Thursday, 10 May 2012

The courageous and cosy Foley's pub in Dublin

"The courageous landlords of Foley's bar in Dublin have been flying the national flag of Israel from its upper window for the past week.

The move began when the proprietor learned of the annual celebration of Israel's Independence Day, Yom Hatzmaut, which this year fell on 26 April and
was celebrated in Dublin on Monday 30 April, and decided to fly the blue-and-white Star of David flag of Israel in honour of the occasion.

Despite pressure from some predictable quarters to remove the flag, the pub has courageously continued to fly it.

If you happen to be in that part of town and are considering where to have lunch or are planning a meeting, a dinner or a social evening, we strongly recommend that you consider Foley's as a venue and, if you feel like it, express your support to the management. 

If you cannot go there, an email of support would also be good."

You can email a message of support to Foley's Pub here.

In a time when Islamization of our countries is destroying our livelihoods and putting so many pubs out of business, we take our hats off to Foley's for sticking two fingers up at the nasty Jew haters and supporting the Nation of Israel at this difficult time. This is a great honour to all who support free expression and the spread of understanding and friendship between peoples, and a slap on the face of all communist/marxist types who spend their miserable and empty hours working to destroy and discredit a nation which has contributed so much to the development of mankind. 

Foley's bar is a beautiful and trendy establishment with great traditional Irish food, as well as the exquisite menu from the upstairs Queen Maebh's restaurant. 

Next stop.... Foley's bar definitely. 

The JDL UK Team salutes you! 


  1. I work across the street and wondered what the reason was. Now I know. I'm all for celebrating nations that are facing difficulties. Could they also fly a Syrian flag in support of th Syrian people who are facing huge difficulty at the minute?

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Well, I am sure they have the option to support whoever they want, right?
      The Israeli flag was there because it was the celebration of Israel's birthday and not exactly in support of anything. They are a not a political group, they are a bar.
      But in the case of Syria I am not sure if this is a good idea, since Syria sponsors terrorism in Israel, just like Iran. Both of them provide weapons and funds to Hezbollah so they can kill Jews.
      Also, you could have mentioned that they could fly the Greek flag for example, in support of the Greek people who are "facing difficulties", or the Colombian flag, as the people are also facing huge difficulties and being murdered by drug cartels.

      I could go on an on about what other people need "sympathy" in this world. However the point is, Israel is not exactly "facing difficulties", they are a target for terrorism, and countries like Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc are ALL in it. Their propaganda is powerful and most people are ignorant of the true facts.