Monday, 14 May 2012

JDL UK member arrested for debating with Muslims in Whitehall

Jew hating police officers scared of foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Communists and Muslims, pulling one of our members and trying to remove his Kahane flag. 

Yesterday some of us were in Westminster taking a few photos when we came across the nasty pro-fakestinian protesters near the Cenotaph. We didn't even really need to guess what they were protesting against or for, since they are so damn predictable. There were about 200 of them there, with pictures of Muslim terrorist they support, as well as photos of Israel which they doctored to read "Palestine". These vermin even brought their children, to witness their idiocy, with them. What kind of parents bring children to such biased and Jew hating atmosphere? It is beyond comprehension, but not for Muslims as their sole purpose is to brainwash their children against Israel and Jews. 

Here we have the typical mussi brainwashing their children with hate, using them as shields to carry photos of terrorists. Look at the placards. Stop "Judaisation" of Jerusalem" (??) In case these animals do not realise, Jerusalem has ALWAYS been Jewish. Muslims are trying to Islamize it. This is the new face of terrorists in the making, and it's happening right here under our noses in our "free" country. 

We didn't know we would have our lovely sunny day spoiled by the sea of ugliness we had to witness, and most of the tourists who were walking around the area were also wondering about what these indigents were doing, with some even stating this was spoiling a perfectly nice tourist area. (Tell us something we don't know!)

After seeing so many insulting messages towards Jews, one of our team opened up a Kahane flag. As soon as he did this, the police officers were on him like flies on honey. Detail to note: There were NO JEWS or anyone else counter-protesting these vermin anywhere. And we only found out they were there because we walked past the area. 

Another terrorist in the making. He will grow up to be a suicide bomber. Where is Amnesty International? Where is UNICEF? This is pure child abuse. 

The whole point of a protest is that you bring attention to your cause, correct? And by doing that, you automatically expect members of the public to come and debate about your protest, and either agree or disagree with you. You must be ready to explain your point and support it with evidence, not abuse and intimidate those who approach you. But obviously this is not what happened yesterday. We did not go to counter-protest, as we didn't even know the vermin would be there. We were just walking past the area on our way to have a meal when we came across this sickening protest.

One of our members addressing the Kapo traitors of Neturei Karta, who get paid by the Iranian Regime £120,000 per year to demonize Israel and Jews.
Our member is telling them they are traitors and cursing them in Hebrew (Not that these imbeciles could understand Hebrew, as they seemed aloof). These feeble weakling inbreds are truly shameful and shameless, and cannot call themselves Jews, for they stand against everything Judaism stands for, and THEY KNOW IT.  (By the look on their faces I guess they are admiring the fine specimen addressing them).

We decided to engage with them in a debate. We pointed out to them that Palestine did not exist, and that the country is called Israel. We also pointed out their stupidity in referring to it as Palestine and at the same time attacking Israel, which is a conflict in geography by itself. But these nasty individuals were not having any of it.
The moment we disagreed with them, they became violent and aggressive (as it was to be expected) and came out of their cattle pen to follow us and intimidate us. 

Meanwhile the coward police officers did absolutely NOTHING to stop them insulting us, and instead tried to drag one of our members to a pen to "counter-demonstrate". Now, we were not having any of it, so we told the officer to get the hell out of the way as we were not counter-protesting. We folded our Kahane flag and put it in a bag, and then walked away to leave the area.

While we were leaving, the coward officers following/pushing us, did not see that some of the rogue nasty scum had come out of their pen and were walking fast after us, holding a camera up and asking us to hit them and capture it on film, they were openly trying to provoke a fight in full view of the police. Again, the cowards of the Met Police did NOTHING against them.

COWARD Anti-Semite Sgt Walker Nr. 3074 - attempting to silence truthful journalism, and ranting in support of his "free country" right of protesting against Jews and Israel. Note the obese female officer behind him. 

At that point, one dirty, fat, ugly Arab with a filthy moustache and a dirty brown leather jacket (holding the hands of 2 children, one on his right and one on his left) walked passed us and made violent and sexual derogatory comments towards us in reference to our female member. The police officer (Sgt. Walker - pictured) pretended not to hear it, and when our member turned around to ask him to say it again, Sgt Walker arrested her "for attempting to disturb the peace".

