Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to successfully stop the building of mosques in the UK

We are pleased to inform you that now you can get legal advice and help if you want to stop a mosque being built in your area. 

The UK has seen more than its fair share of mosques being built, community centres being transformed into mosques and even mosques being constructed in remote places where the Muslim population is no more than 1%.

One thing that you should learn is that mosques are not necessarily places of worship, in fact the evidence points out to a much more sinister use for these buildings. Inside the walls Muslim Imams preach Jihad ("holy" war) against the residents of the country they live in and the rest of the Western Civilization.

Mr. Gavin Boby - the lawyer who successfully stopped every mosque application he has been assigned to, by members of the public.

The FBI states that 10% of Mosques in the USA preach Jihad. We believe that the percentage is a lot higher. 

While in the UK most mosques have links to terrorists and are associated with terrorist groups and Islamic organisations, that disguise themselves into "charitable" groups, but that in reality preach terrorism and hate.
Mosques preach female oppression and intolerance to homosexuality.
Mosques preach hate towards Jews and Christians, and of course, every other religious group. 
Mosques preach racism towards Whites and blacks.
Mosques preach slavery to the west and encourages Muslims to rape White girls. 

And let's not forget that it was Muhammad, the Slave trader,  who brought Blacks from Africa to be sold in Europe and the West. It was Muhammad and his allies who developed the idea that Blacks were a sub-human race and thus justified enslaving and castrating them. Blacks who support Islam or are Muslims should be ashamed of themselves. It's about time that Blacks rise against Islam and return to a revival of their native and beautiful African culture.  

See the truth about Muhammad's slave trade here. 


This is what these disgusting terrorists have done since time immemorial, to the once thriving and rich Black culture of Africa. These black people who were once Pharaohs and leaders (males and females) from kingdoms ranging from the Nile to Kush and Nubia, are now slaves to the evil and despicable greedy Arab masters. 

See also these for more references to Muslim savage enslavement of Blacks:

There are hundreds of these videos on you tube. 


We point out that Islam is not a race, and Muslims are not a racial group, as you can find Muslims of all colours and shapes, including Chinese, Indonesian, Whites, Latinos, etc. This enforces the logic that criticising Islam or Muslims is not a racially motivated action but purely a religious/ideological one. Muslims who play the race card are just a bunch of desperate and idiotic individuals who like to cry every time they don't get their own way.

In an article for the Telegraph, a journalist going by the name of danpycock exposes some truths about the Muslim mentality in the UK. 

He states: " There are some rather worrying trends. The first is that young Muslims hold much more extremist views than Muslims over the age of 24 (perhaps this is a maturity issue but I think it goes deeper). The second is the extent of support and sympathy with terrorism, terrorists and the approval of subsequent atrocities. The third is how susceptible Muslims seem to be to conspiracy theory – preferable to blaming the tenets of their theology. The last is the complete denial over the necessity for Islam to go through the same textual criticism, verse abrogation and scrutiny that every other religion seems to have done.

In the traditional arenas of belief, things are rather easy to predict:
- 0% of British Muslims found homosexuality acceptable.
- 3% found relations outside of marriage morally justifiable.
- 75% of young muslims want women to wear the veil (or at least hijab) compared to 19% of adult population.
As I’ve stated though, there are rather more concerning patterns emerging:
1) The extremist views of young Muslims in particular (aged 16-24)
These results are from a poll of Muslim students:
– 33% claim that killing is justified if done to protect religion.
– 40 percent support the introduction of sharia for British Muslims.
– 33 percent support a worldwide Islamic caliphate based on sharia.
These results are from Muslims polled (16 – 24) for Policy Exchange:
-37 percent of young British Muslims want Sharia law in Britain.
-36 percent of young British Muslims think apostates should be killed.
-13 percent of young British Muslims said they “admired” Al Qaeda.
2) Support or Sympathy with Terrorism & 3) Conspiracy Theories
-According to a 2006 Pew Survey, only 17% of British Muslims believe that Arabs carried out the September 11th attacks.
-According to an NOP survey, 2007:
-24 percent of British Muslims deny that the four British Muslim suicide bombers carried out the 7/7 attacks.
-24 percent of British Muslims believe the British government carried out the 7/7 attacks.
-According to Channel 4 Polls in August 2006, reported in both the Scotsman and the Financial Times:
-24 per cent agreed or tended to agree that the 7/7 bombings were justified.
-45 per cent think 9/11 was carried out by the US or Israel.
-16 percent of British Muslims support suicide bombing in Israel.
-7 percent of British Muslims support suicide bombing in Britain.
4)The denial of Islam requiring scrutiny, and the will to suppress free speech and criticism.
-NOP Channel 4 polling came out with these results:
-33% of Muslims want Sharia Law as implemented in Saudi Arabia.
-28% of muslims agreed they dreamt of Britain becoming an Islamic State.
-78% wanted Danish cartoonist prosecuted.
-68% want prosecutions for insulting Islam.
-62% disagree with the freedom of speech if it insults religious sensibilities.
-50% said British people who insult Islam should be arrested and prosecuted.
-Between 5-9% say that violence to protect Islam is acceptable.
-Whilst 10-13% found that they “understood” why young muslims might want to become suicide bombers."

