Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The sad reality of British "Dhimmi" Jewry

That the state of affairs of British Jewry is in a very sad state is no news anymore, nor it is surprising. The above article written on 28th July 2011, right after Breivik's massacre of the Communist/National socialist youth who were preaching Israel and Jew hatred in Utoya, is a fine example of it, and exposes clearly the dhimmified, and naive state of mind of British Jewry.

It is not clear who wrote this article as we have received the screen print by email, but if it was a Jew, then this person is the one who should hang his / her head in shame; for the absurdity and outrageous claims made in this article are proof that whoever wrote it is not only ignorant of the situation at hand, but clearly lacks knowledge on issues such as Islam, Islamization, and of course, even Nazism. 

Pay attention, the article writer states: "He might have professed to being as such (friend of Israel) in a 1,500 page rant, entitled "2083"... but he was a Nazi, plain and simple."

I don't know about you but I don't fall for this crap. Breivik a Nazi? Pure and simple? Ha! Where is the proof? A Nazi who praises Israel, and support righteous Jews? I am still to see one. And quite frankly I have not seen a single picture of Breivik with a swastika flag, or dressed up as Hitler, even for fun. The article writer has lost all credibility (not that he/she had any to start with) on the second paragraph of this utterly idiotic article. What the writer has shown was just his/her sheer ignorance. Pure and simple. 

Surely Jews, like everyone else have benefited from Multiculturalism, but not from MONOculturalism which is what these Leftist National Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Trotskytes and Muslims are imposing on us. There is absolutely nothing multicultural in imposing Islam on people and expecting them to accommodate such evil doctrines. Neither it is multiculturalism to create a whole arena where only Muslims can rant and rave about the misery of their lives (misery imposed by themselves on themselves) and blame the great Satan (America) and little Satan (Israel) for all their woes. 

We were never the "canaries in the cage" when it came to multiculturalism. I remind you that pre-Islamic Arabia also had a diversity of cultures and religions, as well as many other places, such as ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient Greece and so on. Where is this person pulling all this crap from? And who is going to be stupid enough to even fall for that? Only those who are utterly ignorant in History, which is not the case with most Jews, as they are educated people. 

The writer even goes on to absurdly claim that in Britain "no Jew faces discrimination for being a Jew". What kind of joke is that? Even the CST, an organization that was allegedly created to protect Jews states on their website the real discrimination and anti-Semitism that Jews face in Britain. They even have a special tab on their website to report Antisemitic incidents
Would that be necessary if there were no antisemitic attacks on Jews?

True, Jews follow their faith openly, and so do many other groups, with the difference that none of these groups are trying to impose their religion or faith upon others, unlike Islam which demands special privileges.  
This is not multiculturalism, this is about tolerance and acceptance. There isn't much to tolerate or accept from Islam or Muslims when they spend their waking hours proselytising hate in our streets and committing horrendous crimes that are linked to their "religious" beliefs. 

I don't see Jews throwing acid on women's faces. I don't see Sikhs murdering their children in honour killings, I don't see Christians threatening to kill Christian apostates, or gays. No. I only see Muslims doing that. Muslims by the command of Allah, the moon g-d of Islam.

Breivik never claimed links with the EDL, he mentioned the EDL a few times as inspiration. In the same manner he mentioned Winston Churchill and Gandhi as inspiration. Where is the writer's condemnation for these men then? Hypocrisy, it seems, is also a trait from far left radical Jews, whom I rightfully call kapos, because this is precisely what they are. Traitors to their own people. 

The EDL has proudly raised the Israeli flag and still do. They have also attended pickets to support Israeli business and counter demos against the leftards of the UAF, and pro-Fakestinian scum. Why should anyone who stood with them bow their heads in shame? 
We should all stand proud to support those who support Israel! We do not have many friends in this world and we should look after those we have. And to make the point clearer, the EDL is not far right. They never were. So the article writer has failed to convince us on this one as well, in the same manner that he/she failed to address the main issue at hand; which is Islamic terrorism, enabled by the radicals of the far left and the far right.

The writer is the one ashamed for he/she did not even have the courage to sign his/her name to the article. 

There is an elephant in the room, and the emperor is naked. Who will be the one to stand up and say it?

We are waiting...

JDL UK Team 

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