The Arab said to our two male members: "Are you two f****ing her?, You are a son of a bitch" Then he turned to our female member and said: "You are being f****ed by these two, I will rape you", "You are a son of a bitch, I suggest you take your two friends and leave before I smash your face in", All this in front of his 2 children (one of which is in the photo with him), And when she turned around to ask him to say it again -naively thinking the officer Sgt. Walker- would also be outraged and confront the dirty muzzar, he instead arrested our Jewish female member. 
He made a point of putting handcuffs on her in front of the muzzie scum so that they could get a good picture.

This is the Arab who made the sexual and violent threats, If anybody recognizes him from previous protests do not hesitate to contact us
This is the same Arab threatening one of our members whilst using a child as protection

This is the Arab's second child. If you recognize his father please contact us. 

Another Arab and his bearded Jihadi friend, This is the guy who asked us to punch him on camera, highly tempting, but no thanks. His t-shirt says: "Palestine" football association.

Of course we are reporting Sgt. Walker's anti-Semitism and deliberately ignoring and pretending not to hear the Arab's filthy, threatening and vile comments, and arresting the female instead of challenging the Arab about his denigrating rants. 

Sgt Walker also tried to grab the phone from one of our members while he was filming it.

Sgt Walker caught in the act, trying to steal our member's camera phone but he failed. Most of these images were done from stills from the video we filmed.

Upon arrest, they handcuffed her and took her to the nearest police station. 
Here is her account of what followed afterwards:

"The coward Sgt. Walker handcuffed me tightly, as if I was a dangerous criminal, and the handcuffs were hurting my wrists. I got really outraged at this, so I discreetly removed my handcuffs but the policemen did not see it, of course.  I kept my hands behind me as if I was still wearing them. When I got out of the car I told Sgt. Walker he was quite incompetent as he did not even realise I was not wearing my handcuffs anymore, and was actually holding it in my hand. If I had been a "dangerous" criminal none of them would have stood a chance! 

Grinning and riding in comfort. The two good officers in this photo were outraged at my being arrested.

Once inside the office they started asking me for my details and all that palava, but still Sgt. Walker was unable to state to the officer behind the desk the real reason of my arrest and kept on mumbling that I was arrested for my own safety and for "disturbing the peace", when I was in fact simply debating with them, and only for a few seconds at that.  A disgrace for our police force!! This is a time when people can no longer debate with protesters (Principally Muslims) if they have opposing views, as they get arrested "for their own safety", as they claim, simply because the police are far too scared of protecting us from these vermin in our streets. 

"Disturbing the peace" is just their pathetic excuse for not having to "work hard" protecting innocent members of the public from random and sudden violence from these communist and Islamofascist groups.

Logically this has once again proven that Muslims are violent scumbags and that the police is AFRAID of dealing with it. Perhaps because most of the police force is obese?  This is utterly shameful for the City of London. 

While I was at the van I mentioned to Sgt. Walker that I was aware the police force was facing cuts and I hoped to see him and his corrupt comrades sacked as soon as this is implemented, for they are a very useless bunch. 

When in custody I noticed and mentioned that many of the police officers were really fat. 
We cannot have obese police officers, as they could not even run to catch real criminals. No wonder they were scared of the Muslims. Had it been a proper confrontation, these fat officers would probably faint breathless if they ran 10 meters! And I am not surprised because as soon as I got into the police station I saw at least 4 officers munching away on cakes and biscuits while sitting down on their desks. Lack of exercise while munching non stop causes obesity, didn't they know that? 

What a disgrace for the London police! I had to smirk when I pointed out to them that Brazilian cops are slim and carry guns. Much easier to deal with criminals, but that obviously these incompetent cops could not even be trusted with one, I wouldn't trust them even with a 22! 

Rio Police officers on the beat catching a drug dealer. Fit for the job and armed.  

When I got to the station, without my handcuffs on, Sgt. Walker walked in front of me (Stupid moron!) and expected me to follow him inside. I then pointed out to him that I was still holding the handcuffs and that he should have ensured he was BEHIND me, as after all I was the one arrested, right? I was the "dangerous criminal", right? What a joke they were!
Jokingly I told him, "Ladies first!", so I volunteered to go in front of him, since he seems to have forgotten his manners in the toilets of his shack, and even his intelligence. 

The moron took my phone and took the battery out for a bit, since I was getting calls from my friends. I pointed out to him that I was filming everything and that he had LIED to the officer behind the desk. He had told them I 'swore'  when I didn't. The dirty Arab who insulted me swore at me and my colleagues, made threats about raping me, and anti-Semite Sgt. Walker totally ignored it. So he lied and exposed himself as a man without honour or morals. He lied to justify his arrest. I made sure I told him 4 times he was a pathetic individual and understandably he did not argue with me of course. 

