Sunday, 20 May 2012

Illegal Immigration Into Israel: Alinsky Meets Allah

Last week I went to a protest in south Tel Aviv. The tension is reaching critical levels there as more and more illegal immigrants pour into the neighbourhood, turning the place into a crime hot-spot leaving the poorer families with no option but to stay indoors after dark. This was completely unheard of in Israel until a few short years ago.

The most recent incident, and the motivation for the protest, was a 15 year old Israeli girl being abducted and raped by 3 illegal immigrants. The girl's boyfriend was also assaulted. Recently too, there have been reprisals with Molotov attacks on the homes of two illegal African immigrants.

Rabbi Baruch Marzel
Formerly Rav Kahane's (Z"L) Right Hand Man

The problem with illegal African immigration into Israel started around 2004, when the first Sudanese refugees (and they were real refugees) were fleeing from the genocidal war of extermination against the people of S.Sudan and Darfur.

Today those real refugees total only around 500. The rest, approximately 150,000 are made up of illegal immigrants looking to work and send money back home.

But just like Israel's past, when the early Jewish migrants returned here and worked the land, so the word got out among neighbouring Arab peoples that the quality of life here was much better. Work and medicine was given to Arab labourers and their families, which meant life expectancy increasing and infant mortality decreasing. As a result they flocked here from all over, only a few years later to suddenly call themselves 'indigenous' 'Palestinians' when Jews attempted to recreate the Jewish State.

Like yesteryear, the word is now out in African countries that life here is even better. Oddly enough, these only seem to be Muslim countries such as Eritrea and North Sudan, whose governments know their Islamic duty and have seized the opportunity to allow many of their citizens to head towards Israel's borders. Unlike the last few years, the Egyptian authorities now do not kill and imprison these economic migrants on their way to Israel, instead they turn a blind eye, allowing Beduin human traffickers to smuggle them here (for a fee).

These Muslims infiltrators are not traumatized by war or genocide, and do what comes naturally to Muslims, using migration as a convenient weapon to colonise a foreign land.

A few of the media come to stare in disbelief
at the 'racism' of the protesters who dare
oppose child rape and violence from illegal immigrants
As always, in partnership with the 'stealth jihad' is the left, who work to undermine any resistance to this invasion, from a municipal level and the media, right the way down to the street, where the leftist thought police inhibit your right to free speech during a protest, while the police look on, smiling.

An Ethiopian Jew (left) accuses us of being 'racist'
but doesn't seem to notice the otherJew in front
of him also protesting with us
Incidentally, one note about the protest that needs to be made, and that is that the demonstrators did themselves no favours by not doing their homework (fellow activists please take note). The rapists in the most recent news story were Muslims from Eritrea. The signs of the protesters read "Sudanese back to Sudan". That doesn't distinguish between refugees or illegal immigrants; criminals or decent people (and some of the Sudanese migrants are Christians, with no inclination towards violence and pose no threat to the Jewish nature of the state).

As such, the protesters gave the leftists all the ammunition they needed, and the Alinsky-indoctrinated disciples had a field day distracting from the issues at hand, and uniting all the black people behind them, focusing instead on calling the protesters racist (what else?!).

The protesters did their best to deflect the accusations by clarifying what they meant, but better worded signs would've simply saved them the trouble, thus enabling them to go on the attack (accusing the leftists of aiding and abetting child rape etc).
A leftist girl (in the striped top) comes to accuse everyone of being racist. As you can see she's smiling, as
per standard tactics of the left. Saul Alinsky said man's most powerful weapon is ridicule.
But it didn't matter how many times we denied being racist, the leftists kept coming back. It's not that they don't understand or don't believe you when you say you're not racist, it's that the accusation of racism is a weapon to stop you getting the message out and talking about the real issues...

For years in America, the left have used the black community as an humanitarian weapon to strain the state in order to fulfil their religious obligation to 'smash capitalism'. In the 1960s the neo-fascist radical professor Frances Fox-Piven wrote a paper (with Richard Cloward) about helping the poor (what else), and in having their leftist foot-soldiers (community organisers) implement these measures, they managed to bankrupt the state of New York in 1975. They did this by encouraging as many people as possible to sign up for benefits (welfare).1 (Incidentally, this provided the model for the US economy as a whole, which is how the housing mortgage crisis came about.)

