Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Jewish Defence League UK Needs You!

The United Kingdom 2012, Anti-Semetic attacks have spiralled out of control, Numerous Muslim and Pro-Palestinian hate groups openly spout their viscous lies against Jews, Christians, Israel and Western Democracy on the streets of the UK whilst many British people, Jews and non-Jews, remain silent.

We live in a time when the Jewish community in Europe is subjected to many forms of of anti-Semetic attacks both verbal and physical on the sidelines of the sickening Muslim atrocity in Toulouse. The Jewish Defence League tries to be present everywhere to fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in all its forms. This requires a considerable mobilization of all Zionist activists, Jewish and non Jewish, to counter Pro-Palestine propaganda and hate rallies on the streets of the UK, Make the JDL voice heard across the UK and to help make our events happen.

To continue to work and advance our objectives, the Jewish Defence League United Kingdom needs your help! We are always seeking new activists to join us and help our cause and any donations are greatly appreciated, If you are interested in becoming an activist within the JDL UK or would like to make a secure donation, Feel free to Email us at anytime:

We cannot remain silent any longer, our voices must be heard!

Today, The JDL UK needs you!

Am Israel Chai!

- Jewish Defence League United Kingdom -

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