After taking my belongings, Sgt Walker found some dog biscuits inside my bag. He asked me what was that for, so I told him that I thought he might be hungry and offered him a few. He said: "Very funny". Well it was, as I could swear he was mouthwatering over those gravy meaty biscuits. 

He also removed my camera (The one I used to film everything), my money, my bank cards, etc... and after taking two of my gold rings, one with encrusted diamonds, my gold magen David necklace, and my Michal Negrin's earrings, oh yes and my belt, I was feeling quite bare. The only thing I did not allow them to take from me was my black and red African "juju" (candomble) bracelet, as it is a powerful magical talisman that was consecrated and given to me by a powerful medium many years ago. Unholy hands cannot touch it. 

He had to register everything he took in the police computer to have me sign for it. He referred to my gold rings as 'Yellow Metal', instead of gold and after complaining that they were GOLD and not 'yellow metal' he refused to change it because according to him I could be telling him anything.
I then had to point out to the ignorant fool the goldmark of my belongings.
I told them I expected to have it all back intact, since these guys can steal your stuff and pretend it disappeared somewhere. Maybe this is why they don't like to list the proper value of the things they temporarily confiscate. 

I was then allocated a cell. Quite nice and clean by the way. I was impressed. Since I had never been arrested before, I was quite amused. The only complaint I have is that these perverts have cameras facing the toilet inside the cells. G-d knows what they do when they watch female prisoners going to the loo. It is creepy.  

When inside the cell I started exploring my surroundings... not much of it but still, interesting. Frankly I was a bit tired because of a late night before, so I decided to sleep for a bit. I must have slept for 1 hour or so and when I woke up I started playing with a metal thing with a button on the wall.  I pressed it a few times while I was cleaning it with a paper towel. All of a sudden an officer appears at the door and lifts the window. So he says to me: "Hello". I said hello back and continued to clean the button. He kept looking at me and I asked: "What can I do for you"? He said: "You called me". I said, "I didn't. How would I have called you?"  He said: "This button on the wall, when you press it, you call an officer."  
I said, "Oh, I didn't know it! You can go now. I don't need you". So he left and I went to meditate in the cell for a bit.

I got disturbed some 20 mins later by someone offering me food. I refused it and told them I don't eat Halal. And 5 minutes later another officer comes and tells me I am free to go. 

I argued a bit because I was expecting them to interview me and charge me with whatever they had accused me of, so I made him call my solicitor. He got me out of the cell and told me the solicitor was on the phone. I spoke to him and the solicitor told me they could not charge me with anything so they had to let me go. Hmmmm..... disappointing really. But they did apologize though. They also apologized for making me late since I was hosting guests for dinner and just about made it in time. 

Furthermore they noticed the injuries done on my wrist because of the handcuffs being so tight and offered for me to see a nurse, which I refused. They were just scratches and I did not need a nurse, principally since I did not keep the damn things on for long anyway, as I had removed them as soon as they put them on me. 

During my time in custody, two nice officers started expressing their disgust with his colleague for arresting me, and started dishing out some real dirt about the police force. They were outraged that they had to bow to political correctness in several things, including not able to chase after a criminal (They said this when I mentioned that most of the officers I saw inside were obese) and they also mentioned that they are not allowed to stop a druggie from injecting himself with drugs, even in front of them. (The druggies from Antifa, UAF and others might be very excited to hear that.)

Among the few things they told me in confidence, they also mentioned that some of their colleagues were indeed scared of Muslim violence and rather take me away than face their wrath. And to make things worse, they were understaffed and facing huge cuts in the force.

So there you have it straight from the horse's mouth. These officers just confirmed everything I suspected. It felt good to know that there are still some good guys with a conscience inside, and very sad to know that apart from some, the rest of the force is corrupted by political correctness and forced to bow down to Islamonazis due to fear of their aggressiveness, although it seems the cowards are found more often at the top of the chain. 

I have to say, I enjoyed calling the Neturei Karta kapos as "traitors" and telling them in Hebrew: "Atem lo yehudim" (You are not Jewish). I don't think they could understand Hebrew though. Either that or they were on heavy anti-depressant or other kinds of drugs, which is the norm among their community. 

However the good news is that the tide is turning and that he made me aware that there are many disagreements in the force now. The people are waking up and officers are also turning against the political correct government. They are also afraid of Islamization and many of them are standing up against their peers on this matter. So expect some very welcome changes soon."

