Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Brave Sharon Klaff snatches muzztard's phone during protest

We started laughing when we saw this video and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

This is the moment when Sharon Klaff, the head of the British-Israel Coalition (being filmed by her associate, Roy Goldman, from Campaign for Truth) cooly grabs and pushes down the mobile phone (Israeli technology mobile at that) of some harassing muzzrat, wearing a fakestinian kfiah (scarf). This happened at the demo outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington High Street, on 30th March 2012, when the Islamic appeasing Libtards decided to join up with their muzzie masters to call for yet another "boycott" to Israeli goods. 


The nasty creature, the muzztard who is also filming Sharon, is heard making fun of her and making harassing comments while she is being interviewed. 

They also spent a great deal of time filming Roy Goldman with a (Israeli made) camera right on his face. Roy remained cool and composed all the way through however, and did not allow the muzztards to intimidate him. Not sure if we would have given them this same courtesy though. 

It's hard to make out what they were saying due to the sickening noise polution from the other muzztards in the background, but at one point they say: "It's a clever one,  it's a clever one"... perhaps referring to some truth that Sharon was telling the interviewer.

Then they had the chutzpah to get really close to her face, and it was at that point that Sharon bravely pushed their phone off their hands. It was classic! 

After that you can hear the fakestinian's supporter words: "What the F**K... what are you doing..? bla bla bla.... and the muzzturds then decide to complain to our police force (The same police force they attack, and despise) in an attempt to get sympathy. Disgusting really. 
You can hear them crying: "She just threw the phone of ma hand.. what's going on...? more yadda yadda yadda...."

Oh please! You imbecile musloids. What did you expect when you point your Israeli made phones onto someone else's face? You get what you give. 
We love how they cried to the officer in charge: "Oh come on officer..." Priceless!! 

I sincerely hope that more officers will start ignoring these revolting creatures since they only seem to need their help when they are attacked. Normally on their day to day life, they go around attacking police officers and insulting them, as well as insulting the country they live in. 

Well done Sharon!! This is how harassing scum like this should be treated! Col ha'cavod!! 
Let them put their cameras on our face and they will be wishing they hadn't. 

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