Thursday, 31 May 2012

Obama's Pet Project: The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle

Is Obama's R2P (Responsibility to Protect) project at the core of his plan in funding illegal immigration into Israel?

Following our story about the Obama administration funding illegal immigration into Israel, and effectively aiding them in setting up their own state within Israel comes yet more disturbing information.

Today a high ranking Israeli official said that despite Netanyahu's tough talk, Israel is obliged under certain international treaties to accept anyone seeking asylum, and Israel must keep them unless Israel can prove they are not political refugees. In order to disprove an asylum seeker's claims, it means a lot of man hours researching someone's past, which considering the sheer number of illegals penetrating the border every day, this is a task Israel simply cannot cope with. 

This effectively means Israel is stuck with an ever increasing African Muslim population. Israel's obligations and international law are being used as a weapon against Israel. What's to stop millions of Egyptians, Syrians, or anyone else from claiming asylum in Israel? Apparently, not much.

This information lends itself to an overall plan which seems to be taking place right under our noses. With the support of Obama, a recent US State Dept. report heavily criticises Israel's treatment of its asylum seekers.

This is akin to the Alinsky-model of ‘top down, bottom up’ pressure advocated in Saul Alinsky’s writings. So the illegal immigrants pour into the country, turn the place upside down, the Israeli residents react, and then the notorious State Department, riddled with Arabists, condemns Israel. All with Obama's approval.

But that’s not all...

Add to this, Obama’s appointment last week of Samatha Powers as an atrocities prevention czar (!) and it all begins to look suspiciously like the plan Glenn Beck unveiled last year. 

Almost a decade ago, Powers said Israel needs to be occupied by a foreign army to sort out the Israel-Arab conflict. But I have news for you, the US troops already landed here months ago.

This is the other side of the coin in Obama’s Arab Spring. Here's Beck's analysis, which was accepted by several leading Mid East experts.

As the Hebrew source for the original Obama funding project points out, the community organizers will most likely utilise the illegals here, most likely for an uprising (most are Muslims from Eritrea and northern Sudan, not Christians from south Sudan). So this completes the threats to Israel. Not only are they from all directions, but from within too. Hezbollah and Syria in the north; Hamas, Islamic Jihad et al from Gaza; Fatah and Muslims Brotherhood from the East (Jordan teeters on the brink of collapse), and of course the Muslim Brotherhood, radical Bedouins from Egypt. Oh, I almost forgot Iran.

Now, it seems we have a new internal threat, ‘refugees’. All with the cooperation of our government, thanks Bibi! Of course, the US forces being here might be to do with external Israeli threats. But should violence erupt with the illegals, will US troops refuse an order to restore calm?

And there was I thinking that the left would be utilising the Arabs inside Israel. Silly me...

Caped Crusader

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