      Oh and just so that we get things right, we too have MUSLIM supporters, but our Muslim supporters are no longer clamouring for Islam, so they are in reality Apostates who cannot state publicly that they have left Islam.

      We do not heed calls from Dhimmi Jews, I wanted you to know that. We WILL stand against all those who attack Israel, who support the call for a TWO STATE solution, and against all those who insult Zionism and Jews in general.

    2. We don't want to fight our own. We do not want to bring disunity, but many of you are trying to do this to us and we will not tolerate it. We WILL expose all those who work against Zionism and Israel, and those who masquerade as Zionist and support the WRONG causes.
      NOTHING will stop us.

      You will come to see that more and more Jews will be joining us and coming to our side because British Jewry has lost the moral high ground and many of you have lost the capability to fight for what is right and just. We will never compromise our morality in such disgraceful manner.

      So if you are not with us, you are against us.
      So instead of jumping onto the "demonize the JDL wagon", do a little bit of search on who and what we are.
      And if you need to talk to any of us, you are free to drop us an email and we will call you. Get to know us instead of trying to work against us. United we can do much more.

  4. I am proud of JDL! It is a shame how some Jews out of ignorance behave like our enemies!