Friday, 13 April 2012

Self Hating Leftist Jews Protest Against Iron Dome System

The typical mob of Leftist, self hating Jews rear their ugly head once again, but this time their vile views go a step furth. The Leftists have noticed that their "Jihadi heroes" have not murdered as many Jews as they want to due to Jewish ingenuity in the form of the new anti-Terror defence system, The Iron Dome. So the cockroaches of the Left are now protesting this system, which doesn't even kill anything, It protects innocent Jews from rockets being fired by Muslims, This is very eye-opening proof that the left is really not in favor of peace, rather they are in favor of Jews in pieces!

A video of the protest is below:

I am starting to think that the Leftists may have run out of things to protest against. In the video, a couple of unclean and strange looking youth, mostly women, gathered in Tel Aviv to curse the Iron Dome anti-terror missile system that saved an uncounted number of lives and prevented widespread damage.

The small crowd, shout in Hebrew, “No ‘Dome’ and no ‘Iron,’ IDF go to hell. They appeared to be having a great time during their short demonstration, which probably would not have taken place had Gaza terrorists launched longer range missiles that could strike the downtown Tel Aviv area where the group was protesting. The lead protester is clearly a bull dyke, Sadly, she is hardly in the minority in New Sodom AKA Tel Aviv.

Tamar Yonah of Israel National News Radio wrote on her blog under the headline “Pieces of 'Zero' - Lost in Translation, ”I don't understand people who hate themselves.

That's why I don't understand the thinking of liberal leftists, who apparently hate themselves.

She noted that one of the comments posted on the website under the video stated,  "Come to Ashdod and yell it during the sirens.” Well said.

yimakh shemo (May their name be erased) to all of the self hating, Left wing Lunatics of this world!
A Jewish "settler" AKA Claimer of rightful land, lets a Left Wing traitor know what he thinks of him
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  1. Are these indigent women so ignorant that they don't know about the Israeli women who marry Arab Palestinians and then regret bitterly? Haven't they watched their "sisters" begging to return home and not being able to do so because these Arab murderers are holding them in Gaza against their will?

    To solve the problem with these idiots just send them all to Gaza and marry them off to the scum they seem to defend.

  2. LOVE that photo!!! fuck these treacherous scum, I hope they get raped by their muzzie friends!!

  3. Great pic and article, thank for sharing. JS