Thursday, 17 May 2012

Banning insults is a gag on Free Speech

Are you insulted? Good! Grow a thick skin!

Finally the government is considering reforming a law banning "insulting" language, which is part of Section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act, because it is criminalising dissenting opinions and is also being abused by police.
Section 5 consists of banning "insulting words or behaviour", but we all know why this section 5 was invented, don't we? It was to protect only one group of people (Muslims) and criminalise the rest. 
The ironic thing is that it was our own government who invented this pathetic law, and one can clearly and doubtlessly see that this is a blatant conspiracy against the indigenous people of this country, the British.  

Here we have a corrupt government who rather appease those who insult our country and our people while criminalising its own people for insulting back. Isn't this in itself extremely insulting? 

Insults are part of our languages, they are an expression of what we dislike, and it is our fundamental human right to express our dislikes for something or someone in the manner we find most appropriate, and that includes insults. 

People can only learn and grow a thick skin when they are subjected to offences and insults. It's part of growing up and dealing with the real world. 

Who decides who gets offended? The police? The judge? The government? Or you? And what do you believe you should do when you get offended? Well, you have a choice. You can offend in return or you can grow a thick skin and deal with it, since many times the insult is appropriate in accordance to the behaviour of the one being insulted.

I have the right to insult and be insulted in return, and I am not willing to forfeit this right. We all have difference of opinions, and some may even be quite frivolous, and the truth is that someone somewhere will feel offended by them, but that is what you get with Free Speech, and make no mistake, Free Speech is our G-d given right to use our language as we damn well please. 

Recently there have been many religious and secular groups demanding the government to amend or do away with section 5 of the Public Order Act, and these groups have been campaigning so hard that the government can no longer ignore it. Many innocent people are being wrongly criminalised amongst this web of deceit, and this has to stop. 

As a civilized society it is right that we outlaw speeches that incite violence, hatred and demonization of a particular group, but we must be careful not to criminalise valid criticism and complaints, even if these are insulting or offending to a certain group. What we cannot do however is ban insults, as doing so is circumscribing Free Speech.

Hateful, rabid, fanatic Muslims preaching violence in our own streets. The British police did NOTHING to stop these vile people but used Section 5 to stop anyone protesting against their hate speech. The criminal police has failed to protect the British people who pay their wages, from Islamic violence. The above terrorist supporter should have been arrested and charged on the spot, for inciting violence and murder. Beheading is murder. 

As they say, a great many strongly held opinions or beliefs will offend someone but one person's insult is another person's profoundly held conviction and we have no right to be protected against insult. 

Many examples can be mentioned regarding the misuse and abuse of this Section 5 of the Public Act, and many people have been punished in a wrongful manner.  One of these examples is a student who was arrested for making a comment about a "gay" police horse. Others and more commonly found are those who mock certain religious beliefs and customs.
However one thing to note is that a particular group of people (Muslims again) seem to be able to insult everyone else and get away with it. But when others insult them back, they play the race card and do everything in their power to punish those who insult them. 

It's time to stop this madness, and this utter disrespect for our freedom of speech.

Former shadow home secretary Mr. David Davis is spearheading the campaign for the reform and said the Public Order Act was having a "terrible, chilling effect on democracy". Mr. Davis said "reform is vital to protecting freedom of expression in Britain today."

We are joining Mr. Davis in support of his campaign and we hope many more will also do so.

Does this cartoon offend you? Tough! Deal with it. Grow a thick skin. 



  1. Excellent report!! Totally sick to death of the kow-towing and toadying of the British gov't to pisslamic scum!!

  2. We are too, Juniper! The quicker they amend this absurd Section 5 the better. Their hypocrisy in dealing with the situation is appalling. While Muslims seem to get away with murder, literally, they are criminalising many innocent and good people who are only defending their turf.