We wanted this article to be fully comprehensive and we hope that the reader can understand the danger our society faces now. Freedom of speech is eroding and now even more you cannot even debate or disagree with Muslim protesters. But the tide is indeed turning and it's only a matter of time until people, including officers rebel against this absurd lack of freedom, in our free country.

Giving a one fingered wave to the Muslim Terrorist supporting scum
Here is footage of the event filmed by one of the scum inside the Palestine Rally, Please excuse the childish Palestine rubbish added to the footage.

Note: Only ONE member of our group was arrested and de-arrested within 2 hours, without being interviewed and without being charged. This anti-Semitic flawed arrest proves that the Met Police was afraid to deal with the violent and aggressive Muslims and their supporters, and instead chose to harass the Jewish female. Proceedings against the Met Police have now started. 

- Jewish Defence League UK -


  1. This is very worrying and much more serious than you let on. As they say in America, the founding fathers would've been shooting by now...

    But kudos for keeping cool in the face of such cultural suicide. The police afraid of a few yapping muzzrats?!


  2. Yes, it is a very serious matter, and although we all know that this has been happening for quite some time now, we should not allow this to be the norm.
    I did take it all with good humor though, simply because of the utter ridiculousness of the situation. The whole thing was surreal, and quite outrageous. I couldn't do anything but laugh at it.

    At one point Sgt Walker tried to take my camera from my hand, by twisting my fingers. I don't think he expected me to be so strong, as I turned the situation around and twisted his fingers in return while telling him to ASK me for the device instead of trying to take it. I loved seeing him cringe in pain. What an imbecile! Trying to hurt a woman! ;)

  3. Nice personal account there and love the bit about the cuffs , i think you had them on the run around in your own personal way and its nice to see people standing up and being counted even when out for a stroll.
    Ben x x x

  4. Best comment I ever heard about the Met - 'The best police force money can buy' Corrupt, thick and incompetent. There are some decent officers (male and female) but they're the exceptions.

  5. The police are out of shape in London

    1. They are out of shape physically and mentally. They lack morals and knowledge of the real enemy. Furthermore they are infested with corruption.

  6. I would like to make a complaint in your support, can you give me the police station contact details and also incident number if you have?


    Please mail me

  7. HI Desi Dave. Thanks for your support.
    The name of the officer is Sgt. Walker. He works in Charing Cross Police station, at least this is where he took me on Saturday.
    They did not give me an incident number at all but I will email you the details of the day and all the info you may need. Best place to complain is through IPCC. Independent Police Complaints Commission.

  8. typical hatred from right wing zionutjobs...

    1. Typical hatred and idiocy from Leftard Muzzi brown tongue scum.

  9. ‎"Among the few things they told me in confidence, they also mentioned that some of their colleagues were indeed scared of Muslim violence and rather take me away than face their wrath. And to make things worse, they were understaffed and facing huge cuts in the force."
    They told you in confidence so you post it on the blog along with their pictures? Probably why no-one has confidence in you, you fool.

    1. I did not post "their" pictures you foolish creature, nor did I disclose their names. "In confidence" means while I was inside the building and only to myself, but they were quite happy for me to tell the world about it. Get it?

    2. So who exactly were "The two good officers in this photo were outraged at my being arrested"? Or were we supposed to guess you were being sarcastic by the colour of their skin?
      Also, why haven't you posted up the video?

    3. These two officers were NOT the ones who told me what I described above. Is that hard for you to grasp? I thought it was obvious really.
      We won't post the video because there are people in it which we do not want to identify.

      Why are you posting as ANONYMOUS without giving a name?

    4. "These two officers were NOT the ones who told me what I described above. Is that hard for you to grasp? I thought it was obvious really."
      I'm asking you obvious why. Why would it be obvious?

      "We won't post the video because there are people in it which we do not want to identify."
      Or because it incriminates you- like the part where you shouted "Muhammed was a paedo" along with your friend. So please don't play innocent, you went there to provoke, not to "debate".

      "Why are you posting as ANONYMOUS without giving a name?"
      Why would you even care what my name is?

    5. "Why would it be obvious?" - Why would I put their photos if they told me in "confidence"? THINK.

      "Or because it incriminates you- like the part where you shouted "Muhammed was a paedo" along with your friend. So please don't play innocent, you went there to provoke, not to "debate".

