Sunday, 29 April 2012

British Supermarket Bows To The Left And Boycotts Israeli Goods

Britain's fifth largest supermarket chain the Co-Op is extending a boycott of goods from Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and will now shun any supplier known to source from these areas.

The Co-Operative Group said, "Following an audit of the Group’s supply chain, it will no longer do business with four companies, accounting for £350,000 worth of sales, as there is evidence that they source from the Israeli settlements in the "Palestinian occupied territories."

They added that The Co-Op Group will also continue to actively work to increase trade links with "Palestinian" businesses in the occupied territories.

Boycotts of Israeli products made in Judea and Samaria are nothing new. A major Norwegian pharmaceutical retail chain recently announced that it will be stopping the sale of all products originating from settlements in the West Bank, including Ahava Dead Sea cosmetics.

Leftist protesters in London who ironically call themselves "working class" forced the closure of the Ahava beauty store and the job loss of its employee's by continually hassling and organizing protests outside the shop, although they are not keen to put as much effort into protesting the various Islamic bookshops in Tower Hamlets that sell Homophobic and Racist Muslim propaganda. 

In February, the anti-Israel Boycott, Dives
tment and Sanctions (BDS) movement invaded the Tesco supermarket in Birmingham, removing Israeli goods from the shelves, labeling them with stickers that read "Boycott Israeli Goods," and urging customers to refrain from buying products made in Israel.

If the Co-Op group want to turn their Racist noses up at £350,000 worth of sales proft because they are from Jewish owned land in Judea and Samaria I welcome them too as their business will take a severe loss as a consequence.

I urge all Pro-Israel standing people to boycott this supermarket chain, which is not hard in this day and age. There are 5 supermarkets within 2 miles of my home and Co-Op is one of them, If Co-Op is your supermarket I urge you to change your decision, they boycott our goods, we will boycott theirs and hit them were it hurts, their wallets.

The Boycott has the backing from members of the Muslim Bloc:

Let the Co-Operative know how you feel about the boycott of Israel goods by emailing or writing a letter of complaint via free post to them:

Feel free to use this example or modify it to send: 

It has come to my attention that your company the Co-Operative Group is boycotting Israeli goods. I want you to know the decent citizens of the world will not stand for this disgusting and frankly racist stance you have taken, and I will urge the general public to boycott you in return. We will make sure the word gets out by the thousands, every single day, until this Fascist Boycott of Israeli made goods stops. You rely on sales to people just like me to survive, let's see who's boycott has the greater effect.


And to think that I thought that Fascist Boycotts on Jewish Goods died in 1945, I can't believe a modern Supermarket Chain in the UK has dug the disgusting idea up again, You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves, I will urge everyone to boycott the Co-Operative chain and along with everybody else who is planning to do the same, you are going to lose a lot of business. Maybe you should look up the riots incited by Arabs in 1929 in Judea and Samaria when innocent Jews were beaten and murdered, 29 alone were murdered in Hevron, and you dare to call Jewish Settlements in the West Bank "illegal?" 


So is the co-op also going to boycott China over their occupation of Tibet? Turkey for their genocide against the Armenians and their occupation of Cyprus and Kurdistan ? Spain and France for occupying the Basque territories? Russia for their occupation of Chechnya? The US and UK for their occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?How about boycotting Syria and Iran for persecuting their own populations?!

Why is it that with all the myriad of conflicts, persecution, human rights abuses and occupations going on all over this world of ours, the one country in the world you choose to boycott is the only Jewish state in the world?
Nazism cannot hide its ugly face for too long. 

Postal Address: 
The Co-Operative Group
Customer Relations
Freepost MR9473
M4 8BA

Co-Operative Facebook Page

Below is a picture of the Nazi Boycott of Jewish goods and business' in 1930's Germany, I wonder why the SA thug about to punch a Jewish woman is not wearing his Co-Operative employee badge? Make no mistake, times have not changed, Boycott the Co-Operative Chain!

Written by Jewish Defence League UK


  1. I am so glad I do not shop in this low class supermarket. The Co-op only sells crap. Their goods are crap, worse than Asda even!
    Co-op, like Asda have become the favourite supermarkets of Muslims because they are cheap and nasty.
    Count me in.

    1. I wouldn't be seen dead in the Co-Op, nor Asda, and even Tesco for a while refused to sell Israeli fruit and veg.
      Stick to Marks & Spencer and Waitrose... They sell Israeli produce IN SPITE of pressure from the anti-Semites to stop buying from Israel.

  2. me too ,i hate this supermarket .will never step foot there

  3. These morons don't care that arabs work for these companies and it is their jobs that will be lost. They just want them to be slaves of the almighty EU/UN DOLE, just like the left and their mozlem and black slaves in this country!
    I will boycott them to, though I never shop there normally. But I do like Asda! :)

  4. Another step onto the slippery slope of islamification. All down to a few islamo-nazis and their dhimmi cohorts . I sincerely hope these cowardly stores lose vast amounts of business.