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How to save Jerusalem and Humanity

In 1928, the Muslim brotherhood, a fascist political party was founded in the then Islamic conquered Egypt, by the Muslim "scholar" and schoolteacher Hassan al-Bana, and by the end of the WWII, around 1944, the party had an estimated 2 million members. 

As a child, al-Banna was attracted to the extremist and xenophobic aspects of Islam which were hostile to Western secularism and to its system of rights, particularly women’s rights. 
The first big step on the path to the international jihad that al-Banna envisioned came in the form of trans-national terrorism during “The Great Arab Revolt” of 1936-1939, when one of the most famous of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders, the Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti (Supreme Muslim religious leader) of Jerusalem, and uncle of Yassir Arafat, incited his followers to a three-year war against the Jews in Palestine and against the British who administered the Mandate.

Please see here for the Palestinian wall of lies, a work of David Horowitz.  

The rise of the Muslim brotherhood represents not only the systematic rise of evil on earth, but attests to the time when ignorance, racism, and tyranny engulfed the minds of a people already weakened, subjugated and poisoned by a backwards doctrine, that should have been left buried in the confines of a distant era of humanity.

That mankind has short memory is evident by the mistakes they repeat despite History being our greatest basis of comparison for cyclic situations. History indeed repeats itself, but human nature does not change. We are as bound by our virtues and vices just as we were over twenty thousand years ago, however some of us will have developed our intellect and spirituality to a degree that others still have not, and the same applies now or twenty thousand years ago.

The prominent rise of the Muslim brotherhood brought along with it the rise to an age of lies, deceit, injustice, tyranny, mind control, oppression and exaggerated hypocrisy. The decline of morality, honour and higher values followed thereafter. Just like the last world wars that have crippled many countries, we are now returning to that same point in History once again. 

The evil is so appealing that they follow it with gladdened hearts, for sweet and innocent as children may often be, there is natural inclination towards foolishness and rebellion in the heart of every child.
And so the evil has returned, seducing many, and goes on to destroy the beacons of light so that it may triumph over the blinded fools who cannot see in darkness, for the blind ones forget the use of their hearts. 

Straight brutal force cannot bring us victory, of this we are certain. Unfortunately violent wars don't work either, unless it is a temporary victory. Inculpating how bad "they" are also doesn't solve ANY problem, it only diverts a lot of people's attention from performing the real wise work, to screaming useless and oversimplified slogans. They may be catchy but their fundamental principle is deceitful. 

And now we must save Jerusalem once again. We shall save her by blinding the evil with the light of truth and the beacon of law and justice, for if darkness prevails and the light of the world is extinguished, thou shall no longer see the path to heaven, but fall into the abyss of hell, forever.

The attached document from the New York Middle East Institute is detailed in what we can do to stop the waves of evil by quoting the Historical truth and by educating the world on the promises of the past, which still hold true today. 

Our governments have also been blinded by their vices and evils and have made a mockery of the law. It is thus our duty to ensure that the ones who represent us are held accountable for their treason and for their treachery. If those who claim to speak for us refuse to save our humanity from this veil of darkness, then it is imperative that they are removed immediately, for Justice must remain a virtue forever and not be misused to appease violent and vocal fools.
Unfortunately the swingeing majority of members of the Knesset and other official Jewish leaders are so illiterate and ignorant that they support evident suicidal resolutions.  They support and yearly celebrate (!) the suicidal UN resolutions as 181(II), which demands to exclude, to withdraw Jerusalem from out of Jewish state - see

The reader must be made aware that the United Nations (UN) is not an unbiased organization but a racist and bigoted one. The majority of their resolution are always against Israel and Jews. UN delegates are not performing the jobs they are paid (by the taxpayer) to perform, for they are neglecting real Human Rights, oppression and genocide issues around the world. This is particularly being whitewashed because the nations who are committing these atrocities are ISLAMIC NATIONS

We demand that the law and agreements made in the past be upheld, while those who strive to break it must be tried in a court of law presided by the righteous, for it is forbidden to allow corruption to pervert Justice.

We start hereby by proving that "Palestine" is and has always been Jewish land and that even The Qu'ran attests to it.

So who are these "Muslims" who claim Palestine belongs to them, and on whose authority they claim such lies? 
This article from the New York Middle East Institute provides evidence of treaties done during WWI and WWII which must be respected before the International Community, for they have been ratified by not only Arabs and Jews, but by all the nations of the world.

 We quote from the NYMEI with their permission:

"Our fundamental discovery has undoubtedly proved the following:
1) The Jews are the lawful owners of all Palestine, according to the International Law.
2) Mandate for Palestine is Jewish.
3) Jews have lost over 80% of Jewish land because all Jewish lawyers and officials
 inculcate people with British Intelligence Services disinformation that Mandate for Palestine is British (and therefore Britain and UN can give this land to anybody)."

Even Israeli Ministry of Justice and Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs kill Jewish rights for Jewish land via their statements that the Mandate for Palestine is British, not Jewish.  This killing Israel actions, performed by all Jewish paid professionals, destroy the legitimacy and the legality of Israel." 

We call upon everyone who wishes to save Jerusalem, to help us fight this battle. We will need not only your donations but also some of your time. 
We also request you to contact the New York Middle East Institute to contribute for funding in order to achieve this most important work. We are in this together, all of us and "You shall not stand idly by your neighbour's blood". Vayikra 19:16 

Help us save Jerusalem.
Help us save humanity.

This article was written and inspired by the works of the New York Middle East Institute's CEO - Mr. Yosef Yakov Lev, who has kindly given us the permission to use his research in our site.

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