      Nice try. And although one of us did say "Muhammad was a paedo" (which he was anyway), this is not the reason why we are not posting the video. I already mentioned the reason. The video actually proves I was debating when the crowd became agitated and started abusing. he video WILL be given to the IPCC in our complaint.
      the video also show the pervert Arab making credible threats to us and some of the scum asking us to fight with them, so that they could film it.

      "Why would you even care what my name is?" I don't. I am just wondering why you are AFRAID to say your name.
      We could stop Anonymous postings here anytime, you know? We only allow it because we want to give cowards as yourselves a chance to speak.

  10. Well done Roberta. And thank God for the JIDF and JTF. People who care about the UK and are not afraid to stand up against tyranny!!! NO SURRENDER!!!

    1. And Thank you, The Sword 9.5!! :-) No surrender to scum!!

  11. Well done.Carry on being the thorn in the sides of these Muhammadan orcs.

  12. Something similar happened to me once in Manchester. A few years ago there was a pro-Palestinian rally and someone had hung an anti-Semitic flag on the large menorah that is sometimes outside the town hall. Some Palestinians were laughing and taking pictures of it. I challenged one of them, but I don't think he understood English. I told several policeman about the defaced menorah but they didn't do anything about it. It seemed I was the only one there who was protesting against the presence of the anti-Israel rally. I then got into a row with a couple of thugs from the Respect Party and I was arrested. One of the policeman threatened to assault me in the back of the police van and a policewoman looked at me as if I was dirt. I was taken to a local police station and I was de-arrested. Luckily, one of the policeman was sympathetic because he had family in Israel. They drove me home in a police van and that was it. On the bright side, it really motivated me to get involved in Israel advocacy, and a week or two later I attended a pro-Israel rally in Manchester, which included both Jews and Christians. Unfortunately, there was also a counter-demonstration made up of Muslims, left-wingers and some Orthodox Jews. We held a two-minute silence for both Israelis and Arabs, but the counter-demonstrators continued to shout their hateful rhetoric. It really showed the difference between the law-abiding decent people on our side and the vile, hateful anti-Zionists.

    1. Hi Richard

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We know precisely how you feel. These guys of the "Respect" party are pure filth. Have no illusions. They are Nazi anti-Semite filth. And the police force is becoming a disgrace in this country. While there are some good guys inside, we noticed that the majority just don't give a damn because they think this is only against Israel. These foolish individuals do not have the capacity to understand their country is being Islamized and by the time they wake up it will be far too late.

      As you can see, they allow Muslims to run riots in this country, while pretending to "work" for the benefit of the British people who pay their wages. They are a shambles. We must not trust them.
      They have lost my respect.

      Oh and these "orthodox Jews" are not Jews. They are from a sickening sect called Neturei Karta. They are a disgrace to Judaism, they abuse Torah teachings and lie about the Oral Torah. Most of them are drug users. I know some who had been forced to take drugs when they were young. The very rabbis in a Yeshiva in Ashdod gave children some drugs (medicine for schizophrenia and paranoia, and g-d knows what else) because they "asked too many questions". One of the children I know, who was a perfectly healthy boy once, now is mentally damaged for life, because of these drugs. He had to be interned in two hospitals and nearly died.

      These Neturei Karta are plain evil and child abusers. No wonder they do well with Muslims and Islam.

  13. It truly saddens me to see what once was a caring country with strong hearted people fast becoming a mussie enclave. This from a 53 year old man who was born in England.

    I'm not Jewish, heck I'm not even religious but I fully support Israel and her right to defend herself and her citizens wherever they may be.

    When people ask me why do I support Israel I reply, I may not be Jewish but I know injustice when I see it. The Jews have suffered long enough, I for one will shout out this is wrong.

    Am Yisrael Chai - shalom

    1. God Bless you......and God Bless Israel.

  14. Love your Jacket by the way :-)

  15. My mother would turn in her grave, ex met' policewoman 1950/60s. My father who fought in WW2 must be very happy that he's dead. What the hell on earth are we heading for, the war is on and these are dark days. Be strong all you good souls, never lower yourself not long now, soon, very soon.

  16. Current day UK is a modern version of pre-war Weimar Republic.

    Where is Winston Churchill when you need him?

  17. I was really angry reading this, you had me well on board....until we got to the holy African bracelet bit!! Come on! If you want to attract meaningful support you got to miss that sort of thing out...please!! But apart from that, you are displaying real courage and standing up in the face of the Islamic tide. Well done to you all.
    P.S. You still have me on board