Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Real Face Of The Left

The Jewish organisation in Israel, Lehava, which attempts to rescue Jewish girls imprisoned by Muslim men, will be challenged by a leftist group in the courts on the grounds that Lehava are ‘racist’.

In terms of legality, Lehava could very well face a tough time if the leftist organisation has their way; especially in light of Israel’s Supreme Court being of the same mindset as the leftists.So it seems there is yet another front opening up in the left's war on democracy and Jewish rights.

There are several groups like Lehava in Israel. Another, Learn & Live, which does similar work to Lehava posted this last Purim:

Website Here

Another organisation, ‘Yad L’achim’ (literally, ‘a hand [of help] to my brothers’) has an interesting article on the amazing missions these volunteers take to rescue imprisoned Jewish women in Arab villages:
“I’m not alone in this,” says H., a former member of an elite combat unit in the Israeli army. “There’s a whole team of volunteers who work with me. Each member of the team plays a crucial role. In some cases they receive a just few hours’ notice. They leave their families and businesses and put all their energies into getting a Jewish woman out of an Arab village, at risk to their own lives.”

Of course, what does Wikipedo say about these organisations?

"Lehava is an Israeli organization whose primary objective is opposing marriages between Jewish women and non-Jewish, particularly Arab, men."
And with very good reason...

"On the surface, a liberal thinker might not be offended in the slightest by these interfaith unions; ... However, delving deeper into the stories of these marriages reveals a darker, more disturbing side. The Arab-Israeli home is, almost without exception, far from harmonious. It is characterized by abuse and misery, and offers no easy way out."

Chaya Steinman writing for Community magazine.

If you think this is unique to Israel, you’re greatly mistaken. Muslim paedophilia gangs are rife in Britain. And rape is a legitimate form of warfare elsewhere in Europe. Twenty years ago, even Hollywood was warning women about the dangers of marrying Muslim men.

And yet, the left are trying to help the Muslims deceive, rape and abuse vulnerable Jewish women.

The debate will go on endlessly with the left: online, on university campuses, and elsewhere, and that's the way they want things to be kept. But we have to realise who exactly we’re talking about and what these people are.

Obviously, if you’re still in the dark ages about socialism and the latest investigations into political theory, you’ll still be wondering just how deluded the leftists can be. It is we that are deluded. We're the ones still asleep.

If you need any more convincing that the left now possess a similar Anti-Semitism to the type possessed by the Nazis, here’s some footage from the May Day marches in Tel Aviv. Hebrew only, but the leftist is telling anti-Communist Jews to ‘go back to Auschwitz’

The left are helping Arabs to persecute Jews in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, the leftists are helping with the intifada currently raging in Israel, which the media refuse to acknowledge. And the left helped the Arabs in the last intifadas, the 2nd intifada claimed over 1,000 Jewish lives alone. Yet the left still hold conferences in Tel Aviv uni talking about the violence of the right wing.

As all of the above examples show, there's no limit to how far they're willing to go. And this is not the first time I've seen them mock the Holocaust.

Mindset of Today's Left

Mussolini coined the term totalitarianism not to describe a government, but to describe a nation that marches in lock-step for the one cause.1 We saw this in Nazi Germany, but not in the Soviet Union.2 Whereas Hitler was more in tune with the people and more persuasive, the Soviet socialist tyrants simply did what they pleased, killing anyone who got in their way. Therefore the behaviour of the left today is closer to the nihilistic euphoria of the Nazis and brainwashed Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge3 than that of any Soviet entity.

They won’t change no matter what they see, because they have reached that final state of mind. They don’t have the army of the Third Reich behind them, but in many ways it’s even worse. They work at every level of society, here, and throughout the West, from brainwashing our children and students in schools and universities; in government, and at the EU and UN. Like Hitler’s campaign against Czechoslovakia, to give him the excuse to invade, he used the language of human rights and liberating the ethnic Germans from the Sudetenland.4

The worst thing is that the left work, in many instances, within the law. But they do not work for the betterment of democracy and human rights; they abuse the law and work to annihilate democracy. And if you don’t believe that, go read the Communist Manifesto, or any other Marxist bilge.

Yet in the same way the media blanked out the horrors of the Soviets, and the aftermath of the American withdrawal from Vietnam (millions dead in genocides in Vietnam as well as Cambodia),3 they blank out the crimes of the international left today, all the while focusing on completely baseless allegations made against the one Jewish State in the world.

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