So is it any wonder why Muslims are using mosques to preach such unacceptable intolerance in our societies? Is it any wonder that Muslims are aggressive and violent in all matters of their daily lives?

The Qu'ran - their so-called "holy" book (a pile of shit in our opinion) is their main terrorist bible. Within those pages you will find the most abhorrent stories and commands from their deity. And although Muslims like to sugar coat these atrocities the truth is, they are real, they have been and are still being practised, worst of all in our streets and towards non-Muslims. 

And as the journalist correctly puts it:  
* Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence.
* Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don’t speak up.

We on the other hand, have run out of patience and tolerance for these people. We do not want any more mosques in the UK. Also we want some of these mosques to be changed into proper community centres for all the people in the community, and not only Muslims, who tend to segregate those of different faiths.

Muslims are free to worship their deity in their homes, and there are already far too many mosques, which they can go to. But it's time our government leaders get the message and start acting on what the people want.
The people do not want mosques, they want homes, they want jobs, they want schools, they want centres where they can practice sports, and learn skills. People need communities to come together and not segregate them into Muslim ghettos while using facilities which were created for the benefit of a whole community.

It's time that you stand with us and start fighting to stop the building of mosques in the UK. 
Contact your council every week and ask them if there are any plans to build any mosques in your area. If so, contact Mr. Gavin Boby at the Law and Freedom Foundation and let him know, so that we can stop it as soon as the application is put in.

If you contact them you will win. If you don't, a mosque will be built in your area and you will be surrounded by Muslims preaching hate, racism and terrorism in your streets. The worst part of it is that you will also be overwhelmed by Muslim gangs who will target white girls in your area. 
If you don't want to be stuck with this problem, then you must act now.

Each application to stop a mosque costs £500.00. We also ask you to help with some of the costs. After all this is a very small price to pay for the horrors and atrocities that may happen if you do not stop mosques being built in your area. All the work done by the Law and Freedom Foundation is free, and they count on donations to achieve these goals. 

It is a Historical truth that wherever Muslims go they create trouble, genocide, higher crime rates, and destruction of cultures and civilizations.
We will no longer tolerate their attempt to colonise our lands. 

We will no longer tolerate Islam's intolerable ideology.
We will no longer tolerate Islam's racist behaviour towards our and other nations.
We will no longer allow Muslims to get preferential treatment in our lands.
We will no longer tolerate Islam's hate and abuse against children, homosexuals, women and animals.

If you Muslims think we are weak, then think again. Do not make the mistake of misunderstanding compassion and tolerance with weakness. You are not smarter than us, only more violent, and that is because you lack spiritual strength. 

Our G-d has commanded us to take an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a leg for a leg... and we have come to understand his commands for our survival. We won't hesitate to act as per our G-d's instructions, and you can be sure that your crocodile tears will no longer help you. 

The Lions of Zion have awakened. 


  1. we need to stop the islamification of the uk no more mosques and reduce the numbers allready here and if any uk muslims go abroad for terror training refuse to let them back in the country as they are obviously going to use their newly aquired tactics against us

  2. If they continue to build mosques then we need a real leader who will stand up and say 'I'm tired of you building your instruments of hatred in our lands and crying racism when you are opposed, enough is enough and it's time that you leave if you don't like it' I am sick of my people being pushed aside in favour of these slimey child raping cunts and I want to see all who hate Britain hanging by their necks.