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Everything You Know About Islamic History Is Wrong

In light of comments we received about a post we did on Islam, we decided to write a separate post collecting some of the real facts about Islam's history together.

First up is Spain, and Islam's occupation there for some 700 years.

Some user posted a video which raves about this period, essentially peddling the usual bilge about how wonderful Islam was and how it was 'light years' ahead of anything in Europe.

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Link to the vid

The first thing I noticed was the thumbnail of the vid. It shows the presenter sitting in a relaxed, funky pose, something she'd never be allowed to do were Spain still occupied by the Muslims!

But here's the text:

In 711 AD, a tribe of newly converted Muslims from North Africa crossed the straits of Gibraltar and invaded Spain. Known as The Moors, they went on to build a rich and powerful society.
Its capital, Cordoba, was the largest and most civilised city in Europe, with hospitals, libraries and a public infrastructure light years ahead of anything in England at the time. 

- And the most probable reason it was "so far ahead of anywhere else in England" is because A) Islam all but destroyed the Christian empire, causing complete economic ruin wherever it conquered (by killing and/or enslaving all the tradesmen), and B) by blocking most traditional trade routes, it decimated trade in places it hadn't physically conquered.

- Also this description of the Islamic invasion is deceptive. You could easily get the impression that the Muslims simply invaded Spain, and that was it. But the reality was that for the entire time Spain was occupied by Islam, it was at war, and having a foothold in Spain meant the jihadists were able to reach places in Europe they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. But internally, with the Muslims getting a foothold in the land (in Cordoba), they then had a base from which they could launch raids (razzias) on neighbouring towns and villages, killing or taking captive any enemies they wished, as well as young children, either to become sex slaves or for the boys, brought up as Muslims and later used as soldiers. (All of this, and much more, comes from Andrew G Bostom's The Legacy Of Jihad, quoted later.)

But in a Machiavellian kind of way, it makes sense to kill tradesmen such as ironmongers and farmers. Because ironmongers makes shields and swords, and farmers provide food. The less of these (especially food), the harder it is to fight...

In John J O'Neil's amazing 'Holy Warriors' the author systematically dismantles much surrounding the claim of a golden age. He writes:

"...what archaeology tells us has been devastating to the traditional view [of a golden age]. On the word of the written histories... archaeologists expected to find, from Spain to eastern Iran, a flourishing and vibrant culture. An Islamic world of enormous cities endowed with all the wealth of antiquity and the plunder gathered in the Muslim wars of conquest. They hoped to find palaces, public baths, universities and mosques; all richly decorated with marble, ceramic and carved stone. In fact, they found nothing of the sort..."

Then O'Neil then states, quite incredibly, that virtually NOTHING was found:

"The archaeological non-appearance of the Islamic Golden Age is surely one of the most remarkable discoveries to come to light in the past century. It has not achieved the sensational headlines we might expect, for the simple reason that a non-discovery is of much less interest to the public than a discovery."

Back to the video text::

Amongst the many things that were introduced to Europe by Muslims at this time were: a huge body of classical Greek texts that had been lost to the rest of Europe for centuries (kick-starting the Renaissance); mathematics and the numbers we use today...

- And what about these famous Greek texts introduced to the West via Arabic translations? If the Arabs and Muslims had really been as great as we're being told, why didn't they amount to anything? Look at what the civilised world has become in a few hundred short years with these texts (including mathematics). This is simply more proof that Islam was no different then, as it is now.

- The Muslims in Spain did not kick-start the Renaissance! If anything, the Renaissance happened in spite of Islam, not because of it!

In actual fact, the Renaissance started after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 (now Istanbul, capital of Turkey). Bat Ye'or writes in 'The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam' that it was when the writers, thinkers and artists from Eastern Christendom fled the conquest of Constantinople and went to Western Europe and Venice etc. that the meeting of these minds sparked off what was to become the Renaissance.

But what of the many things in the Christian world, such as the Spanish Inquisition, the ruthless puritanical way in which the Church, during the dark ages enforced it's teachings?

Again, these were all a result of the Christian world's contact with Islam. The Inquisition started in 1492, the same year Spain liberated itself from Islam.

