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Ratko Mladic and Serbia on Trial - Yet Muslim War Crimes Are Ignored

General Ratko Mladic

The false trial of Ratko Mladic continues in the Hague this week, The Hypocritical Left Wing Media in the West are in a frenzy to find the worst nicknames they can to label him with, The upper class, pampered and dishonourable Western Judges of the Hague show their lack of decorum as they refuse to show the utmost respect a decorated General such as Ratko Mladic deserves.

The traitors of the Serbian Government turned on a hero of their country and went against the wishes of the Serbian people, in the hope of gaining membership of the EU.

Mladic was shaped by the war when his father was killed by Croatian Nazis when he was just two years old. In 1965 he graduated from a military academy and over the following three decades he rose rapidly through the ranks of the Yugoslav army. By the time he took Bosnia's battlefields he had become a hero to the Serbs, To the Serbs, Mladic is a hero, a military hero. He protected Serbia from Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and even Slovenia. Mladic helped Serbia rise again.

In May 1992, Bosnia's Serbian political leaders picked him to head their forces and lead the assault on their enemies. Bosnia's Muslim leaders demanded Muslim independence and imported Mujahideen into Europe to fulfill their goals, while the Serbs simply wanted to remain part of Yugoslavia.The Islamic stealth jihad had started and time and time again we see Muslims applying the same tactic in Europe, conquering by population transfers and by extreme violence against the host countries. 

Ratko Mladic based his ethics on hard work and his upbringing was tough, in the harsh mountain fields of Bozanovici, much of his life was spent on the front line in the thick of battle. Those in the Hague who falsely deem themselves worthy to try this man are the pampered, upper class of Europe, they have never known pain, hardship, hard work or toil in their lives. Ratko Mladic knows this more than anyone, He openly mocks them in court and refuses to stand for their dishonourable views an rubs their face in the fact that they have no authority over him and they never will, I personally applaud that!

A farewell to Serbian Hero Ratko Mladic:


In the West, the popular mythology that about 7,000-8,000 Muslim men being executed in Srebrenica in 1995 is still alive and well, but independent research and ballistic tests show that over 2,000 Bosnian Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica and that is the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find.

The number of Muslims who lost their lives in Srebrenica has been highly manipulated. The media manipulations still reign in the West, claiming that after the town fell to Serbian hands some 7,000 to 8,000 of Muslim fighters and male civilians were killed. However, the researchers around the world have shown this bears no relation to the truth.

The facts are showing that neither civilian nor military leadership of Republic of Srpska (Serb Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina) ever ordered execution of the Muslim fighters and POWs.

2,000 is approximately the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find up to this day. To that number the Muslim side added several hundred Muslim fighters, most of whom came from the Arab world or the Pakistan region, they were killed in battle a few years before the fall of Srebrenica, this is even evidenced even by the Muslim documents captured by the Bosnian Serb Army.

Naser Oric
Left: Serbs who lived around Srebrenica beheaded by Oric's Barbaric Muslims Forces Right: Naser Oric
In 1993, Srebrenica was surrounded by Serbian Forces but the Muslim Commander, Naser Oric and his soldiers controlled the situation inside the town. January the 7th is Christmas for the Serbian Orthodox Church, on that day in 1993, Naser Oric and his Muslim troops launched a mass attack on Serbian Villages in the region.

One of the villages attacked by Naser Oric was a village called Kravica, around 15km from Srebrenica, The Serbian soldiers could not hold the village and were ordered to retreat. Oric commited a massacre when Kravica was liberated; two of the Serbian soldiers, one a former Kravica resident, and some of those who entered the liberated village, gave their accounts:

“There was a heavy stench of burnt flesh coming from the village, I found the body of my father 100 metres from my house, he had been repeatedly stabbed in the gut, disemboweled and crows had pecked out his face and eyes.”

“The dead were everywhere, in doorways, in the streets, the stench of death was unbearable. Some of the Serbian women who were spared were frozen in shock and unable to communicate, after they had been repeatedly raped and beaten by Muslim troops.