With other measures paid for by the tax payers, programs are created to help poorer black and Latino groups, but not poorer whites. As those minority groups are seduced by being given lots of handouts, resentment is created among the poorer white population which is left behind. This gives the left the opportunity to further divide the community and make noise about the 'dangers of the white racists'. This also makes those in the black community more loyal to the left, which only helps to keep them in an eternal socialist misery, as can been seen in so many places in America.

But in Israel, until now, the left have not been able to utilise this tactic with the Arabs, and so the illegal African migrants have provided a golden opportunity to exploit the situation.

Some 'local' residents look on at
our protest. Their eyes says it all.
In Israel's case, it's just the same. The leftist mayor and city planners allocate the illegal immigrants into the poorest parts of town (they obviously don't want them living among the rich leftists), and this has the benefit of turning the neighbourhood upside down, and as we can see by the neighbourhood now, the Jewish nature of the area is gone and looks like a slum. By some strange coincidence, the residents of Hatikva where we protested are traditional, and deeply patriotic Zionists. A favourite target of the left.

With the area de-stabilised, the leftists achieve their aim: virtual or literal civil war as we're close to seeing now. With this situation, the left have a two-pronged approach. Firstly, with the aid of the media reinforcing their message, they can turn reality on its head, pointing to the 'racist' attitude of the local Jewish Zionists as being the cause of violence, not a reaction to it. Therefore, they point to the only 'obvious' solution as being a police crackdown, not on the criminals, but on the Jewish victims.

Secondly, they can point to yet another 'failing' of the government (most likely) citing the poverty or 'social injustice' of the illegal immigrants as the reasons for the violence (or some other reason requiring a financial solution). New laws are then passed requiring more money be handed out and/or promoting these people to jobs they're completely unqualified for (multiculturalism), thus making life worse in so many ways.

The end result is that the illegal Muslim immigrants are free to continue their reign of terror, the state becomes poorer, and Israeli citizens become more angry (in the case of Israel, that anger is directed at the orthodox Jews), wondering why they served in the army and pay such high taxes. Then come summer time, they go out to protest (organised by the left) blaming the government for the situation.

Of course, the government is ultimately to blame as ultimately it has been arguing over the building of a fence along Israel's southern border for over a year now (the idea is blocked by the leftists in government, and Bibi is scared of them).

Thanks to writings of people such as Saul Alinsky, warfare has taken on a whole new meaning, with the battlefield, the weapons, the targets and the casualties, not even realising who, what, when, how or why.

Anyone who says Israel isn't a democracy because the majority (Jewish population) decides who they don't want in their country, needs to go and look up the definition of democracy. In any democracy, people have the right to decide on everything from who they let in the country, to when they go to war.

People who are a minority voice in a democracy and want to control the country or inhibit the majority's right to free speech (either at a protest or the media not airing your point of view) need to go and study the definition of fascism.

Fellow patriots wherever you are, we need to read Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Get mad, get informed, fight for freedom, and smash the left!


1. The Shadow Party By David Horowitz

Caped Crusader


  1. Very interesting and illuminating, thanks! BTW, we too can ridicule these leftard morons, usually by asking why they have no black friends! These middle class hypocrites have no idea they are totally laughable! Useful idiots!!

    1. It is extremely disappointing to see how the new generation of Israel has turned out to be. A bunch of spoiled imbecile leftards who live on their parents' money and the only "hard work" they do is a couple of years in the Tzava, and even that is not hard enough for them, for most of them only have 6 months Tironut and the rest they spend behind a desk.
      Most of these idiots have never been on a patrol in Gaza or anywhere else, and most don't even understand why they are in the Army.

      I don't blame only the Bolshevik society that has been forcefully created in Israel, I also blame the youth's utter stupidity and lack of vision. There is no excuse any longer for such ignorance. Not at this age and time.

  2. In some ways the situation is atrocious. There is a sizeable leftist community in Tel Aviv and elsewhere totally brainwashed and totalitarian, in the way Mussolini defined it.

    The left are in control of everything, including the supposedly right wing government, and this is why this is happening.

    But through it all, the majority of Israelis are right wing and hate everything that's going on. Speak to most people and when it comes to politics, there's a bitterness in them.

    What has happened in Israel under Bibi is exactly the same as the situation in Europe. A kind of soft dictatorship, enforcing 'positive' leftist mantras on us, no matter how many of us it kills.

    From everything I read in history, Orwell or even Kahane, revolution is coming. The left have won and they'll get their civil war, but it'll be on a world scale this time.

    This time though, we'll be ready.

    1. Can't wait. As I always said, if I have to go to "hell", I will ensure I will take some devil with me.