Wednesday, 25 April 2012

UAF and Antifa Give Nazi Salutes in Brighton

The comical alliance between Antifa and Unite Against Fascism showed their hatred and hypocrisy in a major form at a Saint Georges Parade in the town of Brighton in United Kingdom.

At a family day out to celebrate the patron saint of England, The unholy alliance of Antifa, UAF and other Leftist groups gathered to throw abuse at the parade, they then decided to take it to the left level and rain down bottles full of alcohol and some filled of urine, bricks, coins and stones at the parade which was full of families and children celebrating the day.

The groups that took part in attacking those taking part in the parade were not provoked and they showed their true colours, once again, as a completely violent, Fascist, sickening alliance of Leftist hatred.

The hypocrisy then stepped up another notch when the pictures below were posted online of an Antifa/UAF member giving a sickening Nazi salute to the long lost political cousins of the Socialist Left, The National sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter partei AKA The Nazi Party. Lets not forget, the same people giving a Nazi salute here are the same people who sprayed "Racist War Criminal" on Churchill's monument in the Westminster riots.

The Leftists have managed to dig their hole in society even deeper, just when I thought them and their actions could not physically repulse me any further, they do.

Antifa have even used pictures of Jewish Children in Concentration camps to bolster support for "Anti-Fascist prisoners" then give Nazi Salutes? They make me sick!

The Fascists of the future will be called "Anti-Fascists" - Winston Churchill

You Cannot hide behind your flag for long you Leftist Ben Zona!

There we go, A nice shot of his ugly Leftist face

Not the First time, UAF Protester fined in Bolton in 2010 for giving a Nazi Salute

Although, Payback is a bitch, when this member of Brighton Antifa was knocked out cold last year, Yemach Shemo Vezichro to all Leftists and especially Antifa!

- Written by Jewish Defence League UK -


  1. Why is that turd hiding his ugly mush? He's not ashamed of what he does is he?? Dirty nazi arse-wipes!!

  2. It's utterly disgusting and vicious, depraved and subhuman. From a Jewish supporter in Budapest, Hungary

    1. Hi my Hungarian friend. It's true. UAF and Antifa are the real NEO-NAZIS. They pretend to be against racism but they lie. The truth is that they are Islamofascist apologists and extremely rabid Jew haters. They are the ones responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK, together with their Muslim friends. They are indeed a sickening depraved bunch who condone paedophilia and Muslim rape gangs. There are none sicker than the UAF and ANTIFA leftards.

  3. Seeing you moronic posts on the side of the blog, it is clear you have no connection with the Jewish community.

    Hitler and his anti Semitic conservative allies were right wing maniacs that is why TRUE Jewish organizations like the Simon Wiesenthal Center classify Nazis as RIGHTWING.

    You are joke. The majority of Jewish activists would cringe if they saw this hateful site.

  4. @Anonymous:

    Clearly you do not know the "Jewish community" which you speak of, and regretfully neither do you understand Political compass. Nazis were never "Right wing" because they came from the National Socialist front, which is obviously LEFT wing.
    I guess the joke is on you.

    As a note, we are quite content that we do not have this "majority" of "Jewish" activists you refer to, since many of them (as you said) cringe when they are confronted with the truth and cowardly avoid dealing with the issue of Islamization, anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews by those they naively allege to be their "friends".

    We do not wish to blacken our name and reputation by allowing such individuals to join us, if they do not stand for what we believe in. The JDL prefers quality over quantity. The actions of many of these Jews are a sinister dark stain among a strong Jewish community that vehemently condemns Islamic terrorism and their Left wing supporters. We do not want them.
    This group is only open to TRUE ZIONISTS. We can afford to choose.

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  5. "Nazis were never "Right wing" because they came from the National Socialist front, which is obviously LEFT wing. "


    1. Thanks for telling the truth.

      And for those who support Israel: The only reason why it's a good is because it leans to the Far-Right economically...and states that do have more social freedom! Israel is a free country! Cherish your freedoms!

    2. Thanks! Finally someone said the truth!

      People who support Israel ARE supporting real freedom! The freest states lean FARTHEST to the economic right! Cherish your freedoms!