The number of (Non-Muslim) Serb villages Naser Oric attacked is believed to number over 100, The names of 3262 Serbian Civilian Casualties have now been established with 50 bodies still missing. Post mortem tests report that a huge percentage of (Non Muslim) Serbian Civilians were brutally tortured before they were murdered. In 2006, Naser Oric was sentenced to a pathetic 2 years in prison by The Trial Chamber of the ICTY of the Hague. Why are murderous Muslims who invaded Serbia being given such lenient sentences? We are seeing such patterns happening now all over Europe. How far will we let this continue?

Prosecutors asked for an 18-year jail-term for Oric, But he was immediately released however, because he had already served three years in detention.

Naser Oric got a light sentence from the Muslim appeasing cowards at The Hague, and he returned home a hero to the Bosnian Muslims, while Serbs voiced their outrage at the light sentence handed down to him by the United Nations' Hague war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The United Nations has become a rotten and shameful organization.

The verdict from the Hague was sickening, a punch in the face of justice, a 2 year prison sentence is suitable for somebody who has stolen from a supermarket, but not an evil and savage war criminal such as Oric. The Hague and its vermin IslamoNazi appeasers have shown their corruption towards Serbia once again!

Muslim Jihadists burn and destroy a Serbian Orthodox Church:

How the war started

After all the battering suffered by Yugoslavia during the Second World War, Yugoslavia picked itself up and on 7 April 1963, the nation changed its official name to Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, with Josip Broz Tito named President for Life. 

 Around 1970-1971, there started certain demonstrations nicknamed "The (Muslim) Croatian spring" by students demanding greater Croatian (Muslim) autonomy. The Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany split the country apart and endorsed an extreme Croatian Nationalist faction called Ustase which committed genocide against Serbs. Then the Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) joined this faction and the genocide against the Serbs, while the Serbs decided to retaliate and afford them the same courtesy.

After Tito's death in 1980 a collective Presidency was formed and further disagreements ensued. Moving forwards a few more years, on March 18, 1992, Alija Izetbegovic (Bosnian-Muslim leader), Mate Boban (Bosnian-Croat leader), and Radovan Karadzic (Bosnian-Serb Leader) all reached an agreement on the peaceful succession of Bosnia & Herzegovina from Yugoslavia.
The Agreement was known as the Lisbon Agreement (it is also known as the Cutileiro Plan). The agreement called for an independent Bosnia divided into three constituent and geographically separate parts, each of which would be autonomous. Izetbegovic, Boban, and Karadzic all agreed to the plan, and signed the agreement.
The political scenario for a peaceful coexistence was set, which comprised of internal and external borders. Also administrative functions of the central and autonomous governments had all been agreed upon. 
However, on March 28, 1992, ten days after the agreement was reached, U.S. Embassador Warren Zimmerman showed up in Sarajevo and met with the Bosnian-Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovic. Upon finding that Izetbegovic was having second thoughts about the agreement he had signed in Lisbon, the Ambassador suggested that if he withdrew his signature, the United States would grant recognition to (Muslim) Bosnia as an independent state. Izetbegovic then withdrew his signature and renounced the agreement.
After Izetbegovic reneged on the Lisbon Agreement, he called a referendum on separation. This was constitutionally illegal. On the second day of the referendum there was a Muslim-led attack on a Serb weddingBut the real trigger was Izetbegovic announcing a full mobilization on April 4, 1992. He could not legally do that without Serb & Croat consent, but he did it anyway. That night Sarajevo did not sleep, the terror reigned amongst it and the devil was unleashed. The war was on.
The United States armed the Muslims in Bosnia. But, after many thousands of deaths and massive destruction throughout Bosnia, the Muslims were afforded by the terms of the Dayton Accords, less territory than they had been guaranteed by the Lisbon Agreement, which the United States urged the Muslim leader to reject.
The blame for all of the death and destruction associated with the Bosnian war lies exclusively with the Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic for starting the war, and with the U.S. President for sending that idiot Zimmerman to Bosnia in the first place.

