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Muslim Councillors in Britain - Firearms, Sickening Behaviour and Blunt Disrespect

When it comes to Muslim councillors in Britain, you will need to dig pretty deep to find something to praise them for, here is just four examples of what Muslim councillors in the UK get up to:

Bradford Councillor Amir Hussain pictured holding an RPG whilst on an "Aid Mission" to Afghanistan:

A Councillor in Bradford was exposed recently after a photograph depicting him holding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher was sent to the UK press.

Councillor Amir Hussain, executive member for health and social care, said he believed the picture was taken 20 years ago when he was on a "charitable trip to Afghanistan" before his time on Bradford Council.

Amir Hussain with RPG
The photograph also shows two fire arms propped up against a wall next to him.

Muslim pawn Respect MP for Bradford West George Galloway said: “Respect was vehemently attacked by the Labour party after they made public a Facebook photograph of one of our candidates with a rifle on a charitable aid mission in Afghanistan. Labour claimed he was unsuitable to stand for office. What will Labour say or do now about Councillor Hussain? It would be completely hypocritical of them if they don't immediately suspend him and demand that he steps down from the Council.”

Well George, although whenever members of the Respect Party are exposed you spit your dummy out and play the "Islamophobic" card or accuse the exposer of being behind a conspiracy. But there is nothing charitable about holding a rifle in a region that is locked in conflict with the country you are from, there is nothing charitable about holding an RPG which, at the time, was probably used to shoot Russian troops in the Afghan War of the late 1980's.

Councillor Hussain said he had been on a trip to Afghanistan 20 years ago, as a "local businessman", to distribute funds raised as part of a Bradford radio appeal.

"It is a photo which was taken around 20 years ago by a friend who I understand has recently joined Respect. I have never owned a copy of this photo, far less paraded it on any social media site and would never consider such behaviour as acceptable.

So the person who took the photograph also joined an extreme Left Respect party? Why do the Leftist run organizations always attract wannabe Taliban fighters?

"I am extremely sorry for any offence this photo causes and would like to stress my opposition to firearms of any sort and the need for the gun crime problems Bradford suffers to be confronted and dealt with."

No apology for his past would have been made if the picture had remained hidden, gun crime must be ok when it is aimed at shooting "Infidel Troops" but when the Muslim youth of Bradford are shooting each other left, right and centre over various drug and territory feuds it is a sorrowful event.

Asif Khan pictured holding a Military Assault Rifle in 2002 whilst on an aid mission to Afghanistan:

Asif Khan (left) with a Military Assault Rifle

last week the Labour party drew attention to a photograph on Facebook showing Respect Party candidate Asif Khan holding a gun. It was said to have been taken on an aid mission to Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan in 2002. Asif did not apologize, instead he called those who uncovered the picture "Childish and desperate"

Asif Khan is standing in a ward of Bradford, Respect Party figurehead  George Galloway has just became MP for.

Khan also had many pictures of himself posing with shotguns from when he attended a shooting range in Skipton.

It is frightening how many Muslim figures in the British political scene may have had access to arms training and have slipped under the radar. You tell me how many non Muslim political figures in the UK have had first hand access to military firearms training, there is a serious Muslim agenda behind this.

Muslim Councillors refused to stand to honour Afghan War hero who was awarded the George Cross:

When a 26 year old Afghanistan war hero appeared before a city council, it seemed the least worphy thing anybody could do was to give him a standing ovation.

Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher, had been awarded the George Cross for throwing himself on a Taliban hand grenade to save his comrades. He survived only because his backpack took the force of the blast.

But to the horror of the rest of the council chamber, while most leapt to their feet to applaud him, two Muslim councillors remained firmly in their seats. Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq, both from the Respect party, what a suprise, insisted that their refusal to clap the Royal Marine was a point of principle.

Following the meeting at Birmingham City Council, fellow councillors said they had grossly disrespected the soldier.

I would place a wager that 100% of those who support the Respect party could not compare one event in their lives were they could come close to what LC Matthew Croucher did that day, he showed disregard for his own life to save the lives of the men around him and he is more of a good hearted human being than any member of the Respect Party.

This event turned the Respect Party into the Dis-respect party.

Two Muslim Councillors give their support to child grooming suspects:

Two Muslim councillors have told a court that a taxi driver accused of grooming under-age girls for sex is a "hard-working family man"

Abdul Qayyum
Members of Rochdale council and a solicitor spoke in support for Abdul Qayyum, 44, one of 11 men accused of sexually abusing girls as young as 13.

The married father-of-two, who is from Rochdale, denies one count of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

One of the five girls to have given evidence during the trial at Liverpool Crown Court has said she had sex with Mr Qayyum, who she knew as "Tiger".

His barrister read out a series of references speaking up for his client to the jury.

One of them from Councillor Aftab Hussain said: “I have known Abdul Qayyum for the last 10 years as a local resident in the area. He lives with his wife and two children. Mr Qayyum is a hard-working person. He has worked hard throughout his life. Within the community, he comes across very well and I have never seen or heard of any wrongdoing before this case. I personally was shocked to hear about this news.”

Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, a former Mayor of Rochdale, wrote: “I have known Mr Abdul Qayyum since the 1990s when he arrived in Rochdale.

“All the years he has lived in Rochdale he has always been involved in community activities and always makes time to help others, for example cleaning the neighbourhood, helping out in the local youth club and most importantly he looks after his family."

Yes, after all why would a suspected Peadophile want to work in a Youth Club were there are children!! Those who allowed him to work in a Youth Club should be under investigation also!

“Abdul is one of those men the community has really taken to – they are really proud to have him as part of the wider family. He is hard-working and dedicated.”

“He has fully adopted the British way of life and has made many friends because of this.

If these are the type of people British Muslims vote into the political scene, I do not believe Muslims should hold the right to vote any longer until they clean up their act, which will take a good few hundred/thousand years!

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