Saturday, 7 April 2012

The payback principle

The violent and forceful rise of Islam throughout the ages has gone unchecked for far too long and now we are paying the price. We are not talking only of wars fought between tribes but of a whole new tactical play field where Radicals, Leftists, Liberals, Muslim "moderates", Socialists, Communists, Nazis, Fascists and even those who once were complacent are joining forces to bring down our civilizations and everything we, decent people, hold dear. Their motive? JEW HATRED, most commonly known as "Anti-Semitism".  

Under the guise of fighting for "multiculturalism" these misguided individuals are being used by the Islamic propaganda machine to fight for Islamic "monoculturalism", and thus destroying their own cultures in the process.
Are you still wondering why Anders Breivik did what he did?

Breivik is a clean shaven, good looking, trendy, eloquent, educated and rich young man. Many of us find ourselves asking why a man like that would wake up one day and decide to blow up a government building and attack young adults in an Island.

The answer lies in the weakness of our own politicians, their actions against its people and their ideologies, here in the West. It also stems from their appeasement for radical Islam, their insistence in not prosecuting these immigrants for crimes committed against the indigenous people of the land, from forcing people to accept an unacceptable and intolerable conflict of ideologies arising from backwards civilizations, and from constantly attempting to justify and cover up crimes committed by Muslims.  

The young adults Breivik killed were being groomed by the Worker's Youth League - Arbeidaranes Ungdomsfylking or AUF - of the Labour party to become the future leaders of Norway. The same leaders who continue to attack Israel and true democracy while appeasing the worst criminals the world has ever seen. 

AUF took its current form in April 1927, following the merger of Left Communist Youth League and Socialist Youth League of Norway corresponding with the merger of its mother parties. In short, they are part of the same ideology that gave rise to Hitler in Germany. Communist/Socialist Nazi types who hate Jews, and these young adults were being taught in Utoya Island, how to continue their Nazi trends with the full blessing from their parents. Shame on their parents! Shame on the Nazi Labour party! And most importantly, shame on these young adults themselves!!

Anders Behring Breivik 

We believe it's about time that people take full responsibility for their actions, and that includes all those who put children through these grooming processes under the guise of training them for tolerance and multiculturalism.

This is what was happening in Utoya Island! The Nazi Communist/Socialist  Labour party of Norway had arranged to groom young adults into boycotting Israel. They were not training to be the new leaders of the future, as there is no true leadership in those who boycott a democratic country rather than address the problems their country face. This is what they were spending their money on. BOYCOTTING ISRAEL training sessions!  And for G-d's sake who sends their kids to a political camp? 

The enemy can also be young and fresh faced - Utoya brainwashed kids, fighting for a society of Islamic people who voted for a terrorist government (Hamas) whose sole aim is to destroy Israel. 

Feel free to browse the sub-human Hamas charter HERE.

You got to ask yourself: What are you truly fighting for? 

Glen Beck also agrees that these youth have a sinister resemblance to the Hitler Youth. 

Breivik has made his point clear. And as it was to be expected Breivik has accused his psychiatrists of lying about his state of mind, claiming he is paranoid, schizophrenic, etc.  They have been incapable so far to admit that Breivik is completely sane, and a man who knew precisely what he was doing, as well as having had a strong reason to do what he did. They cannot contemplate such thing now, can they?

We are seeing a trend here. Every time someone commits murder they are suddenly "diagnosed" as mentally unstable, psychotic, schizophrenic, etc... They find thousands of excuses to justify the actions, but they fail to grasp that people have intellect and make their own choices in most cases. Not every murderer is schizophrenic or suffering from some mental illness. 

Our politicians must take heed and understand that their actions are encouraging sane people to commit crimes which they would never otherwise commit. Prior to these attacks Breivik had not committed any crime.

Attention: All you pro-Palestinian/pro-Islam/Communists/Socialists/Neturei Karta kapos/Liberals, etc. You are all fighting for this:

Acid attacks against females - sub-human Muslim hate crime

Stonings under Sharia law for "Adultery" - sub-human Muslim misogynist crime

Cutting off limbs under Sharia - sub-human Muslim tyrannical crime

Nazi rabid-foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim beasts
Female genital mutilation - another sub-human Muslim misogynist crime. 
Brainwashed child calling for the destruction of Jews 

This is NOT multiculturalism. This is not what we want for our advanced civilizations. It's time we stop trying to merge all cultures into our own.  We should only adopt/accept the good things of other cultures and never the bad ones. Islam is ridden with evils and bad practices, and these should never be accepted into our society.

Our politicians must take heed NOW. If they don't do anything to stop this wave of racism, intolerance, violence and oppression, there will be many more Breiviks appearing. The wheel of fortune is turning and it pays to remember that every dog has its day. When the time comes, the chickens will return home to roost and there will be rivers of blood in our cities.