See the full documentary, Srebrenica a town betrayed, by the Norwegian Director Ola Flyum Here

- Jewish Defence League UK -


  1. Truly fantastuc article!! This is a stunning indictment of the UN, the kangaroo court of the Hague and ex President Bill Clinton who is drenched in Serbian blood!

  2. Its funny to see Jews exploiting a rotten conflict for their own interests. Jewish defence league eh, what do you know about the Yugoslavian conflict, exactly nothing, your own fellow Jews armed all sides to murder each other, you come on here trying to win browny points with Serbs, why don't you grap yourself a nice book and educate yourself on the stance of Serbian Orthodoxy church towards your Jews. They dislike you as much as Muslims do, and for good reasons too, what kind of Serb would call himself Milorad Yossi hahahahaha Jews Jews Jews now posing as Serbs.

    Ratko Mladic murdered innocent people right under the watch of the UN Dutch peace keepers, women, children, men, 80000 of them, well what do you expect, genocide murderer would attract the attention of dirty blood thirsty Zionist Jews, the next time, your massacred, stop crying like babies about Anti-Semitism.

    If you want a course in Anti-Semitism, look no further than the Orthodox Church, oh wait, I wonder how your Serb brothers would feel knowing that Greek Orthodox Churches are being destoryed in Israel by far right fanatical Kike Jews.

    Oh wait, you will support and arm anyone, typical characterless of the jew.

    1. Amir Khan,

      We did expect Muslims to come and comment their usual diatribe on this article. Surprisingly only you turned up so far. We know enough about this conflict to expose whose fault it was in the first place, and not surprisingly once again we see the word "Muslims" coming into question.
      We are not here to discuss the Serbians' religion or beliefs, but to explain how the Serbian war happened. And it was not because of the Serbian Orthodox Church, but because of Muslims and their arrogance.

      Oh and thanks for exposing your Jew-hatred here too. We expect nothing from the likes of your people. Allah must be cursing your miserable existence.

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  5. I enjoyed reading this, thanks!

  6. Hi aelisheva,

    Glad you enjoyed it. We hope many more people will enjoy this article too. It was written to clarify things from the Serbian's side of History.
    We are still hopeful that Naser Oric will pay for his crimes. When the Western world finally wakes up, all these murderers will have their punishment.

  7. Well, I'm glad you took the time to cover it


  9. Amir,

    Shut your piehole. You show yourself as a true Jew-hater. You know, we Jews could come up with much more imaginative insults than you against us. You are jealous because Jews actually contribute to the world. That said, Israel does not destroy churches. Your ilk does though in any country they step foot in...Now buzz off, ugly man.

  10. Good article, here is some additional info.
    Commenting on still tense relations between African Americans and Whites, Bob Dylan said: “If you’ve got a slave master or the [Ku Klux] Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that … Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood”.

    The police and the public prosecution in Croatia “are considering” launching procedures against Split Mayor and Croatian parliament member Željko Kerum.

    Kerum, who was previously quoted as saying that he “did not wish to have a Serb son-in-law”, and that “Serbs must know their place”, told the country’s state broadcaster HRT over the weekend that Serbs were “the source of all problems in Croatia”.

    According to the Croatian official, this ethnic minority “controls the media and the money”.

    “Thank god my wife is neither a Serb nor a Jew” — Croatian wartime president.



