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On Israel's 64th...

Israelis Celebrating 64 Years Of Independence

Following the 64th birthday of the modern state of Israel, there is a great misunderstanding that needs to be corrected about the founding of Israel; Israel was not created by the UN or Ben Gurion, or the British. The modern state of Israel was reborn when the British decided to leave. They only decided to leave when Jewish freedom fighters (yes, real freedom fighters, not terrorists), made life too much trouble for the British to continue occupying the land of our forefathers.

The Jews fought with the British against the Nazis during the war, but the British authorities didn’t feel the need to return the favour. As always, the British elites thought it better to keep their new friends in Arabia happy (where oil had just been discovered), than to honour their word of the Promised Land for the Jews.

Chaim Weizmann
In fact, the British promised the Promised Land to the Jews, in part, because Chaim Weizman (later to be first president of Israel) helped develop explosives the British used during WWI (Weizman was a chemist). Also, the Jews already living in Palestine provided intelligence for the British during WWI, which facilitated Britain's entry into Ottoman controlled Palestine.

But no sooner had they laid in law the foundations of the State of Israel, did they renege on their offering and gave 70% of the Jewish people’s home to the Arabs. That’s how Jordan was born. Nevertheless, the Jews accepted. But that wasn’t the only slap in the face the Jews took.

As tension and Anti-Semitism heated up in Europe prior to WWII, more and more Jews started leaving for Palestine. The British, worried about the upset this might cause the Saudis, sought to allow illegal Arab immigration from all over the Mideast into British Mandate Palestine, in order to keep the Jews a minority. When WWII came, and millions of Jews from around Europe were being sent to gas chambers, the British passed the notorious White Paper, which halted Jewish immigration altogether.

From Myths &
Had the British not done this, many millions of Jews could have been saved. But the British were worried by the violence caused by the Arabs. So during WWII, when the British were stretched to the limit, the Muslims throughout the Mideast and British occupied India were threatening mass violence over the Jews in Palestine. In other words, the Arabs manipulated the British with the threat of violence.

For the world, the war ended in 1945, but not for the Jews. In British occupied Palestine, they were just beginning to turn the screws. There were millions of Jewish refugees in Europe which nobody knew what to do with, and in Palestine, the British were implementing policies more and more favourable to the Arabs, such as limiting Jewish immigration even more, jailing Jews found in possession of arms and giving them to the Arabs.
Menachem Begin

It was with this history and backdrop that Jews such as Menahem Begin and others felt they had no other choice but to take up arms. WWII was over, the Jews had done everything to help the British but received nothing but disdain in return, even while the Arabs had been allied with Hitler. It was in this environment that the King David Hotel bombing occurred. In fact, Begin, leader of the Irgun, later expressed his sorrow over that episode and it wasn’t until 1979 that a British official acknowledged that warning telephone calls had been made by the Irgun about the bomb in the hotel, which were ignored by various British officials.

That is the sad truth. But the Jewish people owe more to groups such as the Irgun, and the Palmach, than we do to the UN and Ben Gurion!

A short video of the Rav Kahane on the unfortunate necessity of violence (can't embed this video, sorry).

However, the Jewish elites in Israel and elsewhere don’t want you to know this version of how Israel was liberated because they are against that approach. They don’t want you to understand this version of events because they don’t want you to think that their current approach, the approach of the good Jew, the well behaved Jew, doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter whether the the JDL has supporters of all faiths and from all backgrounds; it won’t matter how many people you represent, you’ll be branded an ‘enemy of the state’ and treated as such, because you’re in the way of political interests. The reason the great Rav Kahane was also expelled from Israel (in 1988) was not just because of what he said, but because of his popularity and opposition to the grovelling Jew mentality. Kahane would’ve taken away power from the current vagabond of mediocre tyrants occupying our Knesset, who were soon to betray the most fundamental requirement of any government: to protect the people, because they wanted to implement the dangerous and degrading Oslo Accords on the Jewish people.

But it wasn’t only ‘extremists’ who were removed from power by the grovelling Jew, Israel’s very own Prime Minister at the time, Yizhak Shamir, was also taken out of office because he wouldn’t entertain the idea of negotiating with terrorists such as Yasser Arafat. Shamir was also a former member of one of Israel's underground freedom fighting organisations: Lehi.

Again, as one of the interesting ‘coincidences’ when going against the beliefs of righteous men like Rav Kahane, following the signing of the Oslo Accords more Jews died from terror attacks in six years then they did since the founding of the State of Israel, 45 years before. And that was even before the 2nd intifada started...

But this is not to say the establishment are refrained from violence. On the contrary, when it came to violence these elites had no problem dishing out punishment to Jewish 'trouble-makers', with the most infamous incident being the sinking of the Altalena ship. On the shores of Tel Aviv, the Altalena filled with arms and Holocaust survivors ready to fight the impending invasion of Arab armies in 1948, they were shot at even while in the water attempting to swim ashore. This was done with David Ben Gurion's approval and carried out by Yizhak Rabin.

After 64 years, Israel is still at war. These appeasers of ours will continue to look for 'peace' because their masters tell them to keep going, despite the reality and despite their duty to protect the people of Israel. The Allies didn't negotiate with the Nazis, they crushed them. And until Israel and the West wake up to the fact that this is also what they must do, this war will continue indefinitely while we do barely enough to contain Islam, but not enough to defeat it.

While the left will continually attempt to exploit this sad fact and push to effectively weaken our defences (military cuts/pulling Jews out of their homes), we have to wake up and understand that in the Philippines jihad has been ongoing since the 14th Century (and they have recently suffered a huge set back by foolishly ceding some territory), and the West fought against Islam for many centuries. In fact as many have recently learned, the Crusades were launched not as wars of aggression, but as wars of defence after 450 years of Islamic colonialism; rape, pillage, and the destruction.

To use the peace process terminology, we have to accept that the current status quo, where Israel not only keeps its head above water, but thrives, is to win.

However, we must also know that the greatest danger to ourselves is not from the outside...

Caped Crusader

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