We will not stand idle and allow our so-called leaders to destroy everything we have fought for. We will not allow them to infest our lands with cultures which are not compatible with the principles of goodness and compassion. 


Breivik tried to save Norway from this:


  1. DISGUSTING HOW THE WORLD TURNS A BLIND EYE TO THESE SAVAGES... AND WILL CONDEMN ISRAEL... If this ain't proof that Israel is God's chosen people, I don't know what is... 1402 years worth of his crap... over 1 billion people murdered, entire civilizations destroyed (their entire cultures, libraries, etc)... even the Roman/Byzantine Empire felt it (1453 and 1461)... thanks to communism (disguised as liberalism, cultural marxism).. people are CONFUSED AS HELL... there is no standard to call things as they are... and it's hurting EVERYONE. If Western Civ is to survivr.. we must revive the stanards of morality, decency ad toughness that made it great... cuz tyannical despots are waiting with baited breath to kill us all.

  2. And let's not forget. Slavery is ENCOURAGED by Islam. One only has to look at History and realise who were the real slave traders. Muslims.
    And it pays to also remind those ignorant hippy liberals that Mauritania is still a Slave country. Such injustice goes unspoken, unsaid and unpunished in this world, while these sub-human animals turn their attention to the ONLY DEMOCRATIC country in the middle east, Israel. A country that has NEVER been stained with the EVILS that Islam is ridden with.

  3. Update on Anders Breivik:
    A second psychiatric evaluation of… Breivik has found him sane enough to face trial and a jail term.

  4. It is so simple.

    Before Mohammed, Arabia was multi-cultural: jews, christians, pagans. He was even allowed to set up his heretical cult.

    After Mohammed: Arabia was nothing but a monocultural desert - islam. Islam is the antithesis of multi-culturalism. If multi-culturalism permits islam, then it is destroying itself.

    Only the stupid do not learn from history.

  5. this is absurd!! most of the information is a lie! and one of the false information is that muslims dont brain wash their kids. its written in the Qur'an for many decades to kill jews. thats what they're taught like jews teach they're children how evil islam is. Also do you know why the guy is holding a Qur'an in his hand (in the chopped hand picture) because it says in the Qur'an those who steal will chop their hands, and those who kill will be killed. why aren't there crimes in the Middle East? because they've been warned and they dont dare to robb or murder. (thats just how they live thats their tradition no matter how twisted it is) And come on! Jews were treated like dogs when Hitler was alive now they treat muslims in Palestine like dogs too! burning them alive killing the men and raping the children and women. Remember that Palestine was actually the land for the Arabs then the british declare that jews will live with them and then almost every year jews emigrate to Palestine(mostly during world war 1) then the americans declare that jew will take 56% of the land and Muslims 44% which isnt fair!! then the war started and bla bla bla. its been 60 years now innocent people are getting killed! When you think about jews are just as evil as muslims and worse... i have no idea how i got hear but im glad. and no im not muslim nor jew. im a proud christian who was taught very well about islam and jews (mostly islam)

    1. Anonymous:

      Quit ranting and prove we are lying. All you see here is the truth about this sickening cult called Islam, and how EVIL it truly is.
      Everyone should be taught how evil Islam is, for it is a cult of death, destruction and violence.

      Secondly you question: "Why aren't there crimes in the Middle East"? Are you for real? The amount of crimes in the Middle East surpasses anything anywhere else in the planet. Islamic countries are ridden with crimes, despite your bullshit about Sharia punishments. There are more crimes in pisslamic countries than anywhere else, so what the hell are you talking about?

      They don't dare rob or murder? hahaha. They rape, mutilate, steal, murder and even throw acid on people's faces. Where is the punishment for these evil animals? Pisslam is a male dominated cult that oppresses women and abuses children and animals. The whole pisslamic culture is rotten to the core and should be banned in all civilized countries.

      No civilized country should allow followers of this extremely violent cult to reside within our borders, unless they renounce it.

      And please, stop polluting this site with your bullshit about "Jews burning fakestinians alive". This is what muslims do. They do it in India, in Kashmir, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Turkey, in Indonesia, in China, in Yemen, in Tunisia, and even in the UK now!! These murderous savages are responsible for most of the crimes in the world, crimes which are sanctioned by their Idol, the moon g-d allah, which is not even a g-d.

      And by the way, you are no Christian. You are a pathetic Muslim who thinks we will believe your crap. Jog on!
      No wonder the world is turning against you all.


  7. The stuff on this site is soo racist, worst part is, your just a pro-Jew that hates all Muslims...
    typing comments and accusing people of being a |pathetic Muslim" sounds like your an uneducated child that needs to stop crying about jerusalem.

    1. FACT: 92% of All terrorist attacks over the past 10 years have been conducted by Muslims.

      Nothing can argue with that.