Saturday, 21 April 2012

"Respect" leader and Jew hater Salma Yaqoob has no respect for truth

Leader of "Respect" party, Salma Yaqoob,  is a Jew hating, intolerable Islamofascist fanatic who preaches violence and incites hatred against Israelis and Jews. 
Using vile speech in the streets of England, anti-Semitic trash Salma Yaqoob incites crowds of delusional and ignorant society failures to boycott Israel (which they couldn't do even if they wanted to) and preaches her vicious lies purely born of her own prejudice against Jews and Israel, showing absolutely no "respect" for the truth.


In this video above we hear Nazi Salma lie about Israel "deliberately and systematically starving 1.5 million poor Fakestinians" when the truth is that Gazans are very well off and living with their bellies quite full thanks to Israel's aid and Israel's help in the Trade business worldwide.  Now, for that comment on "starving fakestinians" alone you can see how Nazi Salma is a despicable liar. Make no mistake, she lies not out of ignorance, but out of pure RACISM. She is clearly and undoubtedly a Jew hating individual who strives incessantly to make the lives of Jews in Israel unbearable. Not that she succeeds of course! She is only a tiny spec of maggot faeces in the big picture.

Salma Yaqoob should be arrested for racial discrimination, racial incitement, and for promoting physical and ideological terrorism against the State of Israel and Jews.

Here are pictures of a few buildings, universities, shops, the beach and the markets in Gaza. Oh poor fakestinians they are starving! (NOT) 

Let me show taqqiya preacher Salma what "starving" people look like:
These photos are of REAL starving people in Sudan, a country plagued by Muslims who want to kill everyone who is a non-Muslim, and who are deliberately and systematically starving these people to gain political affluence. 

Racist and bigoted Salma has been so ingrained by her prejudiced Islamic doctrine that the woman has lost any sense of what is truth and what is a lie. She believes that the country she lives in is perhaps full of ignorant individuals who will pay heed to her disgusting attempts to fool them. Well, we can see who pays attention to her: Muslims and ignorant leftists only, but that was already to be expected since the Left has lost part of their rational thinking the moment they decided to follow the Socialist/Communist indigents, principally those of the disrespectful "Respect" party. 

I personally think that it's time Israel stops all aid to Fakestine and let them get on with it. Why should Israel give aid to those who wish her destruction? Maybe bigoted Salma can give her money to the fakestinians or better even, locate Arafat's widow and demand her to return all the money she stole from the Fakestinians, all $40 million of it.

Salma knows that "Respect" party only won the elections in Bradford, because it is an area which has now been totally Islamized. No decent working English peace loving individual would vote for this abomination of a party and its Jew hating racist leader. Muslims should not be allowed to vote in this country, principally when they are against democracy. Democracy should only be afforded to those who fought for it.  Muslims have no respect or desire for democracy, as they fight for tyrannical dictatorship, a caliphate. Muslims are using our democracy to get elected and impose sharia law in our countries. We must never allow them to achieve that. 

Here is what Muslims do in the countries that have welcomed them, fed them, given them jobs and education. The below is a video showing these ungrateful vermin shouting: "Burn burn Denmark, burn burn Germany, burn burn France, burn burn Spain...". This is what Racist Jew hating Salma Yaqoob (The same trash who claims to be anti-racism) wants for our beautiful England, the land of the Free.
Note the message on their placards, and their chants of "7/7 is on its way, Jihad is on its way..."


Vile, disgusting and feral peoples like these should be immediately deported from this country. Apart from insulting our culture, our land, our people and our ways of life, they are giving us Brits a very bad example (That is what Islam is about). Human nature is such that it learns from one another. 

The day is coming when Brits will give these cockroaches the same medicine. We can all see now that the tide is already turning. The truth of Christian words may soon turn into prophecy: "Do unto others what you wish them do unto you". 

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