  11. As for the Nazi Croats, they worked glove-in-hand with the Muslims, US and NATO in sthe crucifixion of Serbia. Serves them right.(They killed tons of Jews, gypsies, and Serbs during WW2. Contrary to the lies of our repugnant US, English, Swedish and other Western media, the Bosnian war was started by the Bosnian Muslims, not the Serbs. As early as January 1992, the Bosnian Serb leaders met with the Islamist Bosnian leader Izetbegovich in Lisbon and agreed to Bosnian independence on the condition they will have an autonomy within it. They just wanted control over their destiny. Having suffered for 500 years of Muslims slavery, they were loath to go back under the heel. Izetbegovich “agreed”, in keeping with the Muslim deception practices, and then, 1 day later, backed out of this agreement. The Serbs warned that if Bosnia secedes from Yugoslavia without giving them cantonal self-rule, they will secede from Bosnia. The Muslims and Croats reacted with contempt. Meeting in Graz, Austria, they decided to ride roughshod over the Serbs, calling a referendum on secession, which they were certain to win, because together they outnumbered the Serbs in Bosnia. Isn another desperate protest, the Serbs boycotted the referendum, but the Muslims and Croats pushed ahead with it anyway, on Saturday, Feb. 29 and Sunday Mar. 1, 1992. On Sunday, a Bosnian Muslim sniper shot at a Serb wedding in Downtown Sarajevo and murdered Nikola Gardovic, the father of the groom. This had greatly disturbed the Serb community. And STILL the Serbs did not attack! So the Muslims and Croats decided to push the knife deeper. On March26, 1992, Bosnian Muslim jihadis had massacred 11 Serb civilians in the Serb village Ssijekovac outside Bosanski Brod, and the war was on, started by the Bosnian Muslims.

    When our Western media vermin arrived in Bosanski Brod, they found there hordes of Islamic jihadist, foreign and domestic, with “Allahu Akbar” stiched to their arm flashes, vowing to conquer all of Serbia for Islam. Nazi Croats crossed the bridge from the Croat side of the Sava river and joined them, Sieg-Heiling and Heil-Hitlering. Suddenly, it was baack to 1942! They were back to their Nazi alliance! Only this time, instead of Nazi SS, they were backed by the NATO and the US. Immediately, they had hearded thousands of Serb civilians into a rape-torture-murder camp in Celebici whose horrors exceeded those of Auschwitz. Fathers forced to have sex with their daughters, and brothers with one another, under the threat of horrible torture, then horribly tortured and murdered anyway.In Srebrenica, more than 3 years before the so-called “massacre of Bosnian men and boys” by the Serbs, an all-out torture-massacre of all Serb civilians was carried out by the Bosnian Muslims. Srebrenica officially was a “UN-designated safe haven” for civilians, where no combatants were allowed. And yet, NATO, the US and UN had maliciously allowed the deployment of the 28th division (DIVISION!) of the Bosnian Muslim army there, commanded by Gen. Naser Oric.

    Using the UN “peacekeepers” as willing “human shields”, the Muslims attacked from behind their backs and destroyed ALL Serb villages around Srebrenica, more than 50 of them! They torture-murdered thousands of Serb men, women and children.And FROM THE START of the war, our media Goebbelses were lying about “200,000″ Muslims “murdered” by “the Sebs”. Sometimes, the figure would rise to “250,000″, then inexplicably drop down to 200,000 again. Now, even some of the media liars privately concede that the “200,000″ figure was “made up at a press-conference”….Indeed, out of the “8,000 Muslim men and boys” supposedly killed in Srebrenica, 3,000 have been already discovered alive and well in Srebrenica, registered on voter rolls, as reported by Mary [Mostert] in her blog “[Banner] of Freedom”. Our democratically elected governments of the US, England and other Western countries, and our so-called “free” Western media lied just about everything on the Bosnian war.

  12. Also thank GOD for Einstein and Tesla the two men who invented the twentieth century plus Einstein's wife was Serbian who was a phenomenal mathematician. Without them two the world would not be where it is today. As a Ashkenazi Jew I’m proud to say I support the Serbs! Yet these Muslims, Nazi(European) scum have the nerve to lecture us, where is your Einstein where is your Tesla? Exactly. Serbia was the first country to back the Balfour Declaration – establishing the independent state of Israel.

    Thank you Einstein and Tesla!

  13. Any Man or Woman with logic should know who started the War in Yugoslavia.
    It is those who hated a multi-cultural Yugoslavia and wanted to destroy Yugoslavia to create New Nations along ethnic and religious lines.
    It is quite obvious Serbs loved Yugoslavia and never had any intention of War until they were attacked and had no option but to defend themselves.
    No amount of lies can ever hide this fact of logic.