Monday, 30 April 2012

London Olympics Website Lists Jerusalem as “Palestine” Capital, Israel – No Capital

This year’s Summer Olympic Games in London will take place almost 40 years after the murder of Israeli Olympic athletes by Islamic terrorists.  The anti-Israel International Olympic Committee still refuses to memorialize the Israeli athletes who were slain there, lest it offend Muslims. And, yet, the Palestinian terrorists were rewarded with a UN mission not long after the murders.  And, now, they have an official Olympic delegation, which they’ve had for years, despite the fact that there is no official country called, “Palestine.”  

The Olympics have even dropped the bikini requirement from women’s beach volleyball to appease Muslims. And to add insult to injury, until this morning, the London Olympics website listed Jerusalem as the capital of “Palestine” and listed Israel as a country with no capital at all.  (Now, neither has a capital listed.)  Here is the screenshot:

- Jewish Defence League UK -

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  1. Stephen Franklin1 May 2012 at 12:14

    There was a brief moment when Jerusalem was correctly listed as the capital of Israel and Palestine was listed as having no capital. The story was reported in the Times of Israel