Sunday, 15 April 2012

Israel deports Jew hating pro-Fakestinian Flytilla "Nazi"vists,7340,L-4215933,00.html

Police officers deployed at Ben Gurion Airport ahead of foreign pro-Palestinian activists' (Fakestinian Nazivists) attempt to enter Israel; two activists from Canada, Portugal deported. In Paris, dozens protest Israel entry ban: 'France new Israeli settlement?'

PARIS – As hundreds of police officers were deployed at Ben Gurion Airport Sunday morning in order to prevent the entry of foreign activists who are due to arrive in Israel as part of the "Welcome to Palestine" fly-in protest, dozens gathered at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport protest their "exclusion" from Israel. (They can always go to Iran instead. It's just next door.) 

Three people who arrived aboard an El Al flight from Paris Sunday morning were questioned at a booth set up by the Interior Ministry at BG Airport. They were subsequently released and allowed entry into the country. 

However, a Portuguese national who arrived aboard a Royal Jordanian flight from Amman and a Canadian national who took an American Airlines flight to Israel were both denied entry and later expelled. (It's a shame, as Israel could have sent them first class to Gaza instead and confiscate their passports). 

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Some of the foreign activists received notices alerting them to the fact that their flights to Israel had been cancelled while others managed to issue their boarding cards but are not sure they will be able to reach the Palestinian Authority. During the protest they called out: "Today the barrier is here" and "Israel get out, France is not yours." (Nice! So much Jew hatred from the left and the Muslims! So much Nazism! So much anti-Semitism! They are right, France is not ours. France is an Islamic colony now, and answers only to her Islamic master).

A sign waved by the protesters read, "France, a new Israeli settlement?"  (Not quite, but a new Islamic colony indeed).

The activists in Paris sought to make it clear that they were not operating against Israel, rather they were seeking to carry out a "pacifist action" and go to Bethlehem to see the situation with their own eyes. (Oh sure! With comments like "Israel get out of France, and France is not yours" they surely convinced us all.  Their taqqiya has failed miserably. Nazis cannot hide their facade for too long.) 

Therefore we must inform you that YOU ARE: 

Alternatively, you may try these lovely destinations to carry out your "humanitarian" aid:

Mauritania...but we cannot guarantee that your "aid" will be appreciated. 

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