Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Evolution of European Gaza Strips

Example of Jihad In Europe

In countries all over Europe, Islamic parallel societies are developing. Many of them seem to move towards becoming Gaza-like areas, characterized by overpopulation, an extremely low level of education, high crime rates, racism against Jews and other non-Muslim groups or groups that do not fit the Muslim agenda, an Islamic political and economic infrastructure, and a general hateful and often violent attitude against non-Islamic authorities and the surrounding non-Islamic areas.

This is the five-step evolution model of how European areas develops into violent areas violently fighting for autonomy and secession. Each steps naturally leads to and supports the next.

1) Social housing areas: Low income and the natural wish to live with people of same faith and culture lead Muslims to move together into areas with cheap apartments. Social housing areas thus develop into Muslim areas. 

2) Muslim areas: Muslim culture and religion become dominant in the areas, which allows Islamic values to take root. Muslim areas develop into Islamic areas.

3) Islamic areas: Homemade sharia courts, police-like groups of adult men, imams, and Islamic havala banking appear. An unofficial political and economic Islamic infrastructure is in place, and its political identity and influence grows.

4) Political areas: Demands for official recognition of the unofficial religious infrastructure appear. Islamic areas develop into political forces that are steering towards conflict with secular laws.

5) Violent areas: Religious fanatics see it as their religious right to use threats and violence in order to get their demands fulfilled. They are born and raised in the country, they have citizenship, and they feel they have just as much right to live as they wish to as democratic-minded citizens feel. Besides: According to the Quran, it is a sin to submit to secular law and non-Islamic authorities. Islamic politics have developed into a continuous conflict, that often erupts into violence.


Islamic areas in China, Thailand, Russia, the Balkans and Africa already reached step five many years ago. Dozens of countries surrounding the birthplace of the Muslims' prophet were once Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc. but have now reached step 6: Severe lack of human rights especially for women, no free speech, no real democracy, no scientific development etc. In short: they have become Islamic countries.

In Europe, thousands of cities already have Muslim areas. Hundreds of European cities have Islamic areas. Islamic organisations already made political demands that a handful of European areas should receive autonomy under Sharia law. A scenario in which Islamic supremacists will forget about their demands and not use undemocratic methods in order to reach their goal is unlikely.

There are a few reasonable solutions:
  • Immigration from non-Western style countries must be stopped.
  • Illegal immigration must be punished with prison and fine.
  • Repatriation (state-paid emigration and resettlement) should be
  • offered to all Muslim immigrants from non-Western countries.
  • Islamization must be stopped, in order to make resident Islamic supremacists feel homesick and to counter development of Islamic areas and values in our societies.
  • The crushing power of secular law, secular police and secular Justice must be enforced in order to by all means reinstate law and order in lawless areas.
  • All who are voluntarily involved in the use of Sharia courts and honour-related crimes must be punished.
  • Lack of will or ability to integrate must be made so unpractical and economically non-beneficial that repatriation will be the only tempting offer (immigrants should: pay for their own interpreters; earn their right to free medical care, education, social benefits, etc.; pay for special education for their children if they as parents cannot speak the language, and thereby support their childrens' schooling, etc.).
  • Immigrants should only be offered citizenship if at least one of their parents have citizenship. They can stay as long as they can support themselves and obey the law, but we have enough citizens already.
  • Refugees should be offered safety, food and medical care in refugee camps close to their home country. A Western level of living standard in Western countries for refugees is far too expensive and not necessary.
Europe is a fortress, but it is built on strong rock that will keep Europe erect and weak sand that will cause Europe to collapse from within. The people who wish to see Europe survive are the rock, the Leftists and Liberals are the sand. The Islamic doctrine of Europe is creeping into our way of European life and ideals and the Liberal Left are gladly helping them, fortress Europe is certainly collapsing, from within. Just look at the how the Serb’s lost Kosovo: Through Demographic development and the assistance of the North American Terrorist Organization (NATO). This established the first official Islamic state on European soil.

When faith and resistance to an invading force collapses, the civilization goes with it.That is the main cause of the death of civilization in Europe, Islamization is simply the consequence. The actual word Islam translates as “submission” and the Leftists, Liberals and Secularists have submitted already. Many Europeans have already become Muslims, even though they do not realize it or do not want to admit it.

Jewish Defence League UK

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