Sunday, 8 April 2012

Give Arabs 100% of Mofaz

 Kapo Mofaz decides "HE" wants to give the Fakestinians 100% of OUR Yesha. 

Shaul Mofaz
Shaul Mofaz
Kadima Arab-kapo-asswipe Shaul Mofaz has stated that he wants to give in to his Arab masters, 100% of a land that does not belong to him. 

This leftist cretin thinks he can give our land to appease his ever-angry-foaming-at-the-mouth-head-banging-Arab masters because he cannot take the pressure any longer.  If the Palestinians "demand" then it means Shaul Mofaz, the Israeli traitor is bound to give what they want if he is elected as Prime Minister, which hopefully will NEVER happen. 

Mofaz, 63, said he intends to replace Natanyahu and has stated he will not join his government.  Does anyone remember Natanyahu asking this imbecile to join him? 

“I intend to replace Netanyahu,” I will not join his government.” Said the disgraced Kapo. Boo hoo! Tell me Mofaz, who gives a damn about you or what you say? 

Dhimmi Mofaz said that he believed Israel should keep the main settlement blocs, but that he would give the Palestinian Authority as much land from sovereign Israeli ground as he kept from Judea and Samaria.

WTF?? Is he for real? This man is indeed a strong candidate for spending the rest of his miserable dhimmified life in a padded cell. Better yet, let's give the Arabs 100% of Mofaz. Send this animal to Gaza and let him be Hamas' consort. 

"He added that he believes it is possible to reach an agreement on the borders and security within one year." ha ha ha! TWAT!!!!  

"When asked about Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria living in communities he would cede to the Palestinian Authority, Mofaz said, "If they're given the right incentives they will leave their homes. Those who do not, we would have to evacuate [them]."

Now we can all see how this disgraceful, leftist, dhimmi, communist scumbag wants to treat Israelis in their own land, the same Israelis who pay his wages. Let's instead evacuate Mofaz and his whole family to Gaza, or Iran. After all he doesn't need too much incentive since he must be getting paid by the Ayatollahs. If Mofaz refuses to go, we would have to evacuate him, with the same sensitivity that he plans to use on the Israelis. 

"MK Uri Ariel (National Union) responded by saying "He proposes Palestinians be given 100% of the land with a swap, and those who do not leave voluntarily evacuated by force."
This is a wildly radical program that undermines our security and will lead the State of Israel into one hundred years of conflict rather than one hundred years of peace," Ariel explained."
Daaah does anyone still think that giving Arabs land for peace will help our security? People like Mofaz are the reason why Israel is in constant danger. Weak leaders as Mofaz should be hanged for treason and for endangering Israeli lives more than Arabs could ever do.

"Mofaz should find another way of increasing his party's popularity without undermining Israel's security."  Problem is, scum like Mofaz have no other way of achieving popularity unless they bend their asses to the Muslim enemies.

"Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan said, "A man who will give the Palestinians 100% of what they demand in a territorial power play and evict tens of thousands of Israelis is unfit to be prime minister of Israel."
"But do not worry," Dayan said. "Kadima will not be chosen to lead the nation again."
I surely hope so, for Kadima has been the biggest disaster ever since it has been formed by lunatic Ariel Sharon, yemach shemo vezichro (May his name and memory be obliterated)!!

"Kadima is currently Israel's largest party with 28 Knesset mandates. (All dhimmi kapos, let's ensure people know it) However, recent polls indicate Kadima would only win 12-15 seats if elections were held today. (12-15 too many). 

"Even with 28 mandates, Mofaz's predecessor Tzipi Livni (another leftist dhimmi) was unable to call upon sufficient coalition partners to form a government - a task that was given to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud party.
Likud, which has 27 Knesset mandates at present, is currently polling at 32 seats."

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. 

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