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Jewish community betraying Jews - The new low from JTA

We came across this horrendous, poisonous and horrifying article, which should get the whole Jewish community up in arms. If you are not outraged you are not a righteous Jew.  See JDL comments in red below. 


Op-Ed: Strengthening Muslim-Jewish ties in the face of evil

Rabbi Marc Schneier, right, and Imam Shamsi Ali (AP Richard Drew)
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Rabbi Marc Schneier, right, and Imam Shamsi Ali (AP Richard Drew)
NEW YORK (JTA) --  As a rabbi and an imam, we deeply mourn the tragic loss of innocent lives in the murderous terrorist attacks in France. We express our heartfelt sympathy and compassion for the bereaved. Jews have every right to not only mourn but retaliate against this disgraceful murder caused by a MUSLIM. Why is a "rabbi" kissing the enemy? Muslims LIE when they say they "mourn this tragic loss". They are (as we speak) still moaning about the murderer not being allowed to be buried in Algeria. 
Amid the wall-to-wall media coverage of the attacks and their aftermath, one piece of the story has received less attention: the inspiring manner in which Muslims and Jews in France have stood side by side in denouncing these heinous acts. No they didn't, you bunch of lying appeasing sub-human traitors!! Jews were mourning a murder committed by a fanatic-foaming-at-the-mouth Islamofascist Nazi scum, while Muslims were celebrating this horrendous tragedy! 
Thousands of Muslims and Jews reacted to the savage killings of three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse and the earlier murders of three French soldiers, including two Muslims, by joining together in solidarity marches in communities throughout Paris. So what even if they were? Where are their voices condemning their "brothers" for not acknowledging Israel? Where are their voices against their brothers' anti-Jew stance? And why don't these Muslims prosecute these sub-humans? Ah, because they are all the same!
Meanwhile, top French Muslim and Jewish leaders have vowed to stand united in opposition to acts which Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, has accurately (??)  characterized as being “in total contradiction with the foundation of this religion [Islam]." Bullshit! First of all there are NO Jewish leaders. These pathetic dhimmis are a shame and disgrace to the Jewish communities everywhere. Secondly they do not speak for all Jews, and certainly they cannot lead anything or anyone. Why is the Jewish community silent and allowing these imbeciles to shame us all?
Thirdly, this is PRECISELY WHAT ISLAM PREACHES. Killing of Jews. So none of it is against Islam! 
No, we do NOT stand united at all. Muslims have proven time and time again that their sick cult is intolerant and intolerable, and we have full justification for our disgust against them. When will Jews stop kissing Muslims' asses?? When will Jews learn the truth, that Islam is an evil cult that strives to exterminate all other religions and cultures? 
This heartening (??) coming-together of Jews and Muslims in France did not happen in a vacuum. Oh please! Heartening? It's absolutely sickening to see this pathetic dhimmi "Rabbi" , this irrational appeaser, kissing Muslims' ass. 
In 2003, Rabbi Michel Serfaty, the spiritual leader of the Jewish community of the Paris suburb of Ris Orangis, responded to being accosted by Muslim youths near his synagogue by founding the Jewish-Muslim Friendship Society of France, which is dedicated to building ties of understanding and trust between the two communities. We request every righteous French Jew to get rid of this dhimmi kapo "rabbi" immediately and expose his treason. He should not be allowed anywhere near a synagogue anymore! Hasn't he learned that there can be no understanding, and least of all trust, between Muslims and Jews? 
Every year the organization’s dedicated Muslim and Jewish staffers and volunteers take part in a Tour de France, in the process building a network of ties between grass-roots Muslims and Jews in towns and cities throughout the country. Some Jews never learn...
In 2009, the European imams and rabbis who took part in the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding's Mission of European Imams and Rabbis to the United States agreed to participate in the foundation’s annual Weekend of Twinning in which scores of mosques and synagogues and Muslim and Jewish organizations hold one-on-one encounters during a weekend each November in cities around the world. Have these rabbis questioned their Muslim friends about their Jew hatred or are they sweeping that under the carpet? 
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the FFEU and the Islamic Society of North America will host the first Mission of Latin American Muslim and Jewish Leaders. The event will bring 14 imams and rabbis from five South American countries and two Caribbean islands to Washington for meetings with Muslim and Jewish members of Congress and with top officials at the White House and State Department. We are optimistic the mission will jump-start a process of dialogue and cooperation between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Latin America. And what do these imbeciles expect to achieve? 
What we have learned from five years of working together to nurture an ever-expanding fabric of Muslim-Jewish relationships -- and what has been proven anew by the joint response of Muslims and Jews in France to the terror in Toulouse -- is that when Muslims and Jews open sustained face-to-face communication, we can maintain our unity even in the face of unspeakable horror directed against our respective communities. More bullshit, lies and Taqqiya. Sack this rabbi immediately. He shames us all. 
As we have undertaken together a joint study of Torah, Koran and the oral traditions of our two faiths, we have discovered profound commonalities between our beliefs. Like what? Muhammad was a rapist, a paedophile and a genocidal maniac. I cannot see Abraham or Moses being any of these things. What "commonalities" have these retarded dhimmis discovered between the cult of Islam that praises death, oppresses women and want to murder gays, and the beauty of Judaism? Pray tell! 
We have come to understand that just as we share a common faith (No we don't) -- dating back to our common patriarch, Abraham/Ibrahim -- we also share a common fate. (No we don't. Muslims are destined to failure. Jews are destined to progress.) Our single destiny must strengthen our bonds of concern, compassion and caring for each other. Once more, dhimmi Jews fall for Muslim lies (Taqqiya). Abraham is not a Muslim patriarch. Muhammad is the inventor of Islam and was one of the evillest man in history. 
Indeed, as Jews (You speak for yourself, you dhimmi traitor) and Muslims, not only must we carry out a sustained dialogue, but we must actively fight for each other’s rights, standing together against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.  We believe deeply that a people which fights for its own rights is only as honorable as when it fights for the rights of all people. For only when we see the humanity in the Other can we preserve it within ourselves. (I can't believe I am reading this crap!! Please someone pay a ticket for this pathetic being to be sent to Iran, Gaza, Afghanistan or any Islamic hell hole he wishes, but get this rabbi out of France!)
(Rabbi Marc Schneier is president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. Imam Shamsi Ali is the spiritual leader of the Jamaica Muslim Center in New York.) 

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