The whole period of history where Islam was subjugating Christendom, was a time where the Christian world copied many Islamic practices. Not only this, but the launching of holy wars (Crusades, which in this case was justified wars of defence after Islam conquered Jerusalem), and the idea that ANY sin would be forgiven upon liberating Jerusalem (redemption through conquest), is not much different to the ideology of jihad...

In an excerpt from Andrew G Bostom's weighty tome "The Legacy of Jihad" Jacques Ellul has a short essay writing about Islam's influence on the Christian world. In Islam there was no separation of Mosque and state. Religious rules were not just spiritual, but every day commandments. Thus with Islam being a political religion (much like Nazism or communism), the word of god was no different to the rule of law. Thus the Christian world, with its pleading of hell-fire for eternity for all sinners seemed at somewhat of a disadvantage.

But in John Alimbillah Azumah's excellent book, he writes much more extensively about this, as well as another piece of hidden history, Islam's colossal slave trade in Africa, of which the trans-Atlantic slave trade was only a small part.

All this was a convulsion in the history of Christendom. The various authors here write that the Christian world strayed far from the teachings of Christ during this period. Yet ironically, one of the key reasons most people claim themselves to be atheist today is exactly because of this period of history, and the marriage between Church and State.

As for the Church's persecution of the Jews, this is not attempting to excuse anything, but to study the history. After this phase, the Christian West went on to do such things as ban slavery (Britain). And as an important footnote, the campaign to ban it was led by what many today would call Christian 'fundamentalists'. It was free-trade capitalists who engaged in slavery, but this is not to suggest communism as an alternative (!) but to emphasize the need for Judeo-Christian values to guide democracy within a free-market. That lesson is as relevant now, as it has been at any time in the West.

But finally in this long list of what should be HOWLERS to any half educated Westerner, the writer of the video lets their hair down revealing what they really wanted to say all along:

[Islam introduced to Spain] fine dining; the concept of romantic love; paper; deodorant; and even erection creams. 

This wasn't the rigid, fundamentalist Islam of some people's imaginations, but a progressive, sensuous and intellectually curious culture. But when the society collapsed, Spain was fanatically re-Christianised; almost every trace of seven centuries of Islamic rule was ruthlessly removed.

Clearly those erection creams are beginning to get to the author. Again, from Bostom's 'Legacy Of Jihad' on Spain: 
"Ibn Abdun also forbade the selling of scientific books to dhimmis under the pretext that they translated them and attributed them to their co-religionists and bishops. (In fact, plagiarism is difficult to prove since whole Jewish and Christian libraries were looted and destroyed.) 

Another prominent Andalusian jurist, Ibn Hazm of Cordoba (died 1064), wrote that Allah has established the infidels' ownership of their property merely to provide booty for Muslims.

In Granada, the Jewish viziers Samuel Ibn Naghrela and his son, Joseph, who protected the Jewish community, were both assassinated between 1056 to 1066, followed by the annihilation of the Jewish population by the local Muslims. It is estimated that up to five thousand Jews perished in the pogrom by Muslims that accompanied the 1066 assassination. This figure equals or exceeds the number of Jews reportedly killed by the Crusaders during their pillage of the Rhineland, some thirty years later, at the outset of the First Crusade.

The Granada pogrom was likely to have been incited, in part by the bitter anti-Jewish ode of Abu Ishaq, a well-known Muslim jurist and poet of the times..."  

- 'Only' five thousand killed? I shan't quote what Bostom writes about the Islamic conquest of the Holy Land (Israel), but suffice it to say that in Cesaria alone, some 40,000 were butchered.

- Also we find that elsewhere in Bostom's book, the Nazis received the idea of Jews having to wear a yellow star came from the Muslim practice in Spain.

So "not the fundamentalist Islam of some people's imaginations"? You be the judge.

Another reason for posting this article is after having a discussion with an alarmingly ignorant Israeli student about Islam's history. If they're teaching students the kinds of trash we've seen above, it's no wonder we're in such dire straits when it comes to tackling Islam... 

These students are our future journalists, politicians, and citizens. When you see the difference between what the media peddles, and fact, you'll understand that these myths simply cannot be left unchallenged any longer. With millions of Muslims pouring into Europe, we are sowing the seeds of a devastating future for us all.

Caped Crusader

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Please share this post with any Islam apologist you come across, let them try and explain their way out of this lot. Heh.

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