Sunday, 8 April 2012

The new guardians of Israel

Meet Ha'shomer ha'chadash - the new guardians of Israel, the real Israeli Hagana (Defence)

Modern Zionism appeared on the world scene approximately 150 years ago in order to restore the Jewish people to their ancient homeland—Israel. Threatened with physical extinction whether through persecution, physical annihilation or cultural assimilation, the Zionist mission then and now continues to be the preservation of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. 

The connection between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel is irrevocable. Nevertheless, 60 years after the establishment of the State of Israel dangers from within the country are no less ominous than those from without. Sixty years have passed since the inception of the State yet thefts of herds, crops, agricultural machinery and incursions into Jewish owned land continue unabated. The media appear oblivious to these violations of the law.

Today, Israel must undergo a renewal of purpose, a revitalization of the historic devotion to the Land of Israel. Returning to the proud heritage of Bar-Giora and HaShomer during the first decade of the twentieth century, and NILI during World War I, these New Guardians are resolved to restore the national purpose. The New Guardians are determined to prevent thefts of land, which is in reality the on-going struggle for the existence of the State of Israel, a struggle which has never ended.

While in Israel we have corrupt politicians and even more corrupt police forces, there are those brave warriors like Yoel Zilberman who actually make a difference and fight for the land of Israel.

Please listen to the video so that you can hear the truth about what's happening with our people in our own land and how the Police are harassing Israelis instead of doing their job of defending us from these terrorist, Arab beasts. 


If you live in Israel, contact Yoel Zilberman and join their group to fight against Arab terrorism. Do not fear doing your job as the police fears doing theirs. 

When injustice becomes law, resistance (and attack) is a duty. Do your duty for Israel without fear. 

Jews in Israel must start arming themselves now, before it's too late!

Find out more about Irgun HaShomer HaChadash (The New Guardian Organization) Here.

- JDL UK Team -

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