Monday, 14 May 2012

An Angry Little Racist who Sells her Bile at the Independent.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The Independent newspaper is NOT independent - of anything! It regularly follows the Leftist/Liberal Democrat/National Socialist line as if its very existence depended on doing so; and it does!

The Independent is virulently anti-Israel and anti-semitic and so are its reporters, notably, Robert Fisk, who is well known for imitating his Arab Mozlem friends and lying about everything, especially to do with Israel.

This is exactly what the Nazis in Germany did in the build up to World War 2: they filled their media with blatant lies about how the Jews and Poles were doing terrible things to Germans. Maybe they got this idea from Islam; it is well known Hitler read the koran and admired Moslems.

So this Pakistani mozlem Englishwoman Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is in the same mould. Her latest splenetic outpouring is here:

A charming picture Alibhai-Brown, safely married to a non-Mozlem

This is part of her post but the nationality of the prisoners have been changed

Why So Little Condemnation of Arab/Mozlem Extremism?

T*** H***wrote a letter to his wife  S***  from an Gaza jail in February: "My detention has been renewed seven times and they still haven't charged me. I can't take it any more." Then the 34-year-old began a hunger strike, as did B*** D***. That was 77 days ago. Both are Jews, fathers, whose young daughters are strip searched and terrified when they visit. David R***, an exceptional investigative journalist and Palestinian himself, recently publicised their stories. Eight others have been on the same, silent, self-wasting, wasted protest. H*** eyes were bleeding, blood instead of tears. He, D***and others may well be dead by the time you read this. Last Friday, Supreme Court judges in this hubristic democracy turned down an application from civil rights groups to have the men moved to civilian hospitals. They didn't want, perhaps, their own citizens to witness such stuff. What would that do to the image of the plucky little nation, surrounded by real and imagined threats?

No that's not it!! Jews never end up in Arab mozlem jails because they are murdered straight away. Not only that, Jews do not terrorise mozlems, breaking into their houses at night to murder whole families, they don't hide by the side of the road to stone cars and try to kill the drivers or kidnap them. 

Like Gilad Shalit, they are held in underground bunkers, for FIVE and HALF YEARS, with no proper food, no exercise, nothing to read or do, no daylight, no doctor to see to his wounds, shrapnel shot into him by the Mozlem terrorists, no contact with the outside world.

Here, Alibhai-Brown lies through her teeth:

The detained Palestinians are embarked on peaceful, Gandhian protest action. They want their families to be able to visit without restrictions, decent medical treatment, not to be put into solitary confinement for years on end, to be taken to court and tried.

These filthy murderous terrorists have three meals a day, windows to the outside, exercise, visits from their relatives and they can even study for higher education qualifications! This is Israeli humanity.

Then they choose to starve themselves. That is their decision. Let them die. They should be executed anyway.

(Although by now, Obama's anti-semitic regime will have forced the Israeli government by now to save their worthless skins.)

This neo nazi Alibai-Brown pretends like all the others to be a "moderate" mozlem, but she is not. She speaks the same anti-semitic language that terrorists, the Mozlem Brotherhood, al Qaeda, the Iranian nazis speak.
She is like a filthy worm that gnaws its way into the body of a democratic England, to spread her poison. 

For the typical Mozlem, and Alibhai-Brown IS a typical Mozlem, pretending to be moderate so she can help poison all discourse with her Jew-hatred, they cannot bear it that Israel is DEFYING their attacks! Israel stands strong, powerful, beautiful, moral and democratic, the complete opposite of Islam.

While thousands of mozlem women in this country are subjected to barbaric Female Genital Mutilation, or honour killed because they want to live the same free life that parasite Alibhai-Brown lives, she is silent, concentrating her venom on a country she has never visited and knows nothing about.  Simply because all Mozlems are taught to hate and lie about Jews and Israel.

While suicide bombers are blowing up thousands of mozlems in Syria and Afghanistan, she is silent. 

Hatred, for Alibhai-Brown is what love is for normal people, it guides her life, her lack of morals and her sickening behaviour.

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  1. That just about sums up the poison from this cursed woman. I pity the poor bastard who married this filth.
    There was an article from Douglas Murray a couple of days ago where he called her the STUPIDEST WOMAN IN BRITAIN: Here it is:

    I wonder what this idiot is still doing by meddling in politics she knows nothing about.

  2. The terrorist prisoners FAKE hunger strike, it is a well known secrete. By day 70 most of the strikers should have been dead.

    1. Shame they did not let them. Of course it is fake. It's all to cause media uproar and de-stabilize Israel.