Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Equality Jihad - They know it's coming!

Nothing can be more holy or more necessary than the fight for the liberation of our bodies and souls, our education, the emancipation of women, the protection of children, the equality of all people; and for these very reasons we have an obligation to succeed. Failure is not an option.
I shall call this the "Equality Jihad"

First I want to explore a few points on why we find ourselves in this position over and over again. Have you heard of misogyny in power? Well, this is precisely what it's happening again. History repeating itself.  In my opinion, the deliberate exclusion of women from decision-making and political power, from implementing their will, and from playing their role in the society are key reasons for our failure as a society. Power sharing is not the final equality status, it is the most basic step towards equality.

In many societies, women are still deprived from their right to choose. To choose a partner for themselves or to choose not to have one; to choose the clothes they wear, the role they play in the society, the education and job they want, and so on. Was it always like this? Not at all! Do not be fooled by the ones (Muslims usually use this ignorant rhetoric) who claim that in Ancient times women were oppressed or undervalued. The truth is quite the opposite. For millennia women have been warriors, leaders of their societies, queens, empresses, priestesses and prophetesses. History books are littered with numerous accounts of these brave females who gave their lives in order that others could progress. Many societies held women in very esteemed position, therefore let this be said to all who do not know much about History. 

While it is true that some societies deprived women from their rights to choose, others treated them as equals. This is because not all societies were male dominated. Here is the key of all problems! When one particular gender is hell-bent on dominating the other, problems will arise, and it will be incredibly harder to deal with this issue in the future as opposed to cutting the evil by its roots as soon as it starts.

It has been proven historically that success depends on power sharing, on the balance between firmness and compassion. Societies that lack these basics are doomed to fail, as many already have. Poverty, insanity, oppression, regression, ignorance, are just a few attributes of such societies. Not surprisingly, Islamic societies are plagued by all these attributes and a few others, depending on their geographic location. Places like Turkey, which are far more modern than say Saudi Arabia for example, cannot be credited for being democratic due to Islam but to Kemalism i.e. the political reforms of the military officer Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Regretfully nowadays, the Islamist government of Turkey is attempting to blacken Ataturk's name and remove it from its History, a most grave crime! 

Humans were born with free will, and this is manifest in the choices and decisions we make, specially in the most crucial issues of social life, then we cannot but conclude that women are still deprived of the right to choose. Is not the human being characterized by free will and the power to choose? What will remain if this power is lacking?
In my opinion it is about time that women stood firm on their ground, that they enforced the rules of matriarch in the society thus liberating themselves and at the same time, recapturing their birth right. The first step is to make a very firm and positive stand against fundamentalism, for fundamentalism is the worst form of misogyny.

Fundamentalists believe that women must be eliminated from political leadership, and they will use every weapon possible to achieve their inhuman goals. For example, misogyny is embedded, in the worst possible manner, in the inhuman mindset and within the constitution of the mullahs who rule Iran. Women are banned from leadership, from the presidency, and from serving as judges in the constitution of the Iranian regime. 

The mullahs view women as sinister and satanic; to them she is the embodiment of sin and seduction. Thus they maintain women as prisoners at home, forcing her to service her husband's carnal desires, and if she fails to comply she is compelling her man to "commit sin outside the home". This is not the thinking of a human being but of a being which has not yet fully developed his humanity. 

Iran is not the only place where fundamentalism is applied however. We will find the same mindset in several Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and others. Much progress is being achieved in these lands now in the 21st century, for example, the Iranian resistance leadership is composed of 52% of women. This is an incredible achievement within a country that is hell bent on oppressing and subjugating females.

The point is quite clear here. For eons, men with evil political and religious agenda, have omitted crucial facts of women's power in the political and social arena, with the sole intent to deprive them of the knowledge of their own strength. But they failed, and will continue to fail. We are just leaving behind an age of ignorance and entering the age of intellect and creative power.

"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear."
-Herbert Agar-

JDL UK Team 

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