Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Anders Breivik’s “Friends” Vilification in court

Today, four of the so called “Friends” of Anders Behring Breivik came into the Oslo court to vilify him and they gave a perfect example of how a person can take on the qualities of a serpent simply to please a Leftist Government.

Although I was highly suspicious of the demand they made that Anders Breivik was to be removed from the courtroom whilst he listened to the testimonies of those who claim to have known him, from a nearby room. If Breivik was not present at the time they smeared him, how can he object to a lie, defend himself or claim that the person speaking even knew him at all! I do not need to point out the reasons why the Leftist Norwegian government would import fraudsters into the court to vilify Breivik, because it is their top priority to crush any sympathy or support of him.

Lying is in the genes of a Leftist, they hold lying as a powerful weapon, as Muslims do with Taqiyya.
As in my previous article, I will now debunk the various lies that have been spread in the Oslo court room by Anders Breivik’s so called “friends” today.

They slander Anders as “Gay”

I will debunk this lie first because it is the most ridiculous and it shows the fear and desperation of the Leftists at this current time.

A simple way to prove this rubbish wrong is to read Breivik’s Diary that accompanied his Manifesto, He talked about the relationships he had with women in Prague, Germany and Norway. He told how he planned to hire a supermodel escort the night before his operation began, believing he would not survive the next day... something I am sure every man would do knowing tomorrow would be his last. One of the four giving testimony was apparently Breivik’s Former-Girlfriend, so that completely contradicts their stories to begin with!

Anders is anything but Gay, he was a regular guy, he had all the many vices that men have and did not once prove his treacherous "friends" lies true.

The ignorant Left believed that this lie would quell those who understand Breivik, Wrong!

Anders had a nose job to achieve “Aryan” looks:

More absolute rubbish, Anders had the chance to prove this wrong himself so I will quote Breivik’s words for this:

“I have never used the word Aryan in my life, it is linked to an ideology that I do not support, National Socialism. I am a national conservative and I am anti-Nazi.”

Anders told the court how he had surgery on his nose after a fight with a Pakistani youth in Norway, there was no other agenda behind it other than to repair his nose.
I myself had a form of plastic surgery to repair a broken nose 5 years ago, It was certainly not to achieve “Aryan looks”

The ignorant Left believed this lie would quell the support of non-White people who understand Breivik, Wrong!

Anders was vain and feminine:

The next lie is: “Anders used make-up and was vain as he was extremely concerned about his looks”

The reality: Anders told how he used powder to cover up spots before going out to parties and night clubs. Despite what the Leftist government are saying to indoctrinate Norway, There is nothing wrong with being vain and concerned about your looks, or should we all swap our best designer clothes for hemp, cease to care about our personal hygiene, scrounge from society and call anybody who does not like it a “Racist” … In other words do they want us to become Leftists?

The term that springs to my mind is: With friends like that, who needs enemies?

A clever try by the Leftists, but fortunately we are not as gullible as they are, so we know better than to believe their cowardly lies. The more the media attack and slander Anders Breivik the more attachment to him free thinking people feel.

- Jewish